Can You Wear Summer Clothes In September?

September is normally the month that I always get the jones in my bones that it’s about to get COLD! I think this way because I am born and raised in Detroit and while it does not go from hot to a freezer overnight, the temperatures slowly start to get lower.

Also, somehow someway I STILL think like I am a kid about to go back to school at 36 WTF. My point of mentioning this is because I used to always think when I was younger once September hit, all Summer clothes had to be put away. As I got older and more into Fashion however I realized that Summer clothes can be worn into September and beyond.

With the evolution of Fashion and a lot of the old fashion rules being thrown out of the door, the sky is the limit as to what can be worn from your Summer wardrobe in September. Even White is now something that you do not have to put away in September after Labor Day.

How To Style Summer Clothes In September?

How you style Summer clothes in September really depends on the weather where you live or visiting. I can say unlike the transition from Spring to Summer, Summer to Fall you want to start adding layers instead of taking them away.

You can layer with garment pieces like jackets, sweaters, turtlenecks, stockings, knee-high boots, leggings just to name of few. How you layer exactly would be up to you.

If you look at any of these streetwear photos online or Pinterest, all these guys and gals dress by their own rules, and then fashion magazines now recognize their fashion statements as trends. So I say have fun and let your styling imagination go wild!

I will say that one way to slowly start transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall would be with color. I myself used to HATE how colors got so dark and blah looking in the Fall. It always seemed to like the only thing you could wear in September and all the other Fall months were navy blue, burnt orange, beige, and black.

Boy how times have changed because now I think I have seen all the colors that you wear in the Summer are on the runways in the Fall. But even with that being said, I advise starting to mix the darker colors with the brighter colors in September and down to the Fall.

I think it gives you the look of your getting ready for Fall but you still are able to wear the bright fun colors as you would in the Summer, which I am a fan of. What is cool about this also is that you can play with the colors either with clothing or accessories.

So that means you can wear maybe a bright pink stocking with a navy skirt and white blouse just as an example. You can play it up however you want. I can of course show you better than I can tell you how to do this and I think its time I do just that. Get into it…

PS: If you ever want to know what the “official colors” for an upcoming season in Fashion are, you can go to Pantone’s website here.

Keep your short sleeve button-ups out

Jacket: Rachel Parcell, Jeans: R13, Shirt: Amazon, Shoes: Tod’s, Earrings: Oscar de la Renta, Bag: Saint Laurent

I based this outfit around the short sleeve shirt which I see as a shirt that you could wear for work in the Summer. It’s a darker color stripe that is Summer friendly but certainly September and Fall friendly as well.

I am personally not always the biggest fan of Beige but when you style it with other colors like in this look here, I can dig it! A cute leather motorcycle jacket I think is essential for the Fall. In this color, you can pair it with many different looks.

In the Fall, you normally pull out your darker wash colored jeans and I like the contrast of the dark denim and beige in this look. A cute flat shoe like this one here is also a great essential in the Fall for days heels just will not do. Add the cute bag and earrings and voila, your September or Fall ready!

Summer Dresses Are A Go In September

Denim Jacket: Liverpool, Shoes: Philipp Plein, Dress: Eliza J, Earrings: Simone Rocha, Bag: Tory Burch

This dress can be dressed up or down with layering in September. A denim jacket is another Fall essential I feel wears well in September/Fall. I like it for its versatility and if you get too hot, you can take it off.

There is a lot of mixing of bright and dark colors with this outfit. I mentioned above you can do this to add a little Summer to Fall looks. The eggplant-colored sneaker is a fun way to dress down this dress along with the rest of the accessories. I think this would be a cute Sunday Funday look!

Cute T-shirts Transition Very Well

Earring: Joelle Jewellery, Skirt: Almaz, Shirt: Dorothy Perkins, Bag: Staud, Jacket: Topshop, Boots: MM6 Maison Margiela

Black and White are in style all seasons, but t-shirts no so much. In September you can get away with wearing t-shirts depending on where you live. If it gets a little cooler in September in your place of residence, then layering to keep warm would indeed be necessary.

Now you may be thinking if its cooler, with a patent leather skirt like this, how would I keep my legs warm. This is where a cute pair of stockings would come in handy. Add the cute booties and earrings and I call it a bomb ass outfit!

Bright Colors Are Still Good In September

Skirt: George Keburia, Boots: Miu Miu, Sweater: Ten Sixty Sherman, Earrings: Amazon, Bag: MKF Collection

This sweater works for Spring and Fall. Its actually kinda a cropped sweater so your belly will show a little with this. That is the reason I picked this sweater, in particular, to be worn in September.

The skirt works for Spring, Summer, and Fall. It depends on how you wear it and layer it. I like the contrast of Yellow and Blue, especially Navy Blue like in these bomb knee-high boots. The earrings add some fun to this look and the bag is the cherry on top.

Animal Print Can Be Worn Year-Around

Can You Wear Summer Clothes In September
Shirt: Bp, Boots: Grey Mer, Pants: Proenza Schouler, Earrings: Jacquemus, Bag: Chloe

I love the versatility of animal prints! They never go out of style! So it is definitely a look that can be transitioned from August to September. In the Summer, I see this top with shorts and some cute cowboy boots.

However, if you live in a state where it gets cooler in September, then I would swap out the shorts for a pant like this one. The Utilitarian look in the Fall is always a win. Another win is the booties and in this cream color adds some Fall flavor. This is more a traditional fall look but I like it.

Florals Works In Any Season

Can You Wear Summer Clothes In September
Blazer: Circolo 1901, Boots: Steve Madden, Earrings: Kate Spade, Shirt: Karen Millen, Bag: Staud, Shorts: Marissa Webb

You never can really go wrong with a floral if styled right! There are some floral garments that exist that look very “dated” but all in all they stay in fashion. This top can be worn with a short in Summer and even in September leading to Fall.

What I did again here is play with darker and lighter colors. This Magenta colored Blazer is an example of a darker Fall friendly color. Blazers are good to layer in the Fall. I would say blazers are a Fall essential as you can dress them up and down. Leather is a Fall essential as well as it normally is always on-trend.

A leather short in September is a great way to wear shorts with a Fall edge. Add the cute booties, bag, and earrings you gonna be kill’em in September with a Summer with a Fall twist look.

Mini Dresses Have Their Place In September

Can You Wear Summer Clothes In September
Jacket: Dorothy Perkins, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Dress: La Doublej, Earring: Dolce & Gabbana, Boots: Grey Mer

Who said you can only wear a mini dress in the Summer? I certainly didn’t! Don’t let all these flowers and colors fool you, this dress wears well into September down to the Fall. Its all about how you wear and layer it.

In this look, I added this jacket which matches perfectly with the dress and can add some shape to your look. The Louis bag with the dress by itself may seem like a bit much, but with the jacket and the boots both being solid-colored, there is balance.

There you have it ladies and gents! I have shown you 7 different ways to wear Summer clothes in September down to the Fall. I think the overall theme here is layering if necessary. You can always remove or switch out pieces if weather changes or permits. If you want some more outfit ideas for Fall, check out this post here.

However you choose to wear your Summer clothes in September, just remember to have fun while your doing it!

That’s All Folks!!!

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