What Are The Advantages Of Online Shopping?

Benefits of online shopping: Whats the hype about?

What are the Advantages Of Online Shopping? Online shopping is something that has become a normal thing for me personally. Amazon is one of my best friends! I know however that many people just do not mess with online shopping at all and I do not get why! Don’t get me wrong, at one point and time in my life, I was the same way. I loved going to the mall and store hopping and getting my shopping life. Now I despise the malls really. They are lackluster to me at this point because the online stores have so many more options than the physical locations. I am doing myself a disservice limiting my options to only physical stores.

Since I know many would not share my opinion on this, like my bestie who does not see any perks to online shopping at all, I thought I would share all the advantages there are to online shopping for others who may feel the same way.

1. More Options

There are way more options online than you will ever find in a store as far as selection goes and that goes for more than just clothing. This is why I listed this as the 1 benefit of online shopping! I feel like the probability of seeing someone in the same outfit is far higher when shopping in-store as opposed to shopping online. I honestly have not been out one time since shopping online and see someone in the same outfit or any article of clothes like me. You can check this post here, to see looks from one of my fav stores ASOS to see what I mean as far as options.

2. No People

Shopping online you do not have to deal with crowds of people or pesky salespeople trying to get you to sign up for a credit card. Being able to shop in peace helps make the shopping experience more enjoyable to me personally. When I am at peace, I make better decisions and when I am putting together an outfit, I need to be sure I am making the right choices to pick the best pieces.

3. Discretion

You can purchase anything you want online and not have to feel any type of way about it or worry about someone seeing what you purchased. Whether it be sexy undergarments, sex toys or special lubricants, buying this stuff online makes it easy and in this case, you may feel more comfortable purchasing even more things that if done in public would mortify you.

4. Less Expensive

Making purchases online can save you money! I one time was purchasing a pizza pan from Target and originally was going to purchase it online but decided I would go into the store just because I did not want to wait for it to come via mail. It was like $5.00 online for this pan, in-store it was $13.00 dollars! WTF! They will price-match online prices in some cases, however, that is a big difference. Even if you factor shipping into the online cost, it’s still cheaper than the store cost. You also can find more promo codes and coupons online to apply to purchases which would not be an option in the store.

5. Convenience

It’s very convenient to shop online as it is available to do 24/7. You do not have to worry about the store closing and not making it before or after certain times. When I worked overnights, when my check would drop which would be around 3-4 AM on payday, I would sometimes immediately go and check out wishlists I would have at online retailers. You don’t have to worry about getting dressed, getting gas, dealing with traffic, etc, when online shopping. You can shop in your underwear if you wanted to, which some would rank number 1 to the benefits of online shopping. What’s better than that!

In conclusion, shopping online does not have to be this scary thing. The more you do it the better you will get at it. I will say when shopping online, shopping ahead is the name of the game. Last-minute shopping online I would not recommend as this can make the shopping experience not so fun. The same goes for in-store shopping actually. I hope this helps if you are someone who has reservations to shop online. Go ahead and go on a clicking spree! I promise there are benefits to online shopping!

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