10 Simple Ways To Style A Mini-Skirt In A Classy Way!

Does wearing a mini skirt mean you’re being slutty? Mini skirts can get a bad rap sometimes. Some people consider it to be too revealing or overtly sexy. I certainly do not share that sentiment.

What if I were to say I can share with you how to style a mini skirt in a classy way? Yep, it’s possible and I have proof, lol. To be honest, the skirt is not what makes a skirt look slutty, it’s really the whole look and person who is the main culprits of that.

With the proper pieces and accessories, you can look like you walked straight off the runway in a mini skirt. There are so many different styles of mini skirts in different prints and patterns, the sky is the limit on how you style it.

Seasonality may be another concern, but mini-skirts can be worn year-round. The difference between the warmer months and the cooler months would be layering or wearing thicker fabrics. So don’t be too quick to put up your mini skirts in the Fall/Winter.

Another thing to think about is your body type when it comes to mini skirts. All mini-skirts will not look the same on all body types. For example, A-line skirts work best on the rectangle or inverted triangle body types because it adds shape and balance to both.

If you want to read more about body types or not even sure what the hell your body type is, you can check out a post I wrote all about it here. You may also want to think about undergarments when wearing a mini skirt as well ladies.

You would not want someone to see all your goodies accidentally from a fast move or dance move depending on where you are. Mini skirts work well with leotard style shirts or bodysuits they may call them.

But maybe you do not mind giving a little peep show, hey I am not judging, lol. I just want to cover all possible things that may come up when it comes to wearing a mini-skirt when you want to be classy. Now that we have covered all the basics, lets get to the best part which are the outfits!

Tops with puffy/ruffled sleeves work well with a Mini-Skirt

10 Simple Ways To Style A Mini-Skirt In A Classy Way!
Top: The Arrivals, Shoes: Sophia Webster, Bracelet: Betsey Johnson, Skirt: Msgm, Earrings: Valet Studio, Bag: Jil Sander

Perfect balance! The shape of the skirt paired with the skirt gives your body the perfect balance from top to bottom. This look is perfect for a rectangle shape body type. All the rouching and ruffles gives this look an elegant/classy flair as well.

The shoes are the supastar of this look even with everything else that is going on. The earrings are a pretty good co-star however paired with the bracelet overall you are one classy looking lady!

Color-block your look

10 Simple Ways To Style A Mini-Skirt In A Classy Way!
Top: Giambattista Valli, Shoes: Cult Gaia, Bracelet: Chaser, Skirt: Paule Ka, Earrings: Jennifer Zeuner, Bag: Marni

Color-blocking is a instant way to class up a look. When you color-block, it shows you know a little something about fashion. When done like this look here anyway. The mini-skirt kinda gives a retro vibe by itself.

Pairing it with the rest of this look, you are giving more of a modern retro girl if that is a thing, lol! The top is really a staple by itself as well and it goes so well with the skirt. Add the mules and the bag and you a color-blocking fashionista head to toe!

Patent leather mini-skirts are your friend

10 Simple Ways To Style A Mini-Skirt In A Classy Way!
Top: Beatrice Chiffon, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Bracelet: Janis by Janis Savitt, Skirt: Karin, Earrings: Alan Crocetti, Bag: Rebecca

You can wear a patent leather skirt and not look like a hoe, PERIOD! I know some may think wearing a patent leather skirt gives a different vibe, but I beg to differ. A perfect example is this Karin skirt here. By itself, you may be able to sex it up, but how I paired it, it does kinda of the opposite.

This shirt pairs so well with the skirt and gives the look a more chic appeal but still sexy. The shoes are simple and yet they are sexy as well. Add the bag and gold accessories and depending on what industry you work in, you could pull this off at work, and I mean legal work, lol.

Wear your mini-skirt with a basic tank

10 Simple Ways To Style A Mini-Skirt In A Classy Way!
Tank: Time and Tru, Shoes: Chinese Laundry, Earrings: Cassandra Button, Skirt: Cargo, Bracelet: GelConnie, Bag: Louis Vuitton

Pair any solid colored tank/camisole with a skirt and you’re off to a good start. This skirt here is the focal point of this look, so the top being a solid color is a perfect balance. This look is perfect for the inverted triangle body type.

The accessories here are pretty intricate but not overwhelming. They pair wheel with this look. The sandals are a standout for me as they are very cute with the buckle but simple. This is the perfect look for a day date with a friend or BAE.

Get some leather

Shirt: Cynthia Rowley, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Bracelet: Valentino, Skirt: Loveless, Earrings: Set, Bag: Prada

A leather mini-skirt is edgy and fun but still classy believe it or not. This skirt here is simple but with the zipper adds that edge for that touch of sex appeal which is ok. Sex appeal can be classy and not appear slutty.

The shoes here are also another touch of edge and sex appeal and perfect to break up all the solid colors. I love how all the pink and yellow in the accessories play off of each other. This is a perfect date night look for when you want to leave a lasting or good first impression.

Black and White is classic and classy

10 Simple Ways To Style A Mini-Skirt In A Classy Way!
Shirt: Killstar, Shoes: Balmain, Bracelet: Suzanne Kalan, Skirt: Alice + Olivia, Earring: Gucci, Bag: Chanel

I love black and white, I say this all the time, lol! This skirt here has a cute pattern and different cute than most a-line mini-skirts which I like. It gives you a wrap skirt feel which the contrasting colors and patterns. It honestly would be hard to make this skirt look anything but classy.

The shirt I paired with this look here is a statement in itself with the extended collar. Kind of gives me goth teas but I like it with this look. The earrings also have a different goth classy edge, lol. Then paired with the classy Chanel bag, you have a very chic eclectic look.

Add some sporty inspired pieces

Top: Slyland, Boots: Unravel Project, Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana, Skirt: Thom Browne, Earrings: Candela, Bag: Saint Laurent

Dressing a little sporty can be classy. This Thom Browne skirt has the sporty edge with the stripes and the pleats in the skirt which gives you a cheerleader vibe. I love that it is double layered with a pinstripe lining that peaks out. Not your average mini-skirt which is a good thing. Why blend in when you can stand out!

My absolute favorite part of this look here are the boots! They definitely compliment the sporty vibe of the skirt with side pockets attached. The pop of red also adds some interest to this look and brings out the red in the skirt. Add the accessories and you are a walking vibe, a classy one at that.

Dress up a denim mini-skirt

Earrings: Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Boots: Proenza Schouler, Bracelet: Suzanne Kalan, Skirt: 7 for All Mankind, Sweater: Proenza Schouler, Bag: Jacquemus

A denim skirt can always be dressed up. This one here is a basic bleached denim mini-skirt. By itself you may think its everything but classy. I do love the asymmetric zipper which adds some interest to it and makes it no so basic. But with all the other pieces of this look, classy is definitely on the menu.

All white boots are always a vibe! I love them with this skirt. The matching sweater is simple and comfy looking. The bag here is so cute and definitely a statement piece. The earrings are the cherry on top here and all together you have a whole classy outfit! This look is perfect for a date night! I talk about date night often. Maybe its time I start dating, lol.

Plaid/Tartan skirts are always in Fashion

Earrings: Moochi, Shoes: Sergio Rossi, Bracelet: Madewell, Skirt: Veronica Beard, Top: Banana Republic, Bag: Givenchy

I am not gonna lie, I sometimes come across pics of women wearing plaid skirts and they are not trying to be classy, lol. That whole sexy school girl thing may deter you from plaid mini skirts.

But I am here to show you that you can wear them in a classy adult way. This is a pretty conservative plaid skirt if I must say so myself. Perfect for work depending on where you work.

I love this navy top. It’s simple but works so well with the skirt. The earrings add some fun to the look and all the complementary accessories make for a classy business casual look.

Adding a blazer always ups your classiness

Earrings: Saint Laurent, Boots: Alexandre Vauthier, Bodysuit: Alix NYC, Bracelet: 18k, Skirt: Michael Lo Sordo, Bag: Isabel Marant

When in doubt, add a blazer. In this case, the skirt is pretty dressy by itself. This is the type of skirt you pull out for a special occasion. You however had to add pieces to it to be complementary and I indeed did that here. This skirt is meant for dancing or at least that is what I would want to do in it. Twirl around all day and night, lol.

The blazer here is busy but oh so classy. It matches so perfectly with the skirt and would look good over the bodysuit. The boots are another added touch of EXTRA to this look but because they are a solid black, it is not too much. This look is waiting to be worn to a wedding. Don’t you think?

If you take any ideas from any of these looks and apply them to your wardrobe or future wardrobe pics, there would be no question that you are classy. Just because you are showing a little leg doesn’t mean your look is downgraded to slutty. You now know how to dress up a mini-skirt, so go ahead and live your best life in any mini-skirt you decide to wear. All that I ask is just to remember to have fun in whatever choices you make.

That’s All Folks!!!

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Does wearing a mini skirt mean you're being slutty? It certainly does not. I have 10 simple ways to style a mini-skirt in a classy way. #miniskirtoutfit #miniskirtstyle #miniskirtoutfitnight #miniskirtoutfitsummer
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