What’s The Difference Between Fashion and Style?

When you hear the words “Fashion and “Style”, you would think they are the same, right? What’s the difference between fashion and style? I myself at one time thought they were one and the same, however, they actually are two opposites. You, of course, need one to have the other, but separately they stand on their own. The media and social media exploit a lot of both Fashion and Style but they lack to define the difference. I thought I would share my take on the difference between the two.


Fashion and Style

By definition, Fashion means a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. So basically Fashion is just all the popular items designers sell to us and then make it popular. Fashion is very safe if you know nothing about Fashion. Why is that? Pretty much with Fashion, you can look in magazines, social media, TV, and Movies and copy that and be considered Fashionable. Basically following any Fashion trend makes you Fashionable. How its safe is, if somebody talks shit about your outfit at the club or an event etc… they are more judging the trend. It’s not necessarily reflecting anything about other than you picked out a trend that someone may not like.

Being in the know of Fashion is important, but it can be problematic as fuck as well. Buying a whole bunch of Fashion based on trends without any knowledge of your style personality, fit, colors that work for you best can actually make getting dressed difficult. Following trends can keep your closet full of clothes but they mean nothing if they do not reflect your personality and who you represent as a person!


Fashion and Style

That leads me to into defining Style! Style in Fashion means to design or make in a particular form. Being stylish or having style is way more important to me than being Fashionable. Of course, you need Fashion to have Style. However, style represents you as a person. Also, what you personally like in Fashion that is complementary to who you are as a person. Having Style is more this is me, Fashion is more I wanna be. Having style is where personality, fit, colors, etc.. comes in. All those things differ from person to person. You cannot necessarily copy or go out and purchase everything in sight if those factors are in place. Having Style can also be problematic in some ways as well.

If your like me and like the same colors and wearing jeans, you can get stuck wearing it too much. You still need to be aware of Fashion to know about the new in the industry. Also to adjust to your personal style, if that makes sense. For example, some people are stuck in a time era style-wise. Some people look like they just stepped out of a time machine. While it’s good they know what they like, they still need Fashion to keep them in the current decade and not look so out of touch.

In conclusion, you need both Fashion and Style to successfully truly represent yourself with clothing. In addition to making sure you are giving the best impression of who you truly are. Some struggle with this and that is what people such as myself are here for. Having a Style Coach can help you achieve a look that you see yourself in your head and bring it to life! My blog is always here as a resource to assist as well. Here you can keep up to date with Fashion and apply it to your personal style. What you learn from here, you can use to go off and slay the world with! Hope this was educational for all my Royals out there! Until the next time, holla!

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When you hear the words "Fashion and "Style", you would think they are the same, right? They are actually different! Let me explain how. #stylevsfashion #thedifferencebetweenstyleandfashion #fashionvsstyle

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