How To Create A Style/Fashion Mood Board On Pinterest

Are you needing some inspiration for some new looks for your wardrobe? Or maybe do you need to create a style mood board for you to show your Personal Stylist or Style Coach ( i.e ME)? You can read more about me here if you are looking for a Style Coach. If the answer is YES, then you may want to create a style/fashion mood board on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the perfect place to get inspiration for some looks for your style personality. There are tons of looks on there from hundreds of thousands of people. But how do you create a lookbook or mood board on Pinterest?

That is just what I am about to show you! Its a lot easier than you think. I am also going to also share with you how to email the link with someone (i.e a Style Coach= ME) so they can use that to help curate some looks for you when working with you. Let’s get to it!

Step 1. Click Sign In or Create Account

You are first are going to need to either sign in or create a Pinterest account. You can go to this link here for the steps on how to create a Pinterest account. You can click log in if you already have an account or sign up if you need to create an account, its free to sign up. The arrows in the image below will show you where to click for either option.

Step 2. Sign In ( If not already)

On this page, if you have an account you would go ahead and sign in. You can sign in using FaceBook which makes it easier to log in with just a click. But you do not have to do that. If you want to sign in with a separate account with Pinterest exclusively, that works as well.

Step 3. Go To Account

Next, you will need to click your account icon with your face or it may be blank if you did not upload a photo to go to your main account back end area. There you are able to create your board(s).

Step 4. Click Boards

Click Boards which is where you can edit your profile and actually access all your boards once you create them. I have several already so do not get distracted by the ones I have here. Your account back end will probably show nothing here if you are just creating an account.

Step 5. Create A Board

Click Create Board to have a place for your look book to live and place to save anything you find when searching for inspiration for the photo to be saved.

Step 6. Name Your Board

Here you can Name your board. It does have to be anything fancy. I named for example this one here “Look Book 1”. You can also choose dates to plan boards for certain events, I guess maybe like weddings, parties, graduations etc..

You do not have to choose that but you can if you want. You can also make the board private and then share it with particular people such as a Style Coach (ME) and they (I) will be the only person who can view it outside of yourself.

Step 7. Search For Inspirational Looks

Now comes the fun part, looking for some looks! Now you may not know what to search for exactly, so I will provide you some search queries you can use to find you some looks. Feel free to save this to your newly created Pinterest Board.

How To Create A Style/Fashion Mood Board On Pinterest
How To Create A Style/Fashion Mood Board On Pinterest

Step 9. Start Saving Looks

Now you can start saving looks. Try not to get caught in the rabbit hole because once you get started, it can become addicting. You can save as many as you like so don’t feel like your saving to many. If I was Style Coaching you, I would like to see as much variety as I could to gauge your style personality.

How To Create A Style/Fashion Mood Board On Pinterest
Tip: You can hover the mouse over the look and you will get an option to save the look to your board as well without leaving this screen.
How To Create A Style/Fashion Mood Board On Pinterest

BOOM! Your all set! Now you can rinse and repeat these same steps as many times as you like. Once you have completed the board, you can share it via email with your Personal Stylist or Style Coach (ME) for them to review and DASSIT!!!

How To Create A Style/Fashion Mood Board On Pinterest

This should be something that is fun for you I hope. Any Superstar client of mine is going to have to do one of these. If this is you, be honest with yourself when choosing looks. Do not choose stuff just because its “in fashion” or everybody else is wearing it.

Doing that is going to do more harm to you than good and in the end probably not make you happy. Whatever your true style personality is what is going to truly make you happy when wearing clothes. If you do not know what that is and your not my client, WE NEED TO TALK! Book below to set up a call!

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That’s All Folks!!!

Wanna save this for later? Save this to your favorite Pinterest Board!

Wanna know how to create a style/fashion board on Pinterest to create an inspirational lookbook? Looks no further as I break it down for you!
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