How Can I Look Rich In Cheap Clothes?

Looking like money is not something hard to achieve. You do not have to go broke to look like money. I have posted in this post here a shopping spree at Fashion Nova for $650.00. You can achieve looking like money for under $650.00.

I do not know about you, but I never understood the concept of looking like your rich and flossing with cars, clothes, and jewelry with no money in your bank account.

This is not to shame you about how much money you have in your bank account. All I am saying is, why go broke trying to look rich and classy when you do not have to. Just because something is designer does not automatically make you look rich.

Style plays a big part in anything you wear. When your styling is off or you wear something that is not your style personality, a head to toe Chanel outfit can look a mess. Yes, it’s possible!

I understand wanting to present yourself in a way that you look opulent, but you can do this on a budget. I am going to share with you how to look expensive without going bankrupt!

Wear Proper Undergarments

First thing you want to be conscious of is your undergarments. Properly fitting, seamless undergarments are very important in achieving an opulent look. According to this article in The New York Times, 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

This is because a lot of women are not aware of what to look for when for the correct size. I encourage you to visit a lingerie retailer and ask for a fitting. Knowing this can take an outfit look from 0 to 10. I also recommend wearing seamless panties because panty lines are the devil, lol.

Another thing that can help you get your Rich Auntie in the undergarment department are body shapers. This can help keep everything in place and secure so that your garment can fit and lay on your body like it should. You do not want to have any unintentional wardrobe malfunctions, or at least I don’t.

Wear Garments That Properly Fit

Knowing your size in all garments is extremely important! Wearing things that are way too big or way too small can automatically make an outfit look cheap. Oversize clothing is in, but there is a such thing as too big!!

With clothes knowing your body type and proper fit is very pivotal in wardrobe curation. If you are eyeing it when you purchasing clothing and not really educated on what clothes look good on your body type you are setting yourself up for failure.

Throwing on anything to wear that is ill-fitting on your body can make an outfit look super cheap and may even make you appear to be wearing something that is not your own. Celebrities make this mistake often when they wear items fresh off the runway and not have a proper fitting beforehand.

Another thing to consider or I would recommend would be an excellent tailor. Because lets face it, these clothing manufacturers do not make clothes to fit EVERYBODIES unique body types perfectly. I know for me sometimes I want me my jeans to look like they’re painted on me and the fit they come is not doing it.

Keep Up Grooming And Hygiene

I am going to assume you an adult if you are reading this, but even if you are not, grooming is very important to achieve an opulent look. I will not write out this long drawn out book on grooming or personal hygiene but I will say you need to be on top of it.

Bag odors and dirty nails, hair, bodies, etc… are not opulent at all. I will never forget one time I went shopping at Hudsons around Christmas time and was waiting in line and someone behind me body odor was so bad it gave me a headache.

This person had an arm full of designer clothing, gold chains, watches and even teeth but smelled horrible! I think they thought there were “flossing” but with that odor who cares how much money you have to purchase designer clothing.

Not trying to be mean, just honest about how keeping yourself up is a necessity to look rich and opulent.

Wear Monochromatic Colors

How To Look Expensive
Bag: Versace, Bracelet: J Crew, Boots: Bloomingdales, Top: Pretty Little Things, Skirt: H&M, Earrings: Dollskill, Coat: A.W.A.K.E mode
How To Look Expensive
Bodysuit: Marika Vero, Boots: Boohoo, Jacket: Pretty Little Things, Shorts: Twin-Set, Earrings: Nordstrom, Bracelet: Topshop
How To Look Expensive
Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane, Shoes: Karl Lagerfield Paris, Skirt: New Look, Earrings: Nordstrom, Bag: Zara

I LOVE BLACK AND WHITE! You should too, lol! When you want to look expensive, this a simple way to do so. You can do other monochromatic colors, black and white are my favorites which is why I used it as an example.

Another thing you will notice with all the looks I curate is adding accessories. Whenever you want to lux up a look, add accessories or two. You can stack them whether it be with necklaces or bracelets, but do not overdo it. Less is more!

Whether it’s everyday wear or a night out on the town, black and white turn heads, PERIOD!!

Wear All the Same Color

Jumpsuit: Boohoo $20.00, Bag: Michael Kors, Boots: Tony Blanco, Earrings: Babe

All White everythang! You can wear all the same color of any color and it looks expensive and Rich Auntie. This jumpsuit here is only $20.00 but nobody would ever know this from looking at it.

The key to wearing all the same color would for it to be vibrant and bright. If you wear all the same color and its dingy and faded from a lot of wear and tear, then do not wear it. Or at least do not wear it if looking opulent is the goal.

Wear Rich Vibrant Earth Tones

Earrings: Mango, Boots: Mango, Top: Boohoo, Pants, Calvin Klein, Bracelet: Halogen, Bag: Topshop

Some say earth tones do not look rich and opulent, but I beg to differ. It really depends the fabric, hue, etc.. of the earth tone which determines if it looks rich or not.

This look here, the turtleneck is a rich brown color that gives off that lux vibe. I paired it will cream colored pant and some brown suede boots which is another monochromatic combo that works. Adding the gold bracelet ups the look. You give Real Housewives Of Orange County realness with this look.

Wear Dark Denim

Blazer: J. Crew, Boots: Nordstrom, Top: Halogen, Jeans: Reformation, Earrings: Bag: H&M

In denim, be careful with the wash you choose if you want to achieve a rich look. Darker colors in denim that are not whitewashed, distressed or bleached would be the best options.

You can add a blazer too for an additional touch of luxe to the look. Denim comes in a variety of price points and just because a jean is at a lower price point does not make it poor quality.

My primary focus with jeans is fit! If they fit tight and right, we are off to a good start. Quality plays a part as well just because I wear jeans so much.

With darker jeans you also do not want to them to fade or colorfast, so I advise having them dry cleaned to keep them in optimal condition.

If you consider these guidelines when purchasing garments at lower price points, you are well on your way to looking rich and opulent. A person who knows there body type, style personality and proper sizes in clothing always look opulent even when they are not trying.

So nail down what all of those are for you and get your Rich Auntie on! If you need help, you can always reach out to a Style Coach, like myself by clicking the Work With Me link above to schedule a discover call.

All that I ask is however you go about this, keep fun in the forefront as that is the most important part always in fashion and style!

Thats All Folks!!!

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You do not have to go broke to look rich! With the proper style and knowledge of your body, you look rich effortfully!!. #howtodressrich #howtolookrich #dressrichforcheap

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