How To Wear Plaid Pants: 10 Stylish Outfit Ideas!!

Plaid is probably one of my favorite patterns since childhood. Back in the day, I used to wear plaid shirts religiously. I could never get my hands on a pair of plaid pants though.

I always wanted to own some plaid pants but for men, they seem to always be so far in-between. Ladies, you are so blessed when it comes to Fashion! There are a plethora of options when it comes to plaid pants for you! If you want to see stylish plaid skirt outfit ideas ladies, click here.

So, I wanted to live vicariously through the ladies and talk about how to wear plaid pants. Plaid pants are pretty versatile, so there are many different ways to create looks with them.

I also wanted to educate you on the difference between what I would call Plaid patterns. All plaids are not the same. I should say that all things considered plaid by definition are not plaid.

According to GreenHouseFabrics, there are 3 differences between what some of us including myself would consider being “Plaid”.

  • Tartan
  • Plaid
  • Check

With this being said, I want to educate more than just the outfit ideas but also the difference between the patterns. I myself considered all three of the differences Plaid up until now.

It’s important to know the differences in these patterns I think. I say that because if you looking for any of these patterns specifically maybe from a retailer or a designer it could cause some confusion.

You may request just Plaid and they show you specifically “Plaid” patterns when you’re looking for Check pattern. Knowing the differences in the patterns can be helpful in your search.


Tartan is a pattern consisting of multiple colored crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands. The pattern of stripes running vertically is duplicated exactly on the horizontal axis.

This is too technical of a description if you ask me. However, you never know when knowing this information may be helpful as mentioned above.

I have created some looks that show you exactly what the Tartan pattern looks like.

Tartan Looks

Bracelet: Les Girls Les Boys, Boots: Oscar De La Renta, Top: Skiim, Pant: Remain Birger Christens, Earrings: Marni, Bag: Michael Kors

This would be considered a Tartan pattern based on the definition. Honestly, it’s kind of hard for me to tell, but I am pretty sure that this is Tartan.

This look here is perfect for work and a happy hour after. I personally do not like going to work and then having to change to go out afterward. Transitional looks are 1 in my book.

Earrings: Chloe, Shoe: Gianvito Rossi, Top: Equipment, Pant, Charles Jeffrey, Bracelet: Halogen, Bag: Thom Browne

A schoolteacher is the first thing that comes to mind with this look. I can pay some attention with my short attention span having ass listening to a teacher wearing this.

Blue represents trust, honesty, and dependability in business, so I guess maybe that is why I can listen to someone wearing it. This look works for business, any profession period!


I’m not gonna lie, I thought Plaid was just Plaid, I did not know there are differences in the repeats of the pattern and all that. GreenHouseFabrics states that Plaid now is the term for Tartan as the word Tartan was replaced once British and American textile manufacturers started working with the patterns.

Plaid is a pattern that has crossed horizontal and vertical bands in two or more colors. Plaids do not have to repeat the same horizontal and vertical patterns. Again, the technicalities of the different patterns give me a headache.

Consider this a ghetto cliff notes training about the textile differences of Plaid, lol. I have quite a few different looks for “plaid” patterns below.

Plaid Looks

Earrings: Racil, Shoes: Fendi, Top: Mostly Heard Barely Seen, Pant: Tory Burch, Bracelet: Deborah Pagani, Bag: Hermes

This is how I would do athleisure, lol! I know this is not athleisure, but the sporty shoes paired with the pants and then tied with the accessories, this is how I would do a sporty fashionable look. You could wear this to the movies, festivals or even to run errands.

Earrings: Bottega Veneta, Booties: Jimmy Choo, Sweater: Madewell, Pant: Adam by Adam Lippes, Bracelet: Poppy Finch, Bag: Louis Vuitton

Your partner calls you and asks you to go out on a date, what should you wear? The answer is THIS!!!! It’s cute and stylish and has a perfect touch of sex appeal in a muted way.

This look also works for a girl’s night out to eat and maybe a cocktail or three, lol. Wearing this lets the girls know you know a little something about fashion!

Earrings: Lppolita, Boots: Gianvito Rossi, Pants: Rosie Assoulin, Bracelet: Gas Bijoux, Bag: Stalvey

This look screams money and not because its green! If you’re in charge at work, this look commands some respect and gives off that you do well in life! After work when you meet bae for dinner, this look would do just fine to transition from day to night.

How to wear plaid pants
Bracelet: 18k, Boots: Churches Michelle, Top: L’autre Chose, Pant: Eylys, Earrings: Halogen, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

I think about Daria when I look at this. This is high fashion grunge realness, lol! The pant boot is a little wide, I advise tucking them into the boot and make the pant slouch or cuff the pant and lay over the boot. You can wear this to run errands and meet up with a girlfriend for lunch after.

How to wear plaid pants
Earrings: Baublebar, Boots: Jimmy Choo, Shirt: Peter Do, Pant: Stine Goya, Bracelet: Of the moment, Bag: Valentino

This is something cute for Valentine’s Day to wear! Outside of that, however, this look is pretty versatile. You can easily wear this on date night, dinner and movie realness!

I would not advise this look for a music festival, theme park or mostly anything outdoors. I say that because these boots can easily be destroyed with dirt and that in my book is the ultimate fashion sin! Thou shall not wear white shoes in grass, dirt, sand or water, lol!!!


Check patterns are pretty simple. They consist of two different alternating colors. There are different forms of check patterns as well mentioned at GreenhouseFabrics like Gingham, Windowpane, and Buffalo.

I think Windowpane is one of my favorite patterns in general. I tend to be drawn to black and white Windowpane patterns often as you will see from the looks I have put together below.

Check Looks

Earrings: David Yurman, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Shirt: Nanushka, Pant: Intermix, Bracelet: Maor, Bag: Simon Miller

Executive Young Realness!!! This lady means business in the most fashionable way possible! Some say she “Doin Too Much” but the commentators are just not doing enough! I think I may want this look for myself, lol!!!

How to wear plaid pants
Earrings, Guita Landscape, Shoe: Alexandre Birman, Top: Georgia Alice, Pant: Boohoo, Bracelet: ARC, Bag: Gucci

This is how to wear plaid pants in Spring! This look makes me think about that perfect Spring day when it’s not too hot or cold, it’s just right!

This look is cute for Sunday Funday as well! The pants are the least expensive item in this whole look. How this is styled you would never know that.

Earrings: Marni Aretes De Cadena Con Estera, Shoe: Gianvito Rossi, Top: Loveapella, Pant: Dita, Bracelet: Chan Luu, Bag: Saint Laurent

I like this look for a singles mixer. This shows you are pulled and have it together with a touch of sexy! Black and white together naturally draws attention.

This is how you wear plaid pants to get a BAE! Wear this and pull the finest businessman/woman at the mixer! You can thank me later, lol!

That’s all folks!

There you have it! The goal is to help you get some ideas on how to wear plaid pants from your own wardrobe! At the end of the day, have fun with it and add your own flavor to it!

You can get away with wearing plaid in all seasons and its rarely not a trend. Not that trends matter like that, however trend-forward clothing is what the retailers are going to sell. I think I am going to take some of my own advice with these ideas and get my plaid on!!!

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Plaid pants are pretty versatile, so there are many different ways to create looks with them. Learn how to wear plaid pants, 10 stylish outfit ideas here! #plaidpantsoutfit #plaidpantsoutfitwork #plaidpantsoutfitcasual #plaidpantsoutfitstreetstyle
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