What Kind Of Clothes Do You Wear In The Fall?

When Hot Girl Summer is over and Fall hits officially, how does this affect your personal style? Are you traditional and you put away all your bright colors and bring out all the dark ones? Or are you hipper to the current fall wardrobe standards and keep out the bright colors and pieces that can carry over.

One thing I can say that I LOVE now about Fall is that it’ a lot more colorful! Gone are the days that Fall meant you have to wear dull orange, green and purple colors. You will see in some of the looks I have virtually styled, there are bright pinks, greens, and blues.

I even used white which is no longer a crime after labor day! Looking in all the September issues of fashion magazines has been more than a pleasure for me in the Fall! It’s so many different patterns, colors, and materials that you can play within the Fall. I tried to incorporate them all in the looks I styled.

Given these points, Fall is going to be a pretty fun season for you and me fashion-wise. Take some notes from these Fall Fashion must-haves I have styled. I am sure you will be seeing similar ones in the Fall at all your major fashion retailers. Use these looks and apply them to your wardrobe to incorporate into your style personality!

Faux Fur/Leather/Knee-High Boots

What Kind Of Clothes Do You Wear In The Fall
Bracelet: Kenneth Jay Lane, Coat: Givenchy, Bag: Christian Dior, Dress: Alexachung Earring: Revolve.com, Boots: Gianvito Rossi

Of course, since it starts to get a little cooler in the Fall depending on where you live, you can start to bring out your coats. This particular faux fur is lightweight enough that its ok to wear in cooler, not so cold weather.

Knee-high boots are another staple for the Fall/Winter. Check out my post on what to wear with Knee-high boots here. You can wear them in the Spring/Summer as well, but a boot like this since its a suede material works better in the Fall.

Another Fall staple is leather. You can wear it in the warmer months as well, but you can play it up more in the Fall with different layers and mixed with different patterns/materials.

Layering is one of the main reasons some fashionistas love the Fall. With this look here, I can share that notion. This look is sexy and the perfect look to enter Cuffing Season, lol!

Layered Mixed Prints/Booties

Bracelet: Lagos, Bag: MCM, Blazer: Stine Goya, Pant: Victoria Beckham, Earrings: Fred Leighton, Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Prints on prints on prints, lol! You can mix prints year-round, but in the Fall is when you can add layers to the mix, literally. I have a love-hate relationship with mixing prints. Sometimes its too much and then sometimes its perfect! With this look it’s perfect!

Booties in the Fall are essential. They also can be worn year-round, however suedes are not something you would wear year-round. In the Fall suedes are ok to come out and play.

This look here is print and layer heavy and perfect for Fall. You can wear this to work and then transition over to Happy Hour without adding or subtracting any pieces.

Plaid Prints/Silk

What Kind Of Clothes Do You Wear In The Fall
Bracelet: Suzanne Kalan, Shoe: Victoria Beckham, Shirt: Guild Prime, Skirt: Dsquared2, Earrings: Ariana Boussard-Reifel, Bag: Net-A-Porter

Plaid is another print that is ALWAYS on-trend. You can wear it in so many ways and it comes in many shapes and forms. Now you may have to switch out your thinner plaid pieces for the thicker ones, like this wool skirt. Nonetheless, Plaid is a winner in the Fall

Jumpsuits/Boiler Suits

What Kind Of Clothes Do You Wear In The Fall
Bracelet: Bahina, Booties: Christian Louboutin, Jumpsuit: Gucci, Earrings: Larkspur & Hawk, Bag: Farfetch

Fall is a great time to pull out your jumpsuits/boilersuits or pull them back out anyway. Jumpsuits/boilersuits can be worn in Spring as well. To be honest, this look here can be worn in either or. Add a cute leather coat to this and it instantly converts from Spring/Fall. Don’t be afraid of color in the Fall, dull colors in the fall is played out!

Sparkle/Shiny Garments

Coat: Osman, Bag: Casadei, Shirt: P.A.R.O.S.H, Skirt: Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini, Earrings: Revolve.com, Boot: Le Silla

Walking around like a disco ball is always a win for me, lol. In the Fall that is the time you can layer all of your most glam pieces together. This look here has a lot of the elements of Fall. Even one of the newly acceptable colors which is White. Wear this to any event you’re invited to in the Fall that slayage is being called for and requested, lol!


Bracelet: Suzanne Kalan, Shoe: Jennifer Chamandi, Blazer: Kenzie, Pant: Farfetch, Earrings: Jenny Bird, Bag: Love Moschino

Another new color for Fall that is popular is Pink. Hot pink being the main one, but you can do any shade of it really. I like that we can be so bright in the Fall now. This is perfect for “Indian Summer”.

Where this work and end the day on a dinner date with BAE! And yes, you can wear open-toe shoes in the Fall, you may just want to wear them with a stocking or a cute designer sock depending on what you wearing.

Animal Print/Patent Leather

Jacket: Proenza Schouler, Boots: Sergio Rossi, Earrings: Noor Fares: Pant: Maison Margiela, Top: Snabby Sheep. Bag: Prada

This outfit is Tony The Tiger GREAT!!! Animal Print can worn year-round, but in different ways. Like in this look, the animal print is on your Jacket in which you may not wear in the warmer months.

Patent leather is another recent hot item for the Fall! You can style patent leather in many different fun ways. Patent leather adds that little touch of sexy without having to be overtly sexy.

Sweaters/Knits & Combat Boots

Sweater: Isabel Marant, Boots: Cargo, Jeans: Mother, Earrings: Monica Vinader, Bag: Miu Miu, Bracelet

Sweater season is in full effect! But not the type of sweaters our grandparents buy us for Christmas, lol! There are a lot more stylish options to choose from. This one here is your standard looking sweater but in a bold purple color.

Combat boots are here and look like they may be here for a while. I call them Jodeci Boots, if your a 90’s R&B lover like me, you would know why. I love the silver strap on these ones here, it elevates the look. This would be cute for a coffee date or to run errands in.


What Kind Of Clothes Do You Wear In The Fall
Dress: Rick Owens, Bracelet: Tory Burch, Boots: Gabriela Hearst, Earrings: Tory Burch, Bag: Louis Vuitton

Good ole neutrals, an oldie but goodie in the Fall. I do think that Fall would be the time to wear them heavier than in other seasons. A knit dress with knee-high boots screams Fall as well. This would be a cute look to wear to a Fall movie/dinner date with BAE!

You are now officially ready for Fall. Mixing and matching any of the styles/colors of clothing I mentioned, you be snatching wigs and taking names all Fall season.

That’s All Folks!!

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Its time to put your Summer wardrobe up and bring out your Fall pieces. If you need help with what kinds of clothes you need to wear this Fall, I got you! #falloutfits #falloutfitscasual #falloutfitsforwork #styleinpirationforwomen #fashion
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