How Should I Be Dressing For My Age?

Recently I was looking at a video on YouTube and a vlogger was talking about Jennie Mae from The Real. She was speaking about an outfit Jeannie had on in a picture, saying she was trying to be young!!?? I thought personally she looked good. However to some I guess because she had her midriff out that meant she was trying to be young. Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself, how should I be dressing for my age?

Nowadays people who are 40 plus years old are looking good. It is not the same as what we once thought a 40 year should look like. This could be because of work/plastic surgery they have had or good genes. Nonetheless, we are looking a lot better these days as we age. So with that being said, if you are 45 and want to wear a top showing off your midriff, should you not because of your age? Granted you work out and your in-shape and the top looks good on you.

In my opinion, fashion is universal in many ways! A lot of the looks I virtually style can be worn by all ages if styled right like the ones in this post here. I think that fashions that may be made for a younger demographic can certainly look good on someone who is 40 plus. Nowadays 20 to 50, men and women can get away with wearing the same pieces. What plays a part in how to decide what you should or should not wear should not be age, but really, DOES THIS LOOK GOOD ON ME. Things such as fit, color and where you are going are really the main things you need to consider when you are putting together looks.

In conclusion, I say do not let your age define how you dress. Just because you are 35 plus does not mean you have to start dressing like Grandma and Grandpa. Yes, you want to be dressed appropriately for the event or place you are going, however, you can still have fun. Fashion at any age should always be fun! You can be sexy and show a little skin or wear something more fitting if your shape compliments the garment. How should I dress for my age you ask? However the hell you want to! Have fun and live life and do it being free and dressing well, at any age! Here are some looks that work for all ages.

Top: Saint Laurent, Pant: Gucci, Shoe: Alexander Wang
Top: Victoria Beckham, Skirt: Valentino, Boot: Christian Louboutin
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Playsuit: Alexander Wang, Shoe: Gianvito Rossi
Mini Dress: Dundas, Shoe: Saint Laurent
Wrap Dress: Diane Von Furstenburg, Shoe: Off-White C/O Virgil Abloh
Black Dress: Alexandre Vauthier, Shoe: Christian Louboutin
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Dress: Vetements, Shoe: Christian Louboutin

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Have you ever thought to yourself, how should I dress for my age? If you have, you may want to read more about my perspective. #dressingmyage #dressingformyage #howtodressmyage #howtodressmyagewoman
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  1. Awesome. Good topic. Christy Brinkley is 65 and would put a lot of 30 something’s to shame. LoL ? ? ? ❣️

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