How To Style A White Shirt: 7 Outfit Tips and Ideas

Is it really hard to style a white shirt? I mean, it can go with anything so its fail-proof right? You would think so but white shirts can be worn in ways that may not be the most flattering.

But is that because of the color of the shirt, the style or the fit? It could be all of the above honestly. In this post, however, we are going to focus on different ways to style a white shirt based on color only. I have 7 outfit ideas that you can bounce some ideas off of to style a white shirt. If you want to know how to style an all white outfit, check out this post here.

White shirts come in many different styles. You can get them in tees, button-down blouses, tanks, camisoles etc.. Still with the color being white, it makes things less complicated when it comes to styling.

You really can have fun with styling an all-white shirt. With it being so simple, you can play up the rest of your outfit with color, patterns, and prints. That is where the room for error really comes in.

For example, you would not want the bottom half of your look to get all the attention. It can be the statement piece but you don’t want the eye to ONLY focus on the bottom and no one pays attention to your pretty face, teeth, earrings, and hair.

Everything still needs to be complimentary to give a full head to toe look which I LOVE! One thing is for sure, you can wear a white shirt pretty much anywhere to any event. Where it can get tricky is the style of the shirt and it being an appropriate shirt for the place or event you are going to.

If you are not sure what I mean, of course, I have some visuals here for you. There is not too much I really need to say about wearing a white shirt. I can show you better I can tell you so let me do just that!

How To Style A White Shirt For Work

Skirt: Miu Miu, Bag: Chanel, Top: Paule Ka, Earrings: Joanna Laura Constantine, Shoes: Christian Louboutin

This would be an appropriate white tee to wear to the office. Its more of a blouse, but looks like a fancy t-shirt, lol. I kept it pretty simple with all solid colors playing with yellows and blues primarily and then throwing a wild card in with the shoe.

If you look closely, its actually animal print shoes with lettering on top of it. The earrings are complementary to the bag and shoes so you have the perfect head to toe look.

How To Style A White Shirt For Vacation

Pant: Casion, Shoes: Beige, Top: Theory, Earrings: Kate Spade, Bag: Liz Claiborne

Can’t you see yourself wearing this for a day out on an excursion while on vacation somewhere in the Caribbean? I can, it’s so cute and comfortable looking. The shirt is a simple t-shirt, but with the pattern pant with the bow, it takes this tee’s stock up about 10 percent, lol.

The wedge with the denim-like material pairs perfectly with the pant. The earrings are so cute with the touch pink that compliments the pink in the pant and the bag. This also would be very easy to pack for a vacation. All that is missing is the actual vacation, lol!

How To Style A White Shirt For A Night Out

Shorts: Manokhi, Shoes: Victoria Beckham, Top: Totême, Earrings: of the moment, Bag: Gucci

This is the perfect look for a Spring/Summer turn up! Its something about a woman wearing a white tank that I find sexy! This tank could not be any more basic, but with the rest of the look, it’s runway ready! I really like how much color that is in this look but with the earrings and bag both having multiple colors, you can get a full head to toe affect with this outfit. This outfit bussin, PERIOD!

How To Style A White Shirt For An Event

Skirt: Prada, Shoes: Azalea, Shirt: Helmut Lang, Earring: Vanessa Mooney, Bag: Burberry

If you have a cute button-down blouse in your closet and going to an event, WEAR THIS! Now with this look, the party appears to be on the lower half with the bold pattern and color, but not really. The gold earrings with the gold detail in the bag play off of each other which moves your eye up and around.

You probably will get tired of me talking about head to toe looks, but that is important. You can wear this to any event that calls for you to dress to impress. I think this would be cute for a wedding.

How To Style A White Shirt For Happy Hour

Jeans: Carolina, Shoes: Nicholas, Top: Khaite, Bracelet: Fendi, Earrings: Jcpenny, Bag: Marc Jacobs

It’s Friday and you are looking for something cute to wear to Happy Hour, this look would be a go! The top is kind of the star in this look with the ruching and the puffy sleeves. But no so fast because the shoe is also a star in this look, we needed some balance.

The purse is surely the supporting star in a solid red color. If you do not mind getting a lot of compliments and attention, you would wear this outfit well.

How To Style A White Shirt For Date Night

Shorts: Msgm, Boots: Paris Texas, Shirt: Haider Ackermann, Earrings: Joanna Laura Constantine, Bag: Alice + Olivia

Another cute look with a white tank. I think this is the perfect date night look with BAE! The shorts and boots are the show stoppers, but paired with the simple earrings and bag, its a good balance. White shirts with earth tones are always a winner in most cases. This color palette is fool proof. BAE will not be able to keep his/her eyes off of you with this on!

How To Style A White Shirt For Everyday

Shorts: High, Boots: Alice In Wonderland, Top: Rejina Pyo, Earrings: Luv Aj, Bag: Kate Spade

This you can wear just because. I say for errands but you may think that is a bit much. I do not however because you should always go out looking cute, you never know who you gonna see, lol. This top almost looks like a dress and could be worn as one high key.

But it may be too short for some people, so I added shorts to wear under it. I love red, white, and blue worn together so I played with those colors in this look here. The bag and boot both have patterns but they do not overpower each other and are complementary to one another. It’s ok to get cute just because ladies, you deserve!!!

I told you I could show you better than I could tell you how to style an white shirt. I tried to use as much variety as I could so you can get an idea of options you have.

It’s not rocket science, but it could be overwhelming if you do not know or in a style rut. You can save all of these photos to your Pinterest board to add to any existing look books you have. In the end, however you decide to style your white shirt, have fun doing it!

That’s All Folks!!

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Is it really hard to style a white shirt? Maybe. If you want to know how to style a white shirt, I have 7 different ideas you can use for help! #whiteshirtoutfit #whiteshirtwomen #whiteshirtoutfitsummer #whiteshirtoutfitcasual
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