What Type Of Clothes Should You Wear In The Spring?

What Type Of Clothes Should You Wear In The Spring?

Summertime is not the only time you need to be fine. Springtime fine is a thing to, or at least to me it is, lol. Spring is a weird time of year depending on where you are, one reason is because of the weather.

If you live South in the USA, it might be hot as hell in the Spring. On the other hand, up North, it can feel like Winters’s second coming. This can make figuring out a spring wardrobe very challenging and confusing.

Then on top of that, fashion trends change every year. Fashion houses and magazines showing all the must-haves, adding to weather challenges, you may just want to give up on the idea of dressing for Spring.

One of my favorites fashion resource guides ever in life is Porter Magazine. They not only keep you up to date on what’s what in the fashion world, but they are also owned by Net-A-Porter, so you can read and shop all in the same spot.

This option may be too overwhelming for some. You may want something short and sweet with visuals. If that is what you need, you are in the right spot, keep reading.

Also, you have street style influencers which are great for fashion inspiration. They give you all the information you need to purchase their outfits and also stores that they frequent to purchase these items.

I am here for the influencers as inspiration, but I want you to feel empowered enough to know on your own how to curate your own wardrobes. I kinda do what influencers do here on the blog, but my goal is to teach you how to hunt, I don’t just want to cook you a meal if that makes sense.

With this being said, I want to help you ladies get your Spring wardrobes in order. What type of clothes should you wear in the Spring? To be honest, it all depends on you and your personal style. If you can get a variety of wardrobe staples or basics, it can make creating outfits for Spring a lot easier!

The Spring Wardrobe Basics

I am going to keep this pretty simple, variety is key in any wardrobe of any season. You need to be ready for any possible weather or events that can arise in the Spring. So here is my basic little list:

  • Flowy Print or Solid Colored Blouses
  • Concert/Screen t-shirts
  • Shorts/Bermuda Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Rompers/Boiler Suits
  • Skirts/Mini Skirts
  • Maxi Dress
  • All White Dress
  • Knee-High/Combat Boots or Booties
  • Lightweight coat/Trench Coat
  • Blazer
  • Sweater/Cardigan
  • Sandals
  • Traditional heels/Stilettos
  • Flats/Sneakers

This list is pretty long, but it’s pretty basic. I don’t specify any particular colors outside of white, prints, etc… I do this because the fashion world is your smorgasbord of options when it comes to the specifics.

I say often that trends do matter, but you don’t want to get too caught up chasing them. All trends are NOT created equal for everybody. I talk about this in detail in my last post about properly dressing your body type here.

I do want to stress that you do need to be mindful of events that you may attend or be invited to. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready, PERIODT!

When an event comes up, you shop your closet, not the stores. What I mean by this is, when an event comes up and you need something to wear, having to go out to buy something can be the worse.

But if you already have a pretty diversified wardrobe, you can go in your closet and mix and match pieces to create a look. Let me tell you, I do this all the time and it’s great!

I have been doing this since I was a teenager and never looked back. My friends used to have to go shopping EVERY TIME we were going to an event. They would ask me, “whatchu wearing” and I reply “I don’t know” BUT whatever it is, its already in my closet. Do this Ladies, you can thank me later.

So now is the time for me to show and prove to you how I believe you can curate the perfect or perfect for you spring wardrobe. These looks are for inspiration purposes only. I am not saying you need to go out and purchase these EXACT items. If you want to though, have at it!

Take what you like from them and apply that to your own personal style. Feel free to save these looks to your Pinterest boards, enjoy!

The Spring Looks

What Type Of Clothes Should You Wear In The Spring?
Shirt: Baum und Pferdgarten, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Bracelet: Alighieri, Belt: Carolina, Rowen Rose, Earrings: Ellie Vail, Bag: Usisi

This is fresh off the runway type look! This look can be worn to work, but also moonlight as a look for a night out! Perfect for that 75 degrees Spring weather.

If you are in a climate that is colder in the Spring, just add a blazer to this look. That would provide warmth and not compromise on the chicness of the look.

What Type Of Clothes Should You Wear In The Spring?
Jacket: Balmain, Shoes: Valentino Garavani, Earrings: Alison Lou, Bag: Stella Maccartney, Bodysuit: Agolde, Jeans: Heron Preston

Weekend girl! One thing I LOVE about Spring is the color palette. Nowadays, you can wear color year-round, however its something about wearing bright colors in warm weather that I just love.

You cannot go wrong with jeans in any season, in the Spring however you normally wear lighter colors. An all-white bodysuit can do a lot of things in regards to your wardrobe in the Spring as well. This look is pretty chill but still chic.

What Type Of Clothes Should You Wear In The Spring?
Top: Alice + Olivia, Boots: Balmain, Earrings: Losselliani, Jacket: Alice + Olivia, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Skirt: Loveless

Neutral Crazy! This look is a lot of things, but it’s all good things! This would be the perfect look for a concert, but a sit-down concert though lol. I kinda see rock-star with this look.

Layering is key in the Spring in colder climates. It can be 30 degrees at night and then 75 degrees during the day. Also, playing with patterns like these add visual interest to the outfit and adds flava to the look.

Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Miu Miu, Pant: Givenchy, Earrings: Nordstrom, Top: Roberto Cavalli

Corporate hottie! This is the perfect way to add some Springtime fine to your wardrobe. You take a woman who wears a look like this seriously while her maintaining her femininity.

Blue with a touch a pink screams Spring. You never go wrong with an animal print in any season. Also, adding simple colorful pants in your wardrobe adds personality to your Springtime finesse.

What Type Of Clothes Should You Wear In The Spring?
Coat: Etro, Boots: Miu Miu, Dress: Stine Goya, Earrings: Nakamol Chicago, Bag: Valentino

Flower Girl Realness! I think this is the perfect look for one of those popup events that you may be invited to in Spring. Maybe a beauty/fashion event or maybe a gallery opening.

This look is actually inspired by an influencer I follow, shoutout to HighlowLuxxe! She knows how to do a babydoll dress with boots!

Bracelet: Poppy Finch, Blazer: Miu Miu, Top: Brock Collection, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, Bag: Furla, Earrings: Lana, Shorts: Christian Siriano

Did you just step off of the Saint Laurent runway show? This is really cute for a date night or a fashion event. Black and White is my color palette of choice, it’s classic and sexy!

A cute stiletto with a Bermuda short is very fashion-forward. In the spring, it’s perfect as the weather is not that hot but is warm enough to show some legs. Let’s not forget the blazer, a black one at that, I think all women should have one in their arsenal.

Bracelet: Lppolita, Booties: Veronica Beard, Boiler Suit: Frankie Shop, Earrings: J Crew, Bag: Louis Vuitton

Safari Voyager! I like this look for a concert or maybe a night out with the girls. I would wear this to a club because it’s stylish but allows me to be able to dance freely. Get you a boiler suit ladies!

To be honest, you can wear this look year-round. Earth-tones is pretty versatile. So if your in a pickle and cannot find anything to wear in the Spring, you could get away with pulling this out of your winter wardrobe.

Earrings: Dauo, Boots: Alexandre Vauthier, Top: Federica Tosi, Bag: Dorothee Schumacher, Bracelet: Repossi, Skirt: Line

Aqua Purple Masterpiece! This is one of my favs of all the looks. These colors together are bomb.com! Another event-ready look or a night on the town with BAE! You keep looks like these in your closet to stay ready!

A skirt, a boot, and a flowy shirt, Spring staples. The colors to me scream warm weather, it’s just something about bright colors!

Dress: Adelyn Roe, Hat: DeElf, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane, Bag: Carolina Santo Domingo

Yacht party anyone? Even though it’s not quite Summer yet, you may still go to the beach or go riding on a boat. I’m ready for a good Yacht party and you are too wearing something like this.

A maxi-dress is such an easy win for Spring. Adding some wicker and weaved accessories to your closet for Spring is also essential.

What Type Of Clothes Should You Wear In The Spring?
Top: Diane Von Furstenberg, Shoes: Casadei, Jean: Frame, Earrings: Bcbgeneration, Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo, Bracelet: Ambush

Romantic and Red realness! This is the perfect look that you can wear during the day for lunch with a friend that can transition to a night out on the town with BAE!

Dark denim works in the Winter and Spring. You can easily mix and match them with looks from all seasons. Red also works for all seasons. A flowy shirt to shoot the breeze in the Spring is the icing on the cake for this outfit.

What Type Of Clothes Should You Wear In The Spring?
T-shirt: Paul Smith, Bracelet: Chloe, Shirt: Balenciaga, Earrings: Charms, Bag: Marc Jacobs, Boots: Topshop

Valley girl with a twist! This is the perfect everyday look for Spring. Easy peasy look that can be worn in many places. I say the perfect movie date look.

A screen tee is ok for all ages if styled properly, so is a jean skirt. In the Spring, this is the time you can pull them out. I will say though, there is such a thing as having too many. Don’t let that be all you wear during the warmer months, switching it up keeps things interesting.

Sweater, Chicwish, Shoes: Tory Burch, Earrings: Coup De Coeur, Top: Preen By Thorton Bregazzi, Bag: Aesther Ekme, Pant: Liu Jo

Work-ready! You can wear this to work or this can be an outfit to wear when running some errands. Nothing to busy, but still is put together well while also providing comfort.

You may or may not need a sweater in Spring, but I would not be too quick to put them up when the season hits. Florals are ALWAYS on trend with a black straight fit pant and some comfy flats make for some good Spring staples.

Dress: Ali & Jay, Bracelet: de Grisogono, Boots: Paris Texas, Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane, Bag: Jimmy Choo

The all-white dress!! This is the fall back look that you go to when you exhausted all other options. You can wear this many places comfortably and stylishly.

Ladies, get you an all-white dress! It is something now you can wear year-round. You never have to put it up for a season. Pastels are also a new repeated trend for spring and go perfect with white. An animal print knee-high boot will never go out of style, even in a pastel color.

Top: Twenty Montreal, Boots: Senso Tatum, Pant: La DoubleJ, Earrings: Argento, Bag: Liu Jo

Groovy Chic! This look is for the girl that likes to be fashionably correct in the workplace. You can also wear this to a Happy Hour after work and still slay.

Wine red is really deemed for Fall, but now you can interchangeably wear wine red and even baby blue in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. The top is perfect for that warm/cool weather that we sometimes experience in the Spring.

That’s All Folks!!!

I hope you found some inspiration in these looks! What type of clothes should you wear in the Spring? Any of the above is the answer, lol! Just remember to have fun with it and not get too caught on trends. Until next time, keep shining!

Wanna save this for later? Save this Spring Fashion post to your fav Pinterest board!

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