Why Is It Important To Dress Well?

If you look good, you feel good, PERIODT!!! If not good, you feel better than you would if you were looking a mess. I know with all the hustle and bustle in…

Can You Wear Summer Clothes In September?

September is normally the month that I always get the jones in my bones that it’s about to get COLD! I think this way because I am born and raised in Detroit…

What Can A Woman Wear To A Wedding?

Wedding bells are ringing!!! Not for me, I am single as a dollar bill and waiting for my Husband to find me and lock me down, lol. However, I have been and…

Why Do People Get Dressed To Work From Home?

It the current climate we are in, working from home is becoming the “new normal” for a lot of people. Naturally because you are at home, you feel that you can be…


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