What Do You Wear With A Trench Coat? 8 Outfit Ideas

If I can say one thing every woman should have in her closet, it would be a trench coat! You can always find something to wear a cute trench coat too. With weather being so unpredictable these days, having diversity in your coat collection is key.

With that being said, having a good trench coat in your closet is a good idea. Does a trench coat need to be styled though? Not necessarily, a trench coat can be a look by itself.

But it can also be styled into your look and mixed and matched with other pieces in your wardrobe. How is that you ask? I am going to tell you and show you with examples of what exactly I mean, so keep reading.

What Is The Best Season To Wear A Trench Coat?

Trench coats are pretty versatile with it comes to seasonality. Depending on the fabric of the coat, you can wear it Spring, Fall, and Winter. With all this global warming stuff, it sometimes is colder in warmer climates and vice versa in colder climates

One thing that I am not a fan of in the colder seasons is having to cover up with a coat that is not cute. Have you ever had on a bomb ass outfit and your coat threw the whole thing off? I certainly have and it’s not cute, lol.

With a trench coat, because they are so fashionable, throwing that on top of a cute outfit, it just adds a cute layer to the look. So making an investment on a good trench coat, you will get a pretty good cost per wear in more than one season.

That being said, you can wear trench coats year round even in the summer on a colder day if there are any. Trench coats are also pretty much a staple when it comes to trends because, for the most part, they are always on trend or come back on-trend.

Are Trench Coats Out Of Style?

Simply put, NO! Trench coats are classic indeed, but they are not and will never go out of style. Trench coats are so not out of style that you can purchase one that is 30 years old and it still is fashionable enough to wear now.

So don’t be to fast getting rid of one you may already have. You might have a vintage treasure depending on how old it is on your hands.

What Shoes Should You Wear With Trench Coats?

  • Combat Boots
  • Sandals/Gladiator Sandals
  • Stylish Sneakers
  • Pumps/Stilettos
  • Knee-High Boots
  • Booties
  • Mules
  • Wedged Heel Sandals/Shoes

As you can see, most shoes can be worn with a trench coat. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you style them. I personally like trench coats paired with knee-high boots. I have a whole post dedicated to knee-high boots with more looks here. It’s just something about a knee-high boot and a trench coat that works for me.

All I would say when it comes to shoes is, make sure the shoes you are wearing are in good shape. Wearing a pair of raggedy shoes would stick out like a sore thumb with a trench coat, lol!

Now its time to show some examples of how you can style trench coats in multiple ways and a variety of colors. I have style 8 different looks for your viewing pleasure and to get some inspiration from. Feel free to use these however you like to use in your own wardrobe.

If you looking for a regal look…

What Do You Wear With A Trench Coat?
Boots: Saint Laurent, Trench Coat: Miu Miu, Bag: Michael Kors, Earrings: Balenciaga, Dress: Balenciaga

Queen Tings! This look just screams you are the owner of a Palace somewhere. This coat would be perfect for winter or those colder Spring days if you are in the North.

If you want to look sophisticated…

What Do You Wear With A Trench Coat?
Boots: Casadei, Trench Coat: A.N.G.E.L.O Vintage Cult, Sweater: Elisabetta Franchi, Earrings: Nordstrom, Skirt: REDValentino, Bag: Prada

This look is very retro, but I love it! The pairing of the yellow with the red and white sparks my visual interest. I would say you can wear this in the Spring but on one of those weird cold Spring days. This would make you at least feel like its Springtime, regardless if you see snow on the ground or nah (my peeps from up North knows what I am talking about, lol).

If you want to be bold and monochromatic

What Do You Wear With A Trench Coat?
Trench Coat: Diane Van Furstenberg, Bag: Dolce & Gabbana, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Earrings: Colville, Romper: Zuhair Murad

I love this color combo! Now, this is what you call a complete outfit like you do not even have to take the coat off. When you ready to come through and show out, WEAR THIS!!

If you want to play with prints and leather…

What Do You Wear With A Trench Coat?
Boots: Dorateymur, Trench Coat: Alexander Mcqueen, Bracelet: Allsaints, Earrings: Jenny Bird, Pant: Thom Browne,

Slay your workday! This is how you dress a BOSS! The silhouette of this coat is EVERYTHING! Perfect for a workday that will turn into a date night!

If you want to be playful and sexy…

What Do You Wear With A Trench Coat?
Boots: Rejina Pya, Trench Coat: Saks Potts, Bracelet J.Crew, Earrings: Nordstrom, Bag: Chanel, Dress: Adelyn Roe

Girls just wanna have fun, right? This is the perfect look to wear to an event, that is not that formal but you need to dress it up a bit. Only certain personalities can pull thit coat off, but when she/he does, baby you kill’em!

If you want to shine…

What Do You Wear With A Trench Coat?
Boots: Les Petits Joueurs, Trench Coat: Rosario, Top: Dsquared, Earrings: 18k, Bag: Saint Laurent, Bracelet: de Grisogono, Skirt: Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini

Get your shine on! This is something you wear when you are trying to show out. You could wear the coat by itself if you wanted but with this whole look, its FIRE!

If you want to classy and glam…

What Do You Wear With A Trench Coat
Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti, Trench Coat: Chanel, Earrings: Lilly Pulitzer, Bag: Prada, Dress: Eliza J

The epitome of class! You can’t help but feel like a lady in this look here! Giving you Michelle Obama realness with the boots! The perfect look for the Spring!

If you want to look like a Barbie

What Do You Wear With A Trench Coat?
Coat: Nanushka, Earrings: Shourouk, Skirt: Gauge81, Bracelet: 18k, Shoes: Alevi, Top: Paco Rabanne

How fun is this look? It’s just so girly and pretty! Just because your grown doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in a juvenile way but still be grown. This coat is more for show than function. It’s not going to keep your warm or protect you from rain, but will make you look cute!

Now you have some inspiration on how to style trench coats in a variety of ways. I hope you apply some of these ideas to your own wardrobe. Just remember to have fun however you do it!

That’s All Folks!!

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Trench Coats are classic pieces! If you want to know what you can wear with a trench coat? I have 8 examples right here, so check it out! #trenchcoatoutfit #trenchcoatoutfitspring #trenchcoatoutfitcasual
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