What Do You Wear On A Lazy Day? 8 Outfit Ideas

Ladies, we need to have a talk! I understand that we all live busy lives and do not always have time to get “dressed”. Even so, it’s still important that we put some effort into what we wear out in public. What do you wear on your lazy day in public?

I hope it’s not pajamas, lol! I made a whole post about wearing pajamas in the public here. I hate to say it but I do see this a lot, especially at the Grocery Store. Another thing I see a lot of everywhere is athleisure wear.

Do not get me wrong, they have some cute athleisure wear but I personally do not think it should be worn everywhere and all the time. If you are working out and have to run some errands afterward, then certainly it is appropriate to wear.

BUT, let’s say your meeting a potential BAE for a coffee date and its your first time meeting, don’t wear any athleisure wear on the date ladies. What to wear on a date is not what I’m talking about in this post, I have already covered that in this blog post.

What I am covering today is lazy day wear. I understand that its a lazy day but you can look cute on a lazy day. Putting in effort into your lazy day wear in my opinion can change your mood. If you look a mess, you feel a mess or at least I do, lol.

Another reason I like to cute on a lazy day is that you never know what is going to come up. You may be chillin being lazy and a friend calls and say they want to stop by, if you already looking cute and decent, you do not have to get ready.

Or maybe something comes up where you need to leave the house. If your already looking decent, you can get your keys and hit the door. Again stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. That is my motto, most of the time anyway lol.

So what are some pieces you can keep in your arsenal that is easy to be worn on a lazy day?

  • Sweaters/Cute Sweatshirts
  • Rompers
  • Stylish Leggings
  • Stylish Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Stylish Sweats
  • Sundresses
  • Denim
  • Combat boots
  • Wedges
  • Mules
  • Backpacks
  • Tote Bags
  • Shorts

These are all pretty basic options, which would make sense for a lazy day. Lazy Day fashions should be easy to put together and easy to wear. No-fuss no must. You should also be comfortable in your lazy day fashions or at least I would want to be. But as always, I can show you better than I can tell you! So let’s get to it!

You can wear a cute dress on Lazy Day…

Bracelet: Zara, Shoes: Jil Sander, Dress: Raquel Allegra, Earrings: Rebecca de Ravenel, Bag: Vince Camuto

A dress like this is so easy to wear and comfortable may I add. What I like about dresses like this is they do not need to be ironed either. You can literally shower and throw this on.

The accessories are pretty easy peasy too! You may not wear them around the house, but they are easy to put on and take off. One thing I love about the shoes is that they look like your feet would breathe well in them. I hate for my feet to sweat. Overall, this look is a slam dunk and easily achieved.

When you are being lazy but ON READY…

Shoes: Nine West, Romper: Lygia & Nanny, Earrings: Isabel Marant, Bag: Dorothy Perkins

You really cannot go wrong with a romper! They are so easy to style and something you can wear from day to night. I love the specs of the sea green in this romper here which is why I accessorized with the same color to bring it out.

I chose a cute low heeled mule to pair with this. I mentioned being “ON READY” and you can easily go from being lazy too day party-ready with this look. The earrings are a superstar by themselves, love them! Add this cute tote bag and you have a pretty bomb-ass lazy day look!

Wearing all black on Lazy Day is very effective…

Boots: Boohoo, Romper: Hope, Earrings: Natasha Schweitzer, Bag: Chanel

It don’t get not easier or lazier than all black. It takes absolutely NO effort to put all black garments together to make an outfit. We have another romper here, but this one is a pant romper. You can wear this on a lazy day in the colder months. Another piece you can put on and go in.

Combat boots or Jodeci boots which I prefer to call them have been hot on the scene for a minute lately and pairs well with the romper here. The chanel tote may seem extra but just because its Chanel doesn’t mean you cannot wear it when being lazy, lol! The start shaped earrings are the cherry on top to add flavor to the look. This my kinda lazy look!

If you must wear sweats on Lazy Day, this works…

What Do You Wear On A Lazy Day? 8 Outfit Ideas
T-shirt: Topshop, Shoes: Asics, Pant: Fengchen Wang, Hat: Madewell, Bag: Backpacks

I ain’t gonna lie, I am not a fan of sweats/joggers AT ALL! That is on a man or woman. Seeing a man in grey joggers does NOTHING for me. Anywho, if you are a lady who likes sweats on a lazy day, then these here can get an honorable mention from me, lol.

Another throw on and go look for sure. The shirt is so feminine for a t-shirt and I think it gives this sporty look a touch of chicness. The sneakers tie in all the colors perfectly. Add the simple hat and bag and you have a lazy sporty look with a touch of chic.

Pajama INSPIRED looks are acceptable…

What Do You Wear On A Lazy Day? 8 Outfit Ideas
Shirt: Boohoo, Shoes: Adidas, Bracelet: Hermina Athens, Shorts: Poupette St Barth, Earrings: Ippolita, Bag: Fendi

As I mentioned before, I am not a fan of pajamas in public AT ALL! But, I am ok with pajama inspired looks. These shorts here give you a pajama feel but they in fact are not. They look like they would be super comfortable and perfect for lazy day!

How you really make this look not look like a full pajama set would be adding the accessories. The shoes are very matchy-matchy to the outfit but in this case, so what. The jewelry is colorful and add playful edge to the look. Add the Fendi backpack and you have a pretty colorful stylish lazy day outfit, my friend.

If you must do “leggings” on a lazy day…

What Do You Wear On A Lazy Day? 8 Outfit Ideas
Sweater: Frame, Shoes: Adidas, Leggings: Spanx, Earrings: Monies, Bag: Karl Lagerfeld

I mentioned above I am not the biggest fan of Athleisure, but if you are a fan, then I can meet you half-way lol. The leggings can be worn to workout in but also high key can be worn out for a night on the town. Because they have that versatility, I can mess with them.

The sweater is really cute and I love this paired with the leggings. It keeps the outfit from looking like a workout clothes outfit. My favorite part of this look to be honest are the shoes. I love them! The earrings add a touch of elegance and the fanny pack is sporty yet still stylish. This is how I like to see leggings styled.

A wrap dress is the epitome of lazy day wear…

What Do You Wear On A Lazy Day? 8 Outfit Ideas
Shoes: Linea, Dress: BCBGeneration, Earrings: Natalie Marie, Bracelet: Kendra Scott, Bag: Anya Hindmarch

It doesn’t get any lazier than a wrap dress. Especially a denim one, it requires basically no effort. This is something you can throw on early in the day and run errands, meet friends for lunch and pick up the kids from school without evening thinking about it.

The accessories is how you can do it up when it comes to a wrap dress like this. Still nothing fancy, the wedges are very simple and can be worn with many other looks. They also look pretty comfortable. The earrings are nothing gaudy but adds a cute touch.

The bracelet is something that can be added to the look when you meet your friends for lunch to elevate the look along with this bag. It’s so unique, classy, and cute at the same time. You cannot do anything wrong with this because its so right to be lazy in, lol!

Every woman needs at least one good sundress…

What Do You Wear On A Lazy Day? 8 Outfit Ideas
Sunglasses: Fendi, Shoes: By Far, Sundress: Pretty Little Things, Earrings: Gorjana, Bag: 0711

Sundresses are so easy to be lazy in! But they also are very effective if you decide you want to be lazy outside of the house. This dress here is perfect to be cute and lazy in. It’s so flowy and I imagine comfortable as well. You can get sundresses are very low price points as well and they don’t look cheap.

If I were to wear this dress and decide I’m leaving, these accessories are how I would jeuge up the look. The sunnies alone are a statement. These wedges give the look the Summertime vibes I love to see in that season.

The bag is unique indeed but it adds some edge which doesn’t hurt. Add the earrings and you are the epitome of a lazy Summertime fine baddie, lol.

I hope I did not make being lazy on lazy day work for you when it comes to your look. I just wanted to offer you ladies some options on how you can do lazy without looking like Raggedy Ann. You can always style down some of these looks and you still can serve it.

However you do decide to style your lazy day looks, just remember to have fun while you doing it!

That’s all folks!!!

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