Utilitarian Look

Trends of 2018: Are you a Utilitarian?

Is a Utilitarian a trend? When I first saw the word Utilitarian, I asked myself, is this one of the hot trends of 2018? Sounds like some weird new word for a…

Spring Fashion Trends

Trendy Outfits: Think Pink!

Spring Fashion Trendy Outfits Want get some inspiration for trendy outfits in 2018? Spring is around the corner and its time to get your spring fashion together! To do so, you may…

Gareth Push

NYFW 2018: Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh NYFW 2018 I love it when people show unique fashion pieces and looks on the runway. I do not know about you guys that may be reading this, but this…

Tom Ford

Fashion Runway Show: Tom Ford Menswear 2018

Tom Ford Wanna know what my favorite fashion runway show this year was? Tom Ford! Tom Ford’s collection for Fall needs to appear in my closet magically! His RTW collection which I…

Runway Fashion: Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott Wanna see some hot runway fashion? Jeremy Scott’s Fashion Show takes the cakes and he has got my full attention this season! For this to be a Fall collection, the…

Tom Ford

NYFW: Why it is one of my favorites!!

NYFW is one of my favorite times of year!  I follow a lot of the designers shows outside of New York Fashion week, meaning like Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, etc..…

Pink Trench coat

Women’s Trench Coats: The Best Of The Season!

Trench Coats What are some of the best women’s trench coats? Trench coats are definitely coming out in droves at retailers for Spring and I like them! Trench coats are not anything…

Look of the day

Carrie Bradshaw Outfits: Get the Look!

Carrie Bradshaw outfits will go down in history in the fashion books. I love Sex and The City and to this day it’s my favorite show! All the ladies on the show…


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