Hey all! Welcome again to my blog! I am super excited to be starting this journey in blogging that I honestly, in the beginning, did not think that would be something that I would be doing but I found myself doing posts on FaceBook and Instagram on a regular basis that was very much blog-ish so I figured why not start an actual site!

My name is Eric Lee Edmonson and I am an Style Coach and Fashion lover and plan to start my own personal styling business very soon, so stay tuned for that! I currently live in Austin, Texas, originally from Detroit, Michigan where I was born and raised. I always enjoyed shopping and clothes and knew at a very young age I wanted a career in fashion by letting not really being supported discourage me.

Fast forward to now and I am more than ready to bring my passion to live and drop this dream baby I’ve been carrying and pregnant with for about 3 years. I am excited and scared at the same time but I know this is something that will haunt me if I never pursue my passion! Since starting my blog I have been featured in UpJourney magazine and StyleCaster. I also started a podcast with my best friend called What Works For Us. Our podcase is an all black and all queer lifestyle podcase where we talk about any and everyting!

My Mission

What I want to do or contribute to the World of Fashion is to help women and men who do not necessarily feel comfortable with navigating stores to shop or doesn’t feel comfortable with putting outfits together find their style and help them feel more confident in what and how they wear clothing.

I know how discouraging that could possibly be for someone who is trying to maybe shop for a new wardrobe or may just not know where to start. Also, one of the most important parts of fashion is fit, so I plan to assist women and men find the correct fit in clothing for their bodies to look good. I don’t care how much money you spend on clothing, if the fit is not right, the look will not be right, that simple.

I ideally I want to eventually be able to help people all over the world feel better about their personal fashion and how they feel about themselves. With the age of social media, comparison sydrome is real and many people compare how they look to filtered pictures of people on the internet. I promote loving yourself, PERIOD. So I plan on showing that through this blog, my podcast and style coaching business to everyone! The world will be a better place fashionably and that will be because of my contribution to it through any my social channels and business!