What To Wear For Hanging Out With Friends? 7 Outfit Ideas

Summertime is the best time to hang out with your friends! The weather is nice for the most part and you can show more skin. I do not know about you, but I like to be cute in the Summer or all the time really.

In the Summer, you have more options in places to go which means you need even more cute outfits to wear to go to these places. Is there a certain way you should or should not dress when hanging with friends? NO!! I say wear whatever you feel most comfortable and sexy in.

A staple piece for a lot of women in the Summer is Summer dresses. You see many different colorful options for Summer dresses which I love. But that is not the only option you have to be cute if dresses are not your thing.

I don’t know about you, but I like to be able to get up and go in the Summer months. Too much prepping before getting out and about can kill the vibe sometimes. What I mean personally is ironing. I know some people do not do that, but I have to, lol.

So for you ladies that agree with me, you may want pieces in your wardrobe that can be cute and but do not require a lot of maintenance. In this case, you may want to choose more utilitarian pieces or maybe even linen which you can wear with wrinkles as they eventually fall out.

Rompers is another goodie in the Summer and even in the cooler months. Easy to put on and hit the streets. Also, they can pretty comfortable. I love a cute romper paired with a badass heel or wedge. Epitome of Summertime fine if styled right.

One thing I love to wear in the Summer is white! White anything doesn’t really matter what garment or accessories. You can NEVER go wrong with wearing white in the Summer. The only thing I hate about me wearing white is trying to not get it dirty.

Talk about a buzzkill, lol! Anywho, I can run down a list of stuff that you can wear when hanging out with your friends, but I prefer to show you. My outfit curations are fun, sexy, and comfortable which should be your goal every day in the Summer. Check them out!!!

Yellow and Purple pair so well together..

7 Outfit Ideas To Hang Out With Friends In The Summer!!
Top: Wolf & Badger, Shoes: Saint Laurent, Bracelet: YGline, Skirt: Self Cinema, Earrings: Eshvi, Bag: Proenza Schouler

There is something about Yellow and Purple together that I just love. I am not a Lakers fan by the way, but they got it right with their team colors, lol. This would be a cute look to wear to a game. Courtside preferably.

If you’re not planning on going to a game anytime soon, then I say this look would be cute to wear to a day party in the Summer. This outfit would transition well from a day party look to a night time party look.

Summertime Fine Startup Kit…

7 Outfit Ideas To Hang Out With Friends In The Summer!!
Romper: On The Island, Sunglasses: Cat, Shoes: Guess, Earrings: Cult, Bag: Louis Vuitton

There is no effort really needed for this look to slay the girls! This look is an instant Summer slam dunk and Instagram/Pinterest feed worthy. This is one of those looks that you can get up and go in. You will not need to iron this romper at all. That is one thing I love about utilitarian looks.

The best part of this look to me are the shoes! I cannot believe these are made by Guess. They did the damn thing with these. The bag is another standout and pairs so well with this outfit. This look would be cute to roll out with BAE in or when you trying to pull a new BAE in.

A cute T-Shirt dress SHOULD be styled like this…

7 Outfit Ideas To Hang Out With Friends In The Summer!!
acelet: Lover, Shoes: Miu Miu, Dress: 88 Dakota, Earrings: Nove25, Bag: Chanel

If styled wrong, a t-shirt dress can be pretty basic in the worst of ways. However, they are pretty easy wears and I imagine comfortable. In this case, because of the simplicity of the dress, all the accessories had to be the opposite.

The superstars of this look are the shoes, I mean just look at them. The bracelet pairs so well with them. The unique shape of the earrings and the Chanel bag complete this look perfectly. I would wear this to a cute lunch date with my girlfriends.

Mixing pretty prints is Summertime approved…

7 Outfit Ideas To Hang Out With Friends In The Summer!!
Top: Alexander Wang, Shoes: Nike, Skirt: Emilio Pucci, Earrings: Maria Black, Bag: Acne Studios

Pretty prints are essentials in the Summer. Especially ones like the one on this Emilio Pucci skirt. An outfit like this works well in the hotter months for staying as cool as possible and looking fly. I am not always a fan of mixing prints but I think I may just have my own way of doing it.

The shoes print almost is a perfect match to the print in the skirt. Sneakers with a skirt may be a faux pas to some but you can totally pull this off. The purse is uber-cute and helps tie this look into a pretty little bow.

I would wear this look to a festival or any outdoor event with friends that doesn’t envolve any dirt because I would be pissed if the skirt or shoes got dirty.

Effortless Boho-ish chic…

Boots: Leonardo, Top: Everly, Shorts: Balmain, Earrings: Gorjana, Bag: Chloe

Somehow this look here just works! A little matchy-matchy but I have come to terms that I’m a matchy-matchy person, lol. The top and shorts are totally not matchy though. I like the contrast between the floral top and utility shorts.

The boots can be worn Summer and Fall which gives you more cost per wear with them. I would wear something like this to go shopping or run errands but you can wear it to hang with friends.

When you need to get cute in a hurry…

Top: Forte Forte, Bag: mm6 Maison Margiela, Bracelet: Amazon, Shorts: Topshop, Earrings: Alice Cicolini, Sandals: Birkenstock

Ok, so I said I would go shopping wearing the last look, but this is one I would also wear to shop in. I would go to the grocery store wearing this. Everything with this look can be thrown on without having to do much else.

Aztec like prints are not my favorites sometimes but this one caught my eye. It has a modern edge that I can appreciate. The shorts are simple with the cute elastic waist that adds cuteness to this otherwise utility short.

“Dad Sandals” are a new “it” thing in the fashion world. If you must wear them, this is how I would like them to be styled lol. The bag I like because this would work as an “everyday bag”. You can wear it with many looks. Overall this is a perfect “Lazy Day” outfit. You can see more lazy day outfits in this blog post here.

When you want to give Supermodel vibes…

Bracelet: Parts of Four, Jeans: High, Earrings: Fernando Jorge, Bodysuit: On The Island, Bag: Proenza Schouler, Shoes: Casadei

Wear this when you want the world to be your runway! The accessories are the real MVPs in this look. But they complement the simplicity of the bodysuit and jeans so well.

I love the gold buckles on the straps of the bodysuit. They add value or least of the appearance of value to the bodysuit. Bleached black denim never hurts to add to your wardrobe, they can be worn in multiple seasons.

The shoes I would call foot jewelry in this case. They are intricate in detail with all the embellishments. Be prepared to get a lot of attention on your feet and make sure they are done when wearing these, lol.

The earrings here match perfectly with the shoes. The bag is another conversation piece that completes this look. I would wear this for a night out on the town with the girls or a major event like a concert.

Any of these outfits or maybe all of them would be good options in the Summer to wear while doing ratchet ish with your friends, lol. In a world that is addicted to social media, you want to make sure you and your friends are always ready for an photo opt.

It’s almost required to take a group photo when you hang out with your friends these days. So take some heed to these outfit ideas when you go out to make sure you are paparazzi ready. Also, do not forget to have fun, however, or wherever you do it!

That’s All Folks!!!

Wanna save this look for later? Save this look to your favorite Pinterest Board!

Summertime is the best time to hang out with your friends! Looking for some ideas for some hot outfits to wear. I have 7 you can use as inspiration. #summeroutfits #summeroutfitswomen #summeroutfit
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