What Shoes Do You Wear In The Summer? 7 Ideas + Outfits

Is there a shoe your supposed to wear in the Summer? There are so many supposed “fashion rules” and do’s and don’ts you may be confused. I wouldn’t worry your pretty little head about this too much ladies because it’s really not as complicated as some may think.

There is not a shoe that you are “supposed” to wear in the Summer. There are some that are made for warmer weather which may be preferred but you can wear any shoe in the Summer. For me personally, I just want to wear something that is cute and not going to make my feet sweaty, lol.

Most people pull out all the sandals, open toes, mules, and wedges in the Summer. Those all work for the hotter months! I think those all can be dressed up and down and worn with multiple pieces. There are some things to keep in mind however when wearing shoes with your feet out.

One being your going need to make sure your feet are presentable when wearing your feet out in any of the shoes. I am not saying you have to go out and get a $100 pedicure. You can do your feet maintenance at home.

Just make sure your feet are not crusty when you wear your feet out! You can go to this article here at HealthyWomen.Org for tips on how to keep your feet up.

Another thing to think about when looking for shoes is the places you would wear these shoes. In the hotter months, you may go to beaches, parks, boat parties, outdoor concerts etc.. Having your feet out at some of these locations may not be such a good idea but you do have options.

You can wear your feet out in different ways and you will see examples in the outfits I curated. Now would be a good time for me to show you what exactly I am talking about, so let’s get to it.

You can wear cute clogs in the Summer…

Earrings: Debbiecastle, Romper: Nanushka Roberta, Shoes: Andrea Bogosian, Sunglasses: Prive Revaux, Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

Pretty in Pink you are in indeed in this look here! I love these clogs here really because of the rhinestone on the side. Clogs are not the most flattering shoe to me, but these are an exception. They are the perfect match with this romper.

Since the clog and romper are kinda simple, I thought the accessories can be the supastars of the look. You would think the bag and earrings came as a set but NOPE they are two different labels. This look is perfect for an outdoor event that is on cement. In grass or dirt, these shoes are a nightmare, lol.

High-Heel sandals always win in the Summer…

Bracelet: Hinge, Dress: Topshop, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, Earrings: Sterling Forever, Bag: By Far

Ooh La La, this is sexy! This is the perfect shoe for that Summer Date Night with BAE! If you are any thing like me, your closet would be full of sandals like these ones here in various colors and styles. This color is so pretty, its ok to wear it head to toe.

This dress can get you in some trouble ladies. BAE might not be able to control themselves when you wear this. I am not sure this dress would be first-date safe, lol. This a freakum dress for sure!

Wedges are wardrobe staples in the Summer…

What Shoes Do You Wear In The Summer
Dress: Zimmermann, Hat: Rusian Baginskly, Shoes: Tory Burch, Earrings: Sophie Monet, Bag: Chanel

Outfits like this are what Summer is made for. I think wedges are essential in the Summer just because they are such a vibe. Do you think about beaches, yachts and ocean bonfires when you see wedges like I do, lol? A neutral wedge gets a lot of cost per wear in the Summer as well.

Polka-dots are a fav of mine as well. This cute Summer dress is perfect for a day out boating while on vacation. Add the hat, earrings, and bag and you are the epitome of a “Rich Auntie”!

Mules are back in style for the Summer…

What Shoes Do You Wear In The Summer
Earrings: Lele Sadoughi, Skirt: Monse, Shoes: Christopher Esber, Shirt: Carolina, Bag: Miu Miu

Mules are back! At one point in time, they called mules “kitten heels” and they were not in style, lol! These mules here however I think may have been an exception. The color red in a shoe period makes a statement and the strap detail adds an interesting flair to these mules.

This whole outfit is a statement, a full head to toe masterpiece, lol. Puffy sleeves are definitely the thing to do in fashion these days and with this asymmetrical skirt, you are a walking conversation piece. I think this look works for that one of many roof-top/backyard grown folk parties you will be invited to in the Summer.

Strappy sandals are so sexy in the Summer…

What Shoes Do You Wear In The Summer
Bracelet: Natalie B Jewelry, Romper: Marissa Webb Masie, Shoe: Brother Vellies, Earrings: Soko, Bag: Fendi

Its something about a strappy sandal that is so sexy to me! They can add sex appeal to any look. This chocolate brown one here is everything! With these ladies your feet would need to be in immaculate condition. There is no room for error in these, lol.

Animal print in any season always works. I like the playful vibe this romper gives but also it is sexy at the same time. The wood-like earrings are a wildcard with this outfit, but it works so well, and it’s very complimentary. The Fendi bag is the cherry on top with this outfit. This is a date-night or girls night out approved look.

Thong sandals are perfect for the Summer…

What Shoes Do You Wear In The Summer
Earrings: Amazon, Dress: Reformation, Sunglasses: Debbiecastle, Sandals: Tory Burch, Bracelet: Gorjana, Bag: Tara Zadeh Roya

How can I talk about shoes you wear in the Summer and not talk about the thong sandal. These sandals are the easiest of them all to wear. I do not personally think they are the most comfortable, but if you wear these somewhere you are not standing for a long period of time, they work. I think the floral pattern on these Tory Burch sandals is pretty, almost like foot jewelry, lol!

This denim mini dress is so simple but stylish at the same time. Its the perfect base for a look like this. The bag and earrings are the supastars of this look. The green in the bag brings out the green in the sandal oh so perfectly. I would wear something like this to a happy hour with the girls or maybe even just to run errands.

Variety in flat sandals is good in the Summer…

What Shoes Do You Wear In The Summer
Top: Fits, Bag: Bottega Veneta, Shoes: Saint Laurent, Earrings: JcPenney, Shorts: Pretty Little Things

Having different styles on flat sandals keeps things interesting in your wardrobe. Also having a solid color one is ideal so you can have one pair at least that can be worn with multiple looks. Black pretty much goes with everything. These sandals are like mini strappy sandals so they add a little sexy appeal to your feet.

In my book, you never go wrong with a monochromatic look. Pinstripe always works too! You could really wear this shirt as a dress, but I added the shorts just in case you wanted to add something under it. This a cute one to wear for errands or to shop in.

All of these shoe choices work for the Summer or hot weather in general. Having a variety of these would add even more versatility to your Summer wardrobe. If you want some ideas for outfits you can wear in the Summer, check out my post on Summer looks here. Whatever shoes you wear in the Summertime, just remember to have fun with your choices.

That’s All Folks!!

Is there a shoe you supposed to wear in the summer? Maybe or maybe not. Either way, I have 7 ideas + outfits to get your feet ready for Summer! #summershoes #summershoesandals #summershoesforwomen #summershoesoutfit
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