How Should I Be Dressing For My Age?

How Should I Be Dressing For My Age?

Recently I was looking at a video on YouTube and a vlogger was talking about Jennie Mae from The Real. She was speaking about an outfit Jeannie had on in a picture,…

What Are The Advantages Of Online Shopping?

What are the Advantages Of Online Shopping? Online shopping is something that has become a normal thing for me personally. Amazon is one of my best friends! I know however that many…

denim looks

6 Different Ways To Wear Denim!

Denim is a must for your closet! Denim is an age-old fashion staple for any wardrobe! I LOVE it!  I wear it all the time, maybe a little too much! You can dress…

How Do You Dress For A Festival? 6 Outfit Ideas

Festivals, we will see them everywhere for spring/summer and even fall! The big question for some Glamazons maybe, how do you dress for a festival? Furthermore, where do I shop to dress…

Utilitarian Look

Trends of 2018: Are you a Utilitarian?

Is a Utilitarian a trend? When I first saw the word Utilitarian, I asked myself, is this one of the hot trends of 2018? Sounds like some weird new word for a…

Spring Fashion Trends

Trendy Outfits: Think Pink!

Spring Fashion Trendy Outfits Want get some inspiration for trendy outfits in 2018? Spring is around the corner and its time to get your spring fashion together! To do so, you may…


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