What Should You Wear For Fashion Week?

What Should You Wear For Fashion Week

If you follow the fashion industry or fashion week at all, you may not be sure if the fashion show is on the outside or the inside. What I mean is, the street style gets just as much as attention as the fashions from the show, if not more.

What you wear to the show is just as important as attending the show itself. Its two different events. Rather it’s before or after the show, influencers “peacock”. Peacocking is pretty much walking around trying to get some attention from a photographer in hopes they will photograph you.

This in return can get you some major fashion clout. That one photo can go viral and the exposure from that can present some pretty good opportunities.

Now, this all sounds good and fabulous, but some people are still clueless as to what should be worn to a fashion show. There are plenty of examples on Pinterest, but that can be very overwhelming.

This is where I come in! I am going to share with you some general things to keep in mind when dressing for a fashion show/week with examples. After reading this post, you will be more confident in your outfit choices that will make a statement but remains true to your style personality.

Staying True To You

There is nothing wrong with looking at photos of your fav influencers and people of Pinterest for inspiration. However, you do need to keep in mind certain things when it comes to applying what you see to your own look.

If you are going to a fashion event and you want to appear fashionable, fit is it! What I mean is, how the garment you are wearing fits your body is VERY important. Oversize clothing is on-trend, but that doesn’t work for everybody.

So, keep your size in mind when picking out your outfit. Also if you need to get some of your pieces altered to fit your body properly, I would advise you to do that as well. Wearing clothing that does not fit properly can be unflattering to your figure. That certainly would not get you “peacocked” either, lol.

Also, wear something that you are comfortable in. You can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. If you wear something that you constantly have to adjust or something you normally would not feel that confident in, DONT WEAR THAT.

Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out

Blending in when going to Fashion Week is not something ANYBODY would consider goals. Fashion Week is the time for you to play up your individuality through fashion and you’re celebrated for doing this.

Even if “peacocking” is not the goal, you still should wear something that is representative of you and your style personality. If your not sure what style personality means, I wrote a post about the differences in Fashion and Style here that goes over that in detail.

Let me be clear, standing out does not mean you wear something that you look like a ball of glitter unless that is representative of your personal style. Me personally, I love to sparkle, but you do not have to wear something that sparkles for you to shine.

So with all this being said, stay true to you, but the goal is not to be “beige”. Get creative and find some looks that exude who you are!

Have Fun

This whole experience should be something that you have fun with. Don’t get stressed out over your outfit and how you look. Trust your own best judgment and take heed to any advice or inspiration looks you have chosen.

Getting dressed should be an event in itself. Put on some music and get in that closet and just play dress up. I do that to this very day with my grown-ass. This helps you get comfortable in your outfit and it builds confidence in the look.

You need to sell yourself on the look first. If you don’t buy into it, not a lot of others will. People can sense when you’re not confident in your look. Also, it puts a damper on your experience and makes you self-conscience.

So keep it fun and light and don’t take yourself too seriously. There is no law of perfection when it comes to fashion. If it was, so many people would be locked up by the fashion police, I am not sure Fashion Week would even be able to continue operating, lol.

Now let’s get to the meat of this post, THE OUTFITS! Each one of these looks has an element that is unique and stands out amongst the basics, lol.

Statement Pieces

Hat: Rusian Baginskiy, Boots: Attico, Boilersuit: Rick Owens, Sunglasses: Maison Margiela, Earrings: Wouters & Hendrix, Bag: Moncler

When picking out an outfit for Fashion Week, a good go-to is always a statement piece. In this case, the boots are the statement piece. The mixing of a cowboy boot with a more modern looking boilersuit, some may not get it but it works. You will turn heads wearing something like this!

Themed Looks

Dress: Msgm, Hat: Rusian Baginskiy, Bag: Liu Jo, Earrings: Lele Sadoughi, Shoes: Moschino

Sailor Moon Realness! With this look, you are giving a sailor girl vibe in a playful yet fashionable way. This look is not for kids, lol. Any theme looked can work, just don’t be too costumey. You do not want people to think you may have gotten lost on your way to Comicon, lol.

Wild Prints

What Should You Wear For Fashion Week
Dress: Versace, Bracelet: Saint Laurent, Boots: Paris Texas, Earrings: Nest Jewelry, Bag: Fendi

The easiest trick in the book to elevate a look is to add a bold/wild print. The go-to for most is animal print. With this look here, it’s perfect, the dress adds visual interest with the puffy sleeves and the dark denim. Add the leopard print boot and you have a fashion week worthy look.

Jewel Tones

What Should You Wear For Fashion Week
Pant: Norma Kamali, Earrings: The Accessory Junkie, Boots: Fendi, Blouse: The Vampires Wife, Bag: Chloe

This look is kinda a two for one look. You not only get the jewel tone effect but also you are wearing a bold print. Jewel tones are so pretty, your eye cannot help but be attracted to it. This whole look is a work of art. Don’t be afraid to mixed patterns either, especially for Fashion Week.

Black And White Is Always Right

What Should You Wear For Fashion Week
Earrings: Jenny Bird, Shirt: Msgm, Skirt: Almaz, Bracelet: Kate Spade, Bag: Chanel, Boots: Laurence Dacade

If all else fails, you can always fall back on black and white. These colors are classic but always demand attention. You can do all white or black or mix them as I did here. The pop of red and gold makes this look even more fierce! There is alot going on here, BUT it is all evenly balanced out.

Mixing Patterns

What Should You Wear For Fashion Week

Mixing Patterns is not a fashion don’t. At one point in time, it was but for Fashion Week especially, its almost expected. With this look here, you have about 4 different patterns. The statement piece is the dress, that also has a pattern. If you are not a fan of color but looking for a way to stand out, this would be a good way to accomplish that.

Blind Them With Kindness

What Should You Wear For Fashion Week
Dress: Alexander Wang, Bag: Essentiel Antwerp, Shoes: Steve Madden, Earrings: Pretty Little Things, Bracelet: Wolf

What better way to stand out than to blind everybody you come in contact with, lol! Wearing a bright color, such as neon green/yellow is another easy way to be fashionably correct for a fashion show. You do have to be careful when styling a look like this because it can look cheap. Pick your pieces wisely.

Oversize It

Jacket: Jacquemus, Bag: Danse Lente, Top: Casabella, Shoes: Jacquemus, Earrings: The Accessory Junkie, Shorts: Jacquemus

Wearing oversized pieces is a way to make a look more fashionable. You have to be careful however in what pieces are oversized and how they look on you. This look is perfect for the rectangle body type.

Not sure what that is, check out my post here on the 5 different body types to find out. I am not always a fan of oversized garments, but for this look here it works.

This concludes my looks for Fashion Week. Remember to stay true to you, stand out and have fun! If you want more information on all the different Fashion Weeks, check out FashionWeekOnline.com to stay in the know.

That’s All Folks!!

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Nowadays, what you wear to Fashion Week is a show in itself. I am sharing 8 outfit ideas to get some inspiration from to slay your runway! #fashionweekoutfits #fashionweekoutfitsideas #fashionweekoutfitswinter #fashionweekoutfitssummer
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