What To Wear To A Nightclub: Austin Edition!

Nightlife in Austin is already different, but Fashion is also something that needs to be addressed. I recently watched the Studio 54 documentary on Netflix and also have been watching American Soul on BET. Watching both has sparked a question that I have always wanted to know. I never asked just because I did not want to come off judgemental or offensive. In both, when it came to going out and nightlife, people dressed up. Not formally dressed up, but they put effort into what they had on.

So I ask, why don’t people get dressed when going out to a nightclub? How should you dress for a nightclub you may ask? I was going to at first be general and say why don’t all people. However, in other cities, they do still get dressed when going out. I understand that Austin is more laid back and liberal which I like. On the other hand, I think you can still not look so “beige” when going out.

Back in the day, it used to be an event in itself to dress up when going out. For some, that may still be the case. Since moving to Austin however, I just don’t see it often. It’s rare when I do and I would think the gays would have a little more flavor. It doesn’t appear that fashion is as important here for gays like in other cities. I understand being comfortable or maybe not caring. Even so, I personally look at men and women who look like they put effort into their looks. It’s attractive to me and shows that they care about their appearance which MATTERS.

Being single (or even if you not single), when I go out, I like to look nice for myself and in hopes of drawing attention to a man who I can marry, lol. Even if I was in a relationship, I still would get cute when going out. It’s part of the night for me. Austin is slowly if not already becoming a metropolitan city and I do not think the fashion matches that. I have heard some people say who are transplants that they do not wear the clothes they used to wear in their previous city because it does not match Austin, WTF!!! Why blend in when you can stand out!

All I’m saying is Austinites, it’s ok to put a little flavor into your nightlife looks. It makes you feel good and can be the difference between an average night and a bomb turn up. Being sexy is fun to me and when I look that way or at least try, it adds a little to my night. I understand some may not know exactly what to wear as well and that’s where people like me come in. I am here to help and I sharing some ideas on this page for men and women just to get a general idea. Even if you do not get done up in Austin if you travel and party, you may not be able to get into clubs looking beige. Now when you ask how should I dress for a nightclub, you have this post to reference for ideas!

So next time you go out, try to add some sprinkle to your nightlife look and see how you feel, I am sure you will like it and turn heads while doing so.

Photo Sources: Net-a-porter, Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York

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