Why Is It Important To Dress Well?

If you look good, you feel good, PERIODT!!! If not good, you feel better than you would if you were looking a mess. I know with all the hustle and bustle in today’s world, how you dress may be the least of your concerns.

But how you present yourself to the world on a daily basis tells so much about you and you may not realize it. I know it can seem like a hassle to pick clothes out and iron them on a daily or weekly basis, but believe me, you should be taking time out to put effort towards your wardrobe.

Am I saying you have to dress like you are walking a red carpet on the daily, HELL NAW! However, walking out of the house looking like Raggedy Ann’s cousin Pookie should never be the goal. Trust me, I do not like ironing clothes every time I leave the house or sometimes having to think about what I am going to wear.

I also do not want to feel like crap when I leave the because what I am wearing and duck and dodge people when I am out because I KNOW I am not looking presentable. Like it or not, people judge you on how you present yourself.

I sometimes hear people say, WHO CARES what I am wearing. You may not, but others do to some degree. You should not care what people think about you, but people treat you differently if they think low of you. How you dress can make people think low of you.

And if your black or any other minority, they may think this of you anyway so why add more flame to the fire by not dressing well when your out in public. I gonna leave that right there, but my peoples should know what I mean.

I understand in some cases when people do not dress well, it’s just for the simple fact they do not know-how. They may not have that fashion/style bug that makes it easy for them to curate looks for themselves. So they default to outfits that do not require much or any effort to put together.

If this is you, I certainly do not want to come off as insensitive. Why this may be so, there is help out here (ME) to help you figure out your style and how to curate outfits that represent who you are in the best way possible. This is actually the reason for me writing this post to not only address this issue but help you with some ideas on how to resolve it!

First I want to share with you the reasons you should be dressing well on a regular basis and not just for special occasions.

Dressing Well Enhances Self-Esteem

When you dress well and you feel good in your second skin (your clothing), it elevates your mood. Have you ever purchased a new outfit and wore it to an event and felt like 1 million bucks! If so, then you know what I am talking about to some degree.

You probably were in a more joyous spirit, fun to be around, and had a little extra pep in your step. You should feel like this every day! There have been plenty of studies done that shows when you dress well you feel more competent, responsible, authoritative, and trustworthy. Dressing well is much more about you than others which I think a lot of people get confused.

Dressing Well Shows Self Worth

If you do not look like you take the time to invest in yourself, why would anybody else want to? I am currently on the path to being connected with my life partner and when we connect, I do not want them to see me looking a mess or like I don’t give a damn about myself.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is not attractive at all. I am not going to be with someone who does see enough value in themselves to put time into their appearance and that goes deeper than just clothes.

If you saw someone with dirty clothes on, would you think they are clean? All I am saying is if you want others to invest time, money, or energy into you, you need to show that you invest in yourself.

Dressing Well Is A Form Of Self-Care

Self-Care is the best care! This kind of goes along the lines of showing self-worth, but you have to see it as self-care first for yourself. Self-Care is something you do to make yourself feel good.

Keeping your wardrobe updated with clothing that represents your style personality so you can show up as your best self on a daily basis definitely would be something that can make you feel good.

Dressing Well Attracts Like-Minded People

I hate to go woo-woo on you, but people who operate on a high frequency or vibration invest in themselves, including wardrobe. That does not mean they are spending thousands of dollars on designer labels either.

However, they are not showing up in worn clothing with holes in them, or that are not clean. This would not help operate at a higher level. So if you want to attract high-frequency energies to you, you would have put effort into your appearance amongst other things to attract these energies.

When it comes to dating, the same thing goes. If you look like you do not care about yourself, you will attract energies who not gonna care much about you either. Or they may take advantage of the fact that you appear that you do not care. We don’t want that supastars (you are a supastar, we all are in my book).

Dressing Well Inspires Others

I hate to say it, but we live in a world full of sheep-like people. Monkey see monkey do! If you are in an environment of people who do not dress well and do not care, it’s contagious.

I live in Austin, Texas and I am not trying to say they do not dress well, but they do the bare minimum at best. They all dress alike and I can not tell much about any of the people here from what they wear.

The reason why most of the people here do not put much thought into how they dress because most people here don’t. If a majority of people started to change and start expressing themselves more with clothes, the whole city would. Why, because they are being inspired by the majority.

You may not be able to change a whole city, but you may be able to inspire people in your household. You putting in the effort can inspire other members of your family to improve how they dress. Or maybe your friend circle can be inspired by you being more expressive with your wardrobe. Why blend in when you can stand out!

Dressing Well Tells People About You

Dressing well is a way to express yourself without having to say anything. It can be little details in your wardrobe that expresses a uniqueness about yourself.

This is why you should wear clothes that are truly reflective of your style personality. Wearing clothes that is not reflective can send off the wrong message to people and make preconceived judgments of you because of that.

Again what people think should not matter, but in a job interview, for example, it certainly does. What you have on can be the difference between a yes or a no when you walk into the door for a job interview. I talk about that more in a blog post I wrote here about dressing for a job interview. Bottom line, dress to express who you are or reaching to be that is authentically you.

Now that I have gotten all the reasoning for dressing well out of the way, now it’s time for me to show you how to do it! I am going to show you how to dress well for different situations that are or may be apart of your everyday life.

Running Errands

Shorts: Madewell, Shoes: Steve Madden, Shirt: Walmart, Earrings: Amazon, Bag: Tory Burch

Instead of wearing exercise clothes to run errands, I would prefer a look like this, lol. What I like about this is it’s really something that you can put on and go.

You of course would wear this in the warmer months, but there is not much fuss about this outfit, and is something that can be worn comfortably and stylishly for a day of running the streets. I also like that this is cute enough to meet a friend for coffee or lunch.

Happy Hour

Boots: Le Silla, Boiler Suit: WeWoreWhat, Earrings: Zara, Bag: Coach

I don’t know about you, but I like to look cute for Happy Hour but also be comfortable. The night might not end at Happy Hour so I need to be prepared for a fun (drunken) night! I love boiler suits because they are so stylish but also comfortable and allows you to move freely. If you are single, the red is not going to hurt either, men love red!

Casual Friday

Blazer: Alice + Olivia, Boots: Steve Madden, Shirt: Alice + Olivia, Skirt: BP, Earrings: Irene Neuwirth, Bag: Chanel

Ok, so you may be thinking, Casual Friday? Follow me, it’s Friday, and you and some of your co-workers are going out after work and you do not want to have to change your clothes when you leave work.

Now does this make sense? If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready and this look is the epitome of that. During the week you may prefer wearing more professional colors in the office, on Friday, you want to be a little more colorful, so you wear this!

Date Night

Shirt: Remain, Isabel, Cape: Chanel, Booties: Chloe, Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane, Bag: Yuzefi

Wanna give more than enough without doing the most, wear this! I love neutrals! I would probably wear something just like this on a date. It’s sexy but not overtly sexy to distract your date too much, but sexy enough to keep his eyes on your ALL NIGHT!

Business Casual

Pants: Halogen, Shirts: Alexander McQueen, Shoes: Prada, Earring: 18k, Bracelet: Suzanne Kalan, Bag: Givenchy

Isn’t this so cute! If I worked in corporate, I would want to dress cute for work. Looking cute would help me get through the day, lol! This look exudes power in the most stylish way!

You show with this look you know fashion and you mean business at the same time! The jewelry is blinged out but no so much it’s a distraction. Subtle elegance at its finest!

Hanging With Friends

Top: Endless Rose, Boots: DKNY, Pant: Vero Moda, Earrings: Jil Sander, Bag: Michael Kors

Who knows where the day or night may go when hanging with friends. I like to wear something that can easily transition from day events to night events and be appropriate. You really cannot go wrong with this look no matter where you are hanging out with friends.

It’s comfortable, stylish, and something that if it’s hot you are not going to get too hot in. If it was cooler, you can always add a jacket to this look and still slay!

Special Occasions

Shoes: Gucci, Dress: Oscar De La Renta, Earrings: Saint Laurent, Clutch: Chanel

You should always keep garments in your closet that you can wear for special occasions. You never know when an event is going to come up that requires you to “dress up”.

You do in most cases get some type of heads up via an invitation, save the date, etc… but there might come a time that you do not. Who has time to go to the mall or try to purchase something online that will get to you quick enough to wear?

Keeping pieces like this in your closet can be your backup in the event you need to be slayed quickly. What I like about all of these pieces is that you can wear them with other accessories or garments. Versatility is key when it comes to building your wardrobe.

Fashion Event/Red Carpet

Bodysuit: Balmain, Shorts: Peserico, Blazer: Balmain, Shoes: Le Silla, Earrings: Suzanne Kalan, Bracelet: Ella Gafter, Bag: Tod’s

Fashion Week ready! When on a red carpet or Fashion Week, there is a possibility your going to be photographed and in most cases you want to be. They call it “peacocking” during Fashion Week when you are walking around pretty much looking/wanting for a photographer to snap a photo of you.

I personally would love to get photographed in an outfit like this one and I honestly think I would when I show up and show out in this outfit, lol!

So now you know why it’s important to dress well and have some examples (that can be saved to your Pinterest board btw) to show you how to do it!

I did forget to mention the most important reason to dress well and that would be it’s fun! I do not care what your dressing for, it should always be fun no matter what. Don’t forget that!

That’s All Folks!!!

Wanna save this look for later? Save this look to your favorite Pinterest Board!!!

If your look good, you feel good. PERIODT!!! Let me explain why its important to dress well and show you how to do it!!! #datenightoutfitclassy #casualfridayworkoutfits #businesscasualoutfits #happyhouroutfit
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