What Kind Of Clothes Do Women Wear In The Summer?

Are there particular clothes that women wear in the Summer? Yes, there are! Normally you’re wearing something that your not going to get hot in! The specifics of that could vary. This is where I come in to help!

Typically in the Summer, you are wearing more shorts, t-shirts, tanks, sandals, gladiator heels, mini skirts, and sundresses just to name of few pieces. Your color palette tends to get a lot brighter in the Summer, even though now you can wear bright colors year-round. If you want to see what I mean, check out my post on what to wear in the Fall here.

Now how you style all these garments together depends on you. Of course with fashion, trends change up every year. There are still some basics you can always keep in your closet to cover your basic wardrobe needs in the Summer. I share what those are, so keep reading.

Staying Prepared

I advise when looking for Summer wardrobe clothing, think about all the events/activities you would attend during this season. For example, you may attend the beach more or maybe some boat parties in the Summer. So having a few different outfit options for these types of events are ideal.

If you are in a climate where Summer is shorter, you may get invited to more events during this season or just overall your alot more active. So having a good variety of options of outfits in your closet is a good idea. I hate having to go and purchase a new outfit EVERY TIME I have an event I need an outfit for. I say this often, but STAY READY SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET READY!

I am telling you from personal experience when you already have pieces in your arsenal when needed, it makes things a hell of a lot easier and fun because you not stressing over needing to find something to wear or having to shop.

I can show you better than I can tell you about what pieces you want to consider for your Summer wardrobe, so let’s get to it!

What you need for a chill day…

Jeans: Agolde, T-shirt: Alexander Mcqueen, Sandals: Tory Burch, Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane, Bag: Nolita

Easy breezy chill day vibes! One essential item you need in your closet for Summer is a cute screen tee! It can be dressed up or down and worn with a skirt, jeans, shorts, culottes, etc..

Another key item, a light-colored jean. Summer is all about being light and airy and its something about a light-colored jean in the Summer that hits different. A little distress in the jean like the one shown here adds some edge to the look.

What is Summer if you cannot have your feet out! Your feet have been suffocated all Fall/Winter and maybe even in the Spring so you want to let them breathe right, lol. Why not showcase your pretty little toes with a cute sandal! I am not the biggest fan of Sandals, so if I were to wear them, they would have to be cute like these Tory Burch ones! You kill’em softly with this look here!

Serve the girls…

Tank: Olympiah, Bag: Fendi, Bracelet: Gucci, Shorts: dsquared2, Earrings: BaubleStar, Boots: Aquazzura

A tank and utility shorts work for me! This serves and is comfortable at the same time! It’s important that you diversify the collection of shorts you have. You don’t want to have all jean or maybe jersey shorts in your closet. What I love about these shorts that by themselves they look basic, but with this look, they are giving you high fashion!

I love a knee-high boot with a pair of shorts! The boots are suede and could be too hot of material for Summer, but you have some days in the Summer that is not scorching hot. If you’re not in Austin where that is not likely, lol, you can pull out these bad boys.

You also need a cute tote bag in the Summer. They are not only stylish but also functional if you need some extra room for “stuff” while you are out and about. Some may say this Fendi tote is more Fall/Winter but you can carry this bag around year-round, I said what I said, lol!

Neutrals never looked so good…

What Kind Of Clothes Do Women Wear In The Summer?
Top: Anne Klein, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Bracelet: Suzanne Kalan, Skirt: Burberry, Earrings: Suzanne Kalan, Bag: Alexander Wang

You’re going to be invited to at least one event in the Summer that will require you to get a little dressed up. If your single like me, hopefully, that invite is a date, lol. A statement skirt like this one here is a perfect go-to for this. This skirt is not only visually pleasing, but it also could be a conversation piece. You will get stopped with compliments wearing something like this.

Another thing I love to see women wear in the Summer is a strappy sandal! They are so sexy and a can be the cherry on top for any look. For this look here, they are FIRE! The snakeskin pattern is perfect for this since the rest of the look is solid colors.

Daisy Dukes is life…

Tank: RE/DONE, Shoes: Aquazzura, Bracelet: +People, Shorts: Alexander Wang, Earrings: Bandeau, Bag: Tods

One good pair of Daisy Dukes will never steer you wrong and are always in style! The modern-day Daisy Duke has evolved from what I once knew. They didn’t make them like these Alexander Wangs here in the 90s. If you can rock these types of shorts ladies, I say do it! Don’t be scared, lol

A cute all-white tank top goes a long way in the summer as well. You can wear it with anything pretty much and you stay cool wearing them. With a cute Daisy Duke, you are keeping it simple and sexy at the same time! Add the fun statement shoe and bag and you’re ready for a day/night out to slay!!

A pretty dress for a pretty girl…

What Kind Of Clothes Do Women Wear In The Summer?
Bracelet: Anello, Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana, Dress: One Vintage, Earrings: Rachel Comey, Bag: Prada

You should always have a pretty dress in your closet on reserve. You never know when you’re going to be asked on that special date or exclusive event that you need to make a statement for. This dress here needs something to be worn under it and I could not find anything that worked with what I was working with. However, a cute pink bralette is what I would have put under this.

A statement bag and shoe is also needed as mentioned above. A statement bag is always good to have because you will have it forever and even if they go out of style, they come back. Just make sure if you make an investment on the bag that you get a good cost per wear. A bag sitting on a shelf for years is not going to make you any money, lol.

Let the animal out…

What Kind Of Clothes Do Women Wear In The Summer?
Shorts: Ellery, Bag: Benedetta, Earrings: Argento, Tank: L’Agence, Sandals: Gianvito Rossi

Animal print works in every season, your options are limitless as to how you want to wear it. In this case, the leopard print camisole is perfect for a hot Summer look. Camisoles are good to have to add some variety to your closet and take a break from the tanks.

I love Gladiator sandals! They add some much visual interest to your feet! These metallic sandals here would be a great addition to your Summer wardrobe. You would wear them more than once for sure! Add a cute bag with some cute hot shorts and you are ready for that next party of the Summer!

Sporty Diva…

What Kind Of Clothes Do Women Wear In The Summer?
Shirt: Amiri, Shoes: Burberry, Sunglasses: Burberry, Skirt: Alexander Wang, Earrings: Madewell, Bag: Vangoody

I a lot of times style more elegant looking looks, but all women do not necessarily dress like this, especially in the Summer. This look is for the lady who likes to look cute and wear skirts and earrings but doesn’t want to feel like they should walking a runway. Now, this look is runway-worthy, but you should not feel like you have to behave like a model to wear this, lol!

This skirt is more of a utility skirt and I would say it could be dressed up, but I like it more for a dressed-down look. The zipper adds some edge to the skirt but not too much.

A good sneaker in the Summer is a must-have. I don’t know many women who wear heels or dressy shoes ALL THE TIME. I will say that having a more stylish sneaker would be ideal just because you would then have the versatility to wear them in different settings. Pair them with a cute backpack and some stunner shades and can’t nobody tell you nothing!

Slay at the Beach…

What Kind Of Clothes Do Women Wear In The Summer?
Dress: Suboo, Hat: Co, Earrings: Mizuki, Bag: Poolside, Shoes: Castaner

Beach, boat, and pool parties in the Summer are definite. If you are active in the Summer, you will be going to at least one if not all mentioned parties. If you are a poolside babe like me, lol then you need to look cute. This is easily achieved with a slip dress like this one here. You can wear a swimsuit under it if you want or not. I think this is a cute sundress, but thats just me.

Woven pieces are also big in the Summer. You can never have enough of it and in fashion, you can wear woven pieces even if you not water adjacent. The hat here is perfect to block the Sun and all the haters you have because you look so good, lol. The bag and wedges are the perfect complements to the dress. Vitamin D mixed with this type of Summertime fine look is sure to create the perfect moment at any event.

With all these options in your Summer wardrobe, you should never have to worry about what to wear. You are covered for all things Summer event-related. Just remember to have fun with it and dress for your body type, if it doesn’t fit you must acquit, lol.

That’s All Folks!!

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What kind of clothes do women wear in the summer? There are so many options and to many to choose from right? I have broken down the key pieces here! #summeroutfit #summeroutfits #summeroutfitswomen #summeroutfitsblackgirl
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