What Should I Wear On Valentine’s Day?

For those of you who celebrate this “Hallmark Holiday, you may be going out with your significant others. I am not sure about yall but I like to get festive on holidays even the “Hallmark” ones. What I mean by festive is wearing colors and whimsical pieces that represent the holiday. I think a lot of focus is on women primarily on this particular holiday when it comes to dressing up but guys should also put some effort in as well when it comes to dressing up I think. With this being said, you may be thinking to yourself, what should I wear for Valentine’s Day? In this post, I will share some looks for men and women to get done up on Valentine’s Day. You can also find some inspiration on my Date Night post here.

Jumpsuits and Pantsuits

For all the ladies who may not wear dresses or skirts, you can always do it up with a good jumpsuit or pantsuit. I personally would probably wear something along the lines of this on a date night because if I went out dancing, I could really turn up with a pantsuit and not be conscious about showing the world my goodies, lol!

The Freakum Dress

Freakum dress realness is always a look too! These type of dresses works well for all the ladies with the nice legs and not afraid to show a little shoulder. It’s cold as hell right now in Texas but sometimes to be sexy you have to do what you gotta do and if you are bold enough to pull out this type of Freakum dress, I am here for it!

Bodycon and Midi Style

Bodycon and Midi style dresses are not something you can really go wrong with if the fit of these dresses works for you. What I like about this is how they elongate even the shortest women’s figure. This is a definite go-to if you are not sure what to wear on Valentine’s Day.

For the Fellas: The Blazer

Ok, guys, it’s your turn to get some attention for a change. Your significant other I am sure is going to want to see you put some effort into your look for Valentine’s day as well. A nice blazer or sportscoat can certainly do the trick. These are all Tom Ford and I am not bias or getting paid to endorse him. Tom Ford just gets sexy men’s fashions to me.

For The Fellas: The Full Suit

A full head-to-toe suit on a man is the sexiest thing ever to me! I am turned on just looking at these models in these suits! Nothing is better to me than a well put together man and if my man took me out on a night on the town in something like this, he surely would be getting a “Happy Ending” when the night was over, lol. Don’t be afraid guys to take it up on notch on the fashion tip and shut it down on Valentine’s Day.

In conclusion, if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your boo, make it special and put some effort into your look for the day if possible. It adds to the jeuge of the day and is fun! Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

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