How To Dress For Your Body Type

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Does What You Wear On A Date Matter?

Does What You Wear On A Date Matter?

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10 Fashionable Ways To Wear A Pair Of Stilettos!!!

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What Is the Best Gift For Boyfriend

What Is The Best Gift For Your Boyfriend?

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What Do You Buy A Fashionista?

What Do You Buy A Fashionista?

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Hey!! My name is Eric Lee Edmonson and I am a Personal Brand Style Coach for Public Speakers who have recently lost weight. I help create work/life balance in their wardrobes, educate how to style their “new bodies”, and build confidence to dress themselves on and off stage. Do you find yourself frustrated when dressing or shopping for yourself? Are you not sure what colors, fit and style works best for your personality and figure? I am here to help you with all of this and evolving your look to match your new body! If you want some help with dressing and styling yourself to represent your brand and “true you” without being frustrated, click Work With Me in the menu bar above