How Can You Make Your Jeans Look Stylish?

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE jeans! They are so versatile and can be dressed up or down. Jeans can be very stylish and I am here to tell and show you how!

Is there such a thing as wearing jeans too much? HELL NAW!! But if you do not know how to style them or elevate the look of them, that could be problematic. Also you need to know how to make jeans work for more than 1 look.

Have you ever had those one pair of jeans that you have reserved for that ONE outfit and do not wear them with anything else? I know I have and it can cause issues when you’re needing a look for an event or night out!

I am not a fan personally of the capsule wardrobe, but one thing thing I do like is how you have to create more than one outfit with a piece in the capsule. That really applies even when you do not have a capsule wardrobe in my book.

Another thing about jeans is the wash of them. It may not be a popular opinion but I believe you can wear any wash and they look stylish. It’s about how they are styled and what other garments and accessories are styled with the look.

A perfect example of that is this Isabel Marant look from their Spring 2019 RTW collection.

Because the jeans were styled with a metallic top and shoes, it elevates the look. This does not look cheap to me, but I guess to each is own.

Now I am saying this but this is not an excuse to wear clothing that is worn and old looking.

If the jeans you are wearing look really washed and worn and are damn near falling apart, its nothing you can do to elevate those jeans. Get rid of them Sis!

Along with the wash, you may also want to consider the fit and style of the jeans. Body type does play a big factor when it comes to both. You would want to choose a fit and style that is flattering to your body. I wrote a whole blog post on body types and proper fits in garments here to help you out!

I will add that its important ladies to find the right retailer that sells jeans that fits you best. All retailers are not created equal in this department. I have some retailers that I TOTALLY avoid when it comes to jeans. An ill-fitting jean can RUIN a look!

Now that I covered all the basics in jean styling in written form, now its time to show and prove what I mean by all this. So let’s get to the looks…

Red Light

How Can You Make Your Jeans Look Stylish?
Top: Alice and Olivia, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, Jeans: Agolde, Earrings: Paco Rabanne, Bag: Mulberry

You definitely will stop traffic wearing this look here. The jeans alone are pretty basic but paired with the rest of the look, it makes it very elegant looking. Straight leg jeans are becoming more popular which is great, just remember your body type when thinking about these jeans on you. If they don’t fit, you must acquit.

Earthy and Chic

Top: One Vintage, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Jeans: Frame, Earrings: Manning Cartell, Bag: Simon Miller

This is such a cute look to wear out to a Happy Hour with your girls or BAE! I would say this is pretty simple but does not look cheap by a long shot. Skinny jeans are my favorite fit for my body but everyone is not a fan.

The fit is not as important in the examples I am showing here as the color and wash of the jeans. This is an example of light wash jeans being dressed up. It is possible ladies! You just have to know how to style a light wash jean right!

Aqua Elegance

How Can You Make Your Jeans Look Stylish?
Top: Paco Rabanne, Bag: Moschino, Jeans: Stella Mccartney, Earring: ABI Project, Shoes: Emilio Pucci

Some would say a pair of jeans that are colored looks cheap. I would say with this look here, I have proved that to be incorrect. The play on all the colors in this looks make this look fun, but with the gold and silver embellishments, it makes it look more expensive.

I will say that this look COULD possibly look cheap, but again, it’s all about how you style it. Another straight leg jean but because of the ombre, body type is something to be mindful of when wearing these.

Monochromatic Babe

Sunglasses: Balenciaga, Top: Altuzarra, Jeans: Victoria Beckham, Bracelet: BP, Shoes: Gianvito Rossi, Earrings: Fabiana Filippi, Bag: Venczel VX

I LOVE BLACK AND WHITE! Black and white automatically elevates any look and makes it look expensive. In this case, I styled with white jeans which I love but have issues with at the same time. Why?

Because when I wear white jeans, I am super self-conscious to not get them dirty, lol. The touch of pink added with black and white I have recently fallen in love with! Any chance I can add it to a black and white look, I do just that! This look works for a fashion event or somewhere it would not be easy to get your jeans dirty, lol.


How Can You Make Your Jeans Look Stylish?
Shirt: Ganni, Boots: Jimmy Choo, Jeans: Ermanno Scervino, Earrings: Claires, Bag: Paco Rabanne

Sparkle or Glitter can elevate ANY look! That is when it is styled properly and not over done. In this case, its the perfect balance of sparkle and contrasting fabrics/materials. We have another straight leg with a little distress, which is fine.

It doesn’t cheapen the look at all. You can high key wear something like this to a New Years Party at a club. It totally would make a statement and be photograph perfect to bring in the New Year!

Retro Mamma

Top: Zimmermann, Bag: Balenciaga, Jeans: Mother, Earrings: Stella + Ruby, Shoes: Casadei

Don’t you love a good Retro look! Now with this look I used a darker colored jean with a little bit of a worn wash. I am not the biggest fan of flared jeans, but for you rectangle body types, they help add some shape.

The shirt and shoes are so visually interesting it makes the jeans necessary to balance the look. The belt bag is the icing on the cake and helps to tie the shirt and the shoes together. This is a cute date night look!

Animal Behavior

How Can You Make Your Jeans Look Stylish?
Earrings: Nadri, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Jeans: j.brand, Top: Marni, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

You need at least one pair of animal print shoes in your closet! You do have to be careful however as what type of shoe. All animal print shoes will not elevate a look and can actually do the opposite. That is not the case here!

A black jean normally always looks chic and classic and a good go too when you are looking to look expensive! The zipper detail in these jeans also elevates the jean and look altogether. This look is cute for Sunday Funday!

Kiss Me Blue

How Can You Make Your Jeans Look Stylish?
Bracelet: Sheryl Lowe, Boots: Neous, Jeans: Chloe, Earrings: Maryam Nassir, Sweater, Prada, Bag: Off-White

For all the 90s kids, did you used to cuff all of your jeans, or was it just me, lol! I love cuffed jeans like this with boots, its the perfect combo. Now this ideally is the color jean some would suggest for a more expensive jean look. I agree it does look chicer, but if styled wrong, these jeans could look cheap.

What I love about this look is that its fun and sexy at the same time. The kisses on the sweater are cute but could be worn by all ages and not look juvenile. I like this look for a single gal going out to dinner with her girls. This look can catch the eye of a potential BAE!

There you have it! If you have noticed the pattern in all these looks is to make jeans look more stylish, add interesting and embellished accessories and garments that compliment the look. Plain Jane realness is NOT how you going to achieve making jeans looking more stylish, so get creative ladies! Also have fun!

That’s All Folks!!

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