How To Style A Dress For A Summer Party: 8 Outfit Ideas

Summertime is one of the best times to party! The reason being that in the Summer, it’s hotter outside! Not only will there be more indoor parties, but there will also be lots of outdoor parties as well! At the time of this post, we are going through a pandemic so that may not be the case this Summer, but we can dream!

In the Summer, a lot of you ladies may be excited to be able to bring out all of your Summer dresses. I have to be honest, I used to think Summer dresses were Maxi dresses but I was oh so wrong. Based on all the fashion magazines Summer dresses are dresses that can be worn in the Summer, lol.

There are so many options that can fall under that. So I pretty much styled looks that gave me a Summer vibe. Flowy and airy not hot looking dresses lol! One thing I hate to be at any party is HOT! Don’t nobody have time to be sweating bullets when I’m trying to be cute!

Another perk about styling dresses in the Summer for any event are the accessories you can pair with your outfit. Sunglasses and hats being the main ones that stand out to me. Wicker hats are big on the scene at the time of this post. Wicker or weave hats add a touch of chic and classiness to any look.

You can get them for pretty decent prices to at Forever 21 and Asos to name a couple of examples without blowing a check. You can pretty much get your whole Summer wardrobe without breaking the bank. Women have some many options in Fashion, I am soooo jealous!

With this being said, you have one thing for sure when it comes to Summer dresses and that is affordable options! What I use to style my virtual fits are normally on the pricey side, but you can find dupes of these easily.

So ladies are you ready to see some ideas for some looks to party and slay in… I will take that as a yes, so check out what I have cooked up!!

Monochromatic always turns heads at the Party!

How To Style A Dress For A Summer Party: 8 Outfit Ideas
Shoes: Sonia Rykiel, Dress: Self-Portrait, Earrings, Karl Lagerfeld, Bag: Truss Woven

I love black and white and thats on PERIOD!!! I love Polka-dots too! So this look is a banger to me! This dress is the perfect dress to wear to that Summer engagement party or upscale cocktail party. I was going to say wedding but you will get cussed out wearing this to a wedding, lol!

The fishnet heels pair so well with the lace in the dress and give a very non-overt sexy vibe to this look. The bag adds another Summer element to the look which is weave or wicker. Overall this look is fun and flirty and is one I would bet on in the Summer months!

Yellow is the color of the Sun and Fun!

How To Style A Dress For A Summer Party: 8 Outfit Ideas
Shoes: Marc Jacobs, Dress: Badgley Mischka, Earrings: Gorjana. Bag: Fendi

Off the top, I think about a graduation celebration when looking at this look. This is the perfect look to wear to a graduation party! I love the contrast of the stripes and florals of this dress. Perfect style dress to bring out in the Summer!

The shoes look like they were made for this dress. I love a strap on any shoe. These new Fendi Mon Trésor bags are EVERYTHING! This bag here is the cherry on top of this look.

Blue It Up!

How To Style A Dress For A Summer Party: 8 Outfit Ideas
Hat: Walmart, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, Dress: Alice + Olivia, Earrings: Mignonne Gavigan, Bag: Amazon

I don’t know why Blue hits different in the Summer months! It’s such a visually pleasing color when it’s hot out! Or is that just me, lol! This blue mini dress perfect for that Summer Party by the water or on a Yacht party.

You show enough skin for sex appeal but not too much with this dress. If you’re outdoors when wearing this, it’s a breathable fabric where you won’t sweat bullets. The hat and bag look like their a set but they are not but they look so good with this dress.

With the simple earth tone shoe and gold earrings, you are ready to party like it’s 1999! That was corny but felt appropriate, lol.

Ladies Who Lunch Can Party Too!

Hat: Scala Framer, Shoes: Espadrilles, Dress: The Arrivals, Earrings: Rachel Jackson, Bag: Rodo

This look is so Ladies Who Lunch Realness! This is the epitome of a chic look! I love the contrast of the blueish-green color and the gray. I do not see this color combo often. I can see this being worn to a Summer garden party. I just see this in somebody’s garden, lol!

I love the hat with the silver rim going around it. It gives the hat a modern edge. The wedges are everything and what I like about this is that they have a rubber sole which I imagine would help with comfort.

The bag and earrings make it appear as all the accessories come as a set but they don’t. This look is matchy-matchy but I’m honestly ok with that sometimes. A lady who wears this is demanding a certain level of respect just from her presence.

Bring The Summer Heat!!!

Earrings: Amazon, Shoes: By Far, Dress: All In Favor, Bracelet: Soko, Bag: Sensi Studio

The Sun is not the only thing that can bring the heat in the Summer. This maxi dress is simple but so effective if that makes sense. Its the perfect dress for that Summer bonfire party on the Beach. At least that is what I think about when I see this dress.

The accessories are what really make this look pop! Not sure where to start when talking about them. I guess I can start with the bracelet, its the perfect touch of glam that I like to add to every look, lol. The red wedges are the perfect complement to the look.

The bag is the superstar of this look though! Its so cute and will definitely be a conversation piece. The detail of it makes it a piece of art that you can carry around. I have to say this is stand out in all of the looks I styled.

Florals Can Be Sexy!

How To Style A Dress For A Summer Party: 8 Outfit Ideas
Bracelet: Lagos, Shoes: Alaia, Dress: The Arrivals. Earrings: Liz Claiborne, Bag: Sole

I have not always been the biggest fan of florals, but I have come around, lol. This dress, in particular, stands out to me because it’s asymmetrical, and its a wrap dress at the same time. I love asymmetric as it gives a garment a modern sexy edge.

The ruffled sleeves are another bonus which at the time of this post is VERY trendy! Imagine walking in the wind in this dress, you will be gone with the wind fabulous! The earrings and bracelets adds a modern edge to the look as well.

The weave purse adds a classic element to this look but the superstar of this look are the SHOES!!! Baby, these shoes are EVERYTHING! You couldn’t tell me nothing if I wore these! This is a pretty sexy look to be a floral dress!

When You Want To Be Sexy Wear This!!

How To Style A Dress For A Summer Party: 8 Outfit Ideas
Shoes: Ted Baker, Dress: Christian Dior, Earrings: Hsu Jewelry, Bag: Versace

Christian Dior knows how to make a print dress! This dress may not be for everybody, but it certainly works for me, lol! All my Sex And The City lovers, do you remember the Christian Dior dress that Carrie wore when she met Natasha for lunch? Thats when I took notice to Christian Dior’s talent in dresses!

I love the crossing of streetwear and couture with this look! It gives you a city girl vibe but with a touch of high fashion. Because the dress is so bomb, I kept it simple with the accessories. I would wear this on a date with BAE going to a party!

What Is Summer Without An All White Dress!

Earrings: J Crew, Shoes: Misbhv, Dress: Willow, Bracelet: MyTheresa, Bag: Jil Sander

You should always have an all-white dress in your arsenal in the Summer! Its the perfect go-to when you may be in doubt about what to wear. Just throw on an all-white dress and problem solved! With this dress in particular, I love the tie-up bow in the front with the little peek-a-boo underneath it.

In order to not be totally whitewashed, I added the sea-shell bracelet and weave earrings. The purse with the wooden handle compliments the accessories well. The slip-on mule is very unique and is a lot more contemporary than the rest of the look but they work. Very doable look and easy to wear.

You are now ready for the Summer Party season! Any of these looks would make you stand out at any party. Looking good is part of the fun at a party, lets just call it like it is. Putting in this effort in the beginning with your look can set the tone for your day/night party or event.

If you want to see some looks on what you should wear in the Summer all together, check out this post here. Whichever or however you end up styling your Summer party dress, just remember to have fun while you’re doing it!

That’s All Folks!!!

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Summertime is one of the best times to party! Wanna know how to style a dress for a Summer party? I have 8 outfit ideas and tips to help you out! #summerpartyoutfit #summerpartyoutfitnight #summerpartyoutfitblackgirl #summerpartyoutfitdressy
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