10 Fashionable Ways To Wear A Pair Of Stilettos!!!

“Stilettos, Pumps, in the club, whoever thought these girls would get crunk” in the words of Diamond and Princess of Crime Mob, lol. Stilettos are sexy and a staple in many women…

What Is the Best Gift For Boyfriend

What Is The Best Gift For Your Boyfriend?

Are you having some trouble figuring out what the best gift is for your boyfriend? I know sometimes it may be a challenge. What if he has everything already? Maybe he never…

What Do You Buy A Fashionista?

What Do You Buy A Fashionista?

What do you buy a fashionista as a gift? I have some ideas, but you have to keep reading for the answer. I am a Fashionista, so I know a little bit…

How Do You Dress For A Christmas Party?

How Do You Dress For A Christmas Party?

Have you been invited to a Christmas Party and feel stuck fashion-wise. How do you dress for a Christmas party you may be thinking? Its never to early to start looking. My…

What Color Handbags Is Best? 28 Handbag Ideas

With all the options of handbags these days, deciding on the right one can be very difficult. I previously posted some must-have handbags here, but you can never talk to much about…

How To Look Expensive

How To Look Expensive!!!

Looking like money is not something that is hard to achieve. You do not have to go broke to look like money. I have posted in this post here a shopping spree…


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