How To Style Vertical and Horizontal Stripes: 7 Outfit Ideas

I never really knew how controversial stripes in fashion are! I thought really wearing stripes was just a preference. Of course, I hear that certain colors and patterns are more flattering to particular figures. But to wear horizontal vs vertical to be a deal-breaker I never knew!

Now I certainly know that all clothing does not work for all body types. I wrote a whole blog about how to style clothing for your body type and you can check that out here. In regards to stripes, however, I have learned that it has been a concern to women which stripe makes you look fatter, vertical, or horizontal.

I get it ladies that you do not want to look bigger than what you really are in certain areas. Or you may not want to bring attention to an area of your body that your self-conscience about. With stripes depending on how they are styled on your body, it could do those very things.

I guess the common myth about stripes is that horizontal stripes make you look bigger or fatter. I can see how someone would think that because they are going against the width of your body so if you are wider in certain areas, you may think it would make you look even bigger.

Well according to some research that has been done, if you think horizontal stripes make you look fatter, you are wrong sis! According to Psychology Today this very theory was tested by a researcher named Hermann von Helmholtz.

He tested with square shapes which shape looked wider with horizontal and vertical lines. He found that the horizontal lined square looked taller and slimmer and the vertical lined square looked short and fat.

This theory was tested later on actual human figures by two British psychologists Peter Thompson and Kyriaki Mikellidou the same model figure wearing horizontal and vertical stripes and low and behold, the model wearing the vertical stripes hips looked wider.

So its vertical stripes that are the enemy ladies, lol! Seriously, I think it’s all in how you style the stripes to make them work to your advantage. All body types can wear either-or of the different stripes.

So I am not going to get all that technical in my outfit ideas as to not wearing one over the other. I will just advise which body type the particular outfit may be better for in regards to balance which ultimately is always the main focus for me.

I am over talking about this and I am ready to show you what I have virtually styled for you all, so without further adieu, I present to you THE OUTFITS, lol!

How To Style Vertical Stripe Romper

Sunglasses: Dior, Sandals: Studio Amelia, Romper: Le’s, Earrings: All Blues, Bag: Giaquinto

Hello Summer! Doesn’t this look scream Summertime! The sailor look is definitely IN right now. Now based off of what we just learned about vertical stripes, if you are wanting to camouflage your hip area to look slimmer, then this may not be a look you would consider.

However, I think this look could work for a pear shape body type because it has the belt and the top of the Romper is broader so you would have a pretty nice hourglass shape. The belt is what I think makes this look safe for all body types if you ask me. So ladies gone ahead and get you a vertical striped romper for the Summa, lol!

How To Style A Horizontal Striped Dress:

Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Dress: Nude, Earrings: Goossens, Bag: Ted Baker

Now looking at this dress here, the theory that was proven about horizontal stripes making you look slim seems to be a farse. But this is clearly the style of the dress. Either way, it’s a cute dress for the Spring/Early Summer. This would be cute to wear to a coffee date or lunch date with a friend. Orange literally is the new black in fashion!

My favorite part of this look is the bag, isn’t she cute! The earrings are cute as well. The accessories to be honest elevates this look. The dress by itself could be pretty basic which is not bad, if you don’t mind being basic, lol.

How To Style Vertical Striped Shorts:

Top: Balmain, Shoes: Kate Spade, Shorts: Prada, Earrings: Burberry, Bag: CECE

This is kind of a hybrid stripe look because there are vertical and horizontal stripes. Either way, this look is uber-cute. I think it is cute for a day of hanging out or even running errands. Now I will say that if you are self-conscience about your hips and you do not want attention drawn to them, you may not want to wear this look.

Rectangle and Inverted Triangle body types to the front of the lines with this look. This look is pretty simple and chic. Its an easy way to be stylish on the days your not really trying to be stylish if that makes sense, lol.

How To Style Vertical Striped/Pinstripe Pants:

Top: Ami, Boots: Sam Edelman, Pants: Mara Hoffman, Earrings: Gorjana, Bag: Valentino

The perfect look to go to work and slay in! The pant is a straight leg pant, but depending on your body type, it could fit differently on you. Because the top is solid colored and slim-fitting, certain body types particularly pear shape and triangle shapes would have to be careful with this look here.

I only say that because it would be easy for this look to get off balance. If you added a scarf or blazer to this, those both could provide some balance to the top portion of the look. This look makes wearing a pant look sexy but professional at the same time.

How To Style A Vertical Striped Skirt:

Bodysuit: Agolde, Shoes: Dsquared2, Skirt: Prada, Earrings: Rixo, Bag: Sabry Marouf

This look here is for the whimsical girl. I love a good head to toe look with a lot of color. Because this skirt is A-line its pretty body type fluid. I do not know why I think about Cinco De Mayo and some margaritas looking at this. Doesn’t it give you those vibes or is it just that I want a margarita, lol.

I must say that the accessories and shoes are what makes this look pop the most. To keep the party on the lower half of the body from getting all the shine, I added the whimiscal earrings to bring the eye up. All in all this look is fun and doesn’t discriminate against any body type.

How To Style A Horizontal Striped T-Shirt:

Jeans: Ulla Johnson, Bag: Guess, Bracelet: Saint Laurent, Top: Balmain, Earrings: Anita Ko, Boots: Dita

I love a good old black and white look with a punk rocker edge! The t-shirt has some unique details with the patchs and fringe on top of the stripes. This is the first look that I have to say that rectangle and inverted triangle body types may have to be cautious of.

Because the top has what looks like shoulder pads in it and the shoulders are broad, rectangle and inverted triangles may not get the right balance on the lower part of the body. If they paired this look with an A-line skirt, then they would have some balance. For my triangle and pear shaped body types however, this look is perfect!

How To Style A Vertical Striped Blouse:

Shorts: Saint Laurent, Shoes: Givenchy, Choker: Manokhi, Top: Chinti and Parker, Earrings: Rebecca, Bag: Bottega Veneta

Carrie… that you? I so think about Carrie Bradshaw with this look here! She would wear this to the coffee shop to meet up with the girls for sure! I think this works for all the body types except the inverted triangle. This look could give you a Johnny Bravo realness effect. A wider leg would probably be better in this case for a inverted triangle.

The outfit itself is so cute though! The pajama styled shirt is so visually pleasing with all the colors. The mix and matching with the reds and yellows plus the accessories gives it that extra pop! By the way, that is a choker, not a belt or bracelet above the shirt, lol.

Here you have it, ladies! 7 different ways to style stripes with different garments. You do not have to be afraid to play with this pattern, lol. Horizontal stripes are not the devil and neither are vertical stripes.

You have to remember you are in charge and you control how they make your body look. It’s all in the styling. Just remember however you end up styling your stripe outfits to have fun doing it!

That’s All Folks!!!

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