What Should Women Wear With Shorts? 8 Outfit Ideas

What Should Women Wear With Shorts

It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your…! In the hotter months, you may share that same sentiment. Hot weather is the time shorts gets all the shine. But what do you women wear with the shorts to add to the shine? I’m here to help answer that very question!

To be honest with you, I currently only have 1 pair of shorts. For me being a man, I am not finding many shorts that fit the way I would like. That doesn’t mean I don’t know how to style them for you ladies however so don’t get it twisted.

Women have so many different options when it comes to shorts. There are actually 18 different ones according to Sew Guide. I am not going to list all 18 but if you want to see them all you can do so here.

With this being said, you have a lot of options in the hotter months in regards to shorts to choose from. You may not be a fan of them all, but with all the different options, you should be able to find at least one style that works.

So that means if you are someone who doesn’t like to show a lot of legs, there is an option for you. If you want to show all leg, there is an option for you. I will show you examples of both. Showing a little leg doesn’t hurt and does not mean your “fast”, lol.

We do need to keep in mind your body type when purchasing and styling shorts. One style does not fit all with shorts. I wrote a whole blog post on body types here to get a better understanding of body types and also for you to figure out what your body type is.

I am not going to get to “technical” by explaining this to you. The proof on how to do this is in the showing you better than telling you. So let’s get to the fun stuff, the outfits!

What To Wear With Shorts For Work:

What Should Women Wear With Shorts
Top: The Arrivals, Shoes: Topshop, Shorts: mm6 Maison Margiela, Earrings: Shashi, Bag: Staud

Is it just me or does these shorts look like Culottes? That is what I would call them, but Maison Margiela calls them wide leg shorts so I guess I have to go with that, lol! Anywho these are perfect to wear to work in the Summer. They are fun and sophisticated at the same time!

The top works very well with these shorts for more than one reason. One is the color matches perfectly. Second, is the cut of the shirt. If you are a rectangle body type, this outfit would look great on you! The shape in the shirt and the shorts would provide balance and shape to your figure.

What To Wear With Shorts To A Day Party:

What Should Women Wear With Shorts
Top: Staud, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Bracelet: Line, Shorts: Heron Preston, Earrings: Debbie Castle, Bag: Tod’s

I don’t know about you but I love a good day party! Day drinking can be more fun than night drinking, lol! Anywho, this look would be perfect for a hot day party. Yellow hot pants or I would like to say “daisy dukes” is rare but oh so right! The way these are made, they do not look slutty but they are sexy!

The way this is color-blocked gives you a retro vibe but still modern. This top is uber cute and goes perfectly with the strappy sandals. Paired with the earrings and bag and you have a masterpiece.

What To Wear With Shorts When Your Chillin:

What Should Women Wear With Shorts
Top: Ralph Lauren, Shoes: Michael Kors: Bracelet: Chanel: Shorts: Faith Connexion, Earrings: Nashelle, Bag: Chanel

Just because you have a day of a whole bunch of nothing to do doesn’t mean you still cannot be cute! For a day that you may just have some errands to run or going to make a quick trip to a mall or fast food restaurant, you can wear this.

I know wearing work out clothing as clothing is supposedly in, but to me, it’s NOT! Let’s keep the workout clothes at the gym and try wearing things like this as your just chilling clothes. The shorts are distressed and bleach but fashionable at the same time.

The Polo top with the little bear on it is so cute to me. You can get away with wearing this cute top at any age. Paired with all the other accessories, this look is the perfect little I’m chilling and slaying at the same time look!

What To Wear With Shorts On A Date:

What Should Women Wear With Shorts
Top: P.a.r.o.s.h, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Bracelet: Le Gramme, Shorts: Haider Ackermann, Earrings: Bar Jewellery, Bag: Stella McCartney

If you want to really leave a lasting impression on a date, wear this! The shorts are more than a little short, but showing a little leg never hurt anybody. If you have some tiger stripes on your legs, you can wear these too! Men really don’t trip about tiger stripes like that, trust me!

All the red with the gray is very sexy! With this look, you’re doing the most in the most simple of ways. The subtle print on the bag gives the look some personality without overpowering or taking the attention from the main attraction, which is YOU! This one is a WINNER!

What To Wear With Shorts To The Club:

What Should Women Wear With Shorts
Top: Dorothy Perkins, Shoes: Prada, Bracelet: Irene, Shorts: Msgm, Earrings: Alina Abegg, Bag: Bottega Veneta

This look is very VIP at the club-worthy! When you want to look cute in VIP sipping on your cocktail, WEAR THIS! Patent-leather is in if you did not know, and so is Pink. This look would cater more to a rectangle and inverted triangle body type the best, but if styled properly could work for the other body types as well.

This style short has been all over the runways at the time of this post and I do not think they are going anywhere anytime soon. I think this would be a good investment to make if you are in the market to purchase new shorts.

The open toe booties are so sporty and chic looking. I think these are perfect for a night out at the club because they look like they would be comfortable on your feet for a night of dancing. Add the simple camisole top and accessories and BOOM, she ready!!!

What To Wear With Shorts On A Beach Date:

What Should Women Wear With Shorts
Top: Aje, Shoes: Kaanas, Bracelet: Allsaints, Shorts: Saint Laurent, Earrings: 8, Bag: Marina

I love patio dining especially when its by water. If you have been invited to a nice candlelit dinner by the water, WEAR THIS!! The utilitarian style shorts are trendy and the gold sheen color gives them an elegant vibe.

The wedges are super cute and pairs so well with this look. But I must say the real superstar of this look are the earrings. They are certainly a conversation piece. I love everything about this look, a slam dunk!

What To Wear With Shorts For Happy Hour:

Top: The Arrivals, Shoes: Casadei, Bracelet: Tory Burch, Shorts: Valentino, Earrings: Jacquemus, Bag: Nanushka

If your girls invite you out for a few drinks for Happy Hour and you’re free, WEAR THIS! It’s a little on the sophisticated side, but not really with these tweed hot pants. If I was single and ready to mingle in the Summer and going out, I would definitely wear this! I may wear this towards the end of the Summer however, like Indian Summer.

Just because tweed is more of a fall trend, so these would be a good transitional fabric to wear when it’s not scorching hot but still short weather friendly. The lace top adds a flirty and sexy element to this look. I like tweed and lace together.

The strappy stiletto is simple but another sexy element to this look. The earrings are a conversation piece that is the perfect icing on the cake for this look. Be ready to be bringing all the boys or girls to the yard wearing this!

What To Wear With Shorts To An Event:

Top: Jejia, Bag: Saint Laurent, Earrings, Nordstrom, Shorts: Markoo, Bracelet: Nove25, Shoes: Bottega Veneta

This is the perfect look to put together for ANY event. It makes a statement but is not overdoing it. Bermuda shorts are HOT on the scene right now! All the retailers seem to be catching on to this. Having a leather or pleather pair in your arsenal is a good investment that you would get some good cost per wear.

This blouse in this violet purple is just what this looks needs. You will not sweat to death in this. Bottega Veneta is also something hot in the scene right now, especially their mules, and these purple hotties are everything! With the blinged-out YSL bag with the earrings and bracelet, you are red carpet/paparazzi ready!

That’s that on that! You have 8 examples of ladies on what you can wear with different styles of shorts. I did not get really get specific as to what exact items to wear because it really varies. It really is just what complements the shorts the best. Also what works best on your body! This resource or post is here to help you bounce some ideas off of. So do your thang ladies with your shorts and remember to have fun while your doing!

That’s All Folks!!!

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Hot weather is the time shorts gets all the shine! What should women wear with shorts? I have 8 outfit ideas to answer that very question! #shortoutfits #shortoutfitwomen #shortoutfitswomensummer #shortoutfitideas
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