In What Ways Does Clothes Reflect Your Personality?

You are what you wear PERIODT!! I know some may have a hard time excepting this as gospel, but this is a fact!!! You may feel that clothes are really nothing more than something we use to cover our bodies to not be naked and/or keep us warm when it’s cold.

But the clothing you choose to wear on a daily basis says a lot or maybe not very much about who you are. They speak for you to some degree and that is why some people are very invested and intentional about the clothes they put on their bodies.

Think about how we see people wearing certain types of clothing. When you see someone wearing scrubs, you assume they do something in the health field, right. You see someone wearing exercise clothes, you think that they work out, possibly.

I say possibly because people wear workout clothes as outfits nowadays because their comfortable which sends all kinds of wrong messages off, but I digress.

So with that being said, we make assumptions about people’s jobs and their hobbies/wellness routines just based on what they have on. Why would we cut it off right there and think that we would not make any assumptions about personality as well based on what a person is wearing.

Let’s face it, people judge people. If you saw a woman wearing a thong and a pasty on her nipples at the grocery store, what you think about that woman? Keep it 100, you know you would think that woman was a hoe! On PERIODT!!

You would think she has a LAP (loose a$$ pu$$y) and that she sold it on the corner for $5.00. Or maybe that is what I would think, lol. Anywho this further proves my point that clothes can reflect your personality or attributes about who you are.

There have been countless studies done on this topic that proves this. For example, this one here done by They presented people with headshots of different people only showing the top part of their bodies with different types of clothing on. They wanted to see if people thought you were smarter with “richer” clothes on than “poorer” clothes.

The results were what you are already thinking, people think when you dress poor, you’re dumb, and if you dress rich your smart or intelligent. Which brings me back to my statement starting off this post, YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR!! Or a least that is what people think.

It’s Not About What Other People Think

You should not give two fucks really what other people think about you, PERIODT! I know that kind of contradicts what I was referring to earlier, but I wanted to explain how others can perceive you based on how you dress because if they do it to you, you can do it to yourself.

If you walk around looking like a mess, you probably are feeling like that to some degree on the inside. Most will not admit it, but that is a truth. I know when I put on just anything like I do not care, there is something going on with me that is causing me to feel this way.

Most of the time, what is going on with me is a little something we call LIFE!! It happens every day and some days are low and some days are high. Even so, life is going to happen and I really do not have that much control over a lot of the things outside of me.

I do have control however about how I present myself to the outside world. I know how it makes me feel when I dress my best and how I approach my day differently. On a sunny day, the sun hits different when you look good, right? I have a whole blog post about the importance of dressing well at this link here.

Maybe I am speaking for myself, but I look at things totally differently when I am out slaying the gods looking my very best self. It’s a confidence booster, mood enhancer and can be a magnet for positive energies, you may get the attention of bad energies as well, but fuck the haters, they don’t matter, lol.

With this being said, I want you to know how to style and dress in a way that is most reflective of you and your personality so that you are projecting the best version of yourself that makes you feel good! But do you even know what all the different style personalities are?

That is where I come in to help you out and show you some examples of what exactly each one looks like. Like always, this is the best part of the post so let’s get to it…

The Natural Woman

You are probably a natural style personality if…

  • You like being comfortable, the looser the better when it comes to clothing
  • You are not a Glamazon
  • You like to dress for convenience not by the fashion industry standard
  • You like natural/earthy fabrics, jewelry and shoes like stones, linen, khaki or tweed
  • Some may consider you a tomboy, you would just call it being simple
Top: J Crew, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Bracelet: Annie, Shorts: Golden Goose, Earrings: Fracesca’s, Bag: Amazon

Simple and chic is what they call her! This is a runway look to a natural style personality, lol. Nothing too fussy, it can easily be put on from head to toe and can be worn comfortability all day. You have shell details in the bracelet and wicker in the shoes that give you that natural earthy vibe that the natural style personality woman loves!

Jacket: Ralph Lauren, Shoes: Steve Madden, Earrings: Asos, Bag: Sole

Lazy Day couldn’t look any better than this, lol. This dress alone could be a “house dress” that you wear when you chillin in the cut. Add the accessories and you have a whole outfit. Another outfit that is easy to put on and comfortable. The wicker in the earrings and bag add to the natural element which makes the natural style personality happy!

The Creative Woman

You are probably a creative style personality if…

  • You love strong, eye-catching colors that glitter and shine
  • Your sense of style is unique, daring, out of the box
  • Exotic is your middle name
  • When fashion influencers say go left, you go far right
  • Thrifts stores are your kryptonite, especially vintage ones
Shirt: 8pm, Shoes: INC International Concept, Earrings: Holly Ryan, Skirt: Paco Rabanne, Bracelet: Madewell, Bag: Love Moschino

Rocker glam is so next level! It takes someone who is creative to wear something like this and rock it with confidence. This is a collective of many different fabrics, materials, and style personalities. As a creative, you probably will dibble and dabble into all the different style personalities and put into a melting pot and call it a look.

Top: Bambah, Shoes: Bottega Veneta, Pant: Chaus, Earrings: 18k, Bag: Louis Vuitton

Creative and classy! Creative style personalities can have their shine in the corporate spaces as well. The bold blue, purples, and pinks match the creative women’s personality to a T. A creative style personality does not mind being the show stopper, AT ALL.

The Classic Woman

You are probably a classic style personality if…

  • You are all about quality, vs quantity
  • You and the creative women are oil and water, the less color the better
  • Classy, luxurious, elegant, regal may be what you are referred to as
  • You love EVERYTHING Chanel
  • You like everything to fit you just right, sloppy is not in your vocabulary
Bracelet: Jenny Bird, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Dress: J Crew, Earring: Jimmy Choo, Bag: Tory Burch

Hello dress, Jackie Onassis called and wants you back in her closet, lol. This is giving me FLOTUS realness and when I see this look I think of her. It’s simple, chic, expensive-looking, and classy. Everything a classic woman likes. Can you believe this is a J Crew Dress? It gives me Chanel vibes or at least Chanel’s good cousin.

Blazer: Scoop, Shoes:Time and Tru, Pant: Saint Laurent, Earrings: 18k, Bag: Chanel, Shirt: Givenchy

Black and white, a classic woman’s best friend! I guess that means I am a classic woman, lol. This look here is classic and modern and rich auntie vibes all day! I think about Diane Keaton with this look here and she is the epitome of a classic style personality.

The Romantic Woman

You are probably a romantic style personality if…

  • Anything with ruffles, frills, flounces, and appliqués are heaven to you
  • Diamonds and Pearls by Prince is not just a song to you, its a lifestyle
  • You are all about accessories, gloves, hats, scarves, etc…
  • You are what they call a girly girl
  • You have more dresses and skirts in your closet over anything else
Bracelet: Rubis, Shoes: Aquazzura, Dress: Zimmermann, Rubis, Clutch: Valentino

This is a moment for a romantic woman! It’s a lot of red but red is the color of romance, right? The red in the dress is so rich, which is another thing a romantic girl can appreciate. Romantic style personalities always have a place to wear a dress like this. That is because they believe in dressing this way all the time, so they would wear this to check the mail lol!

Blouse: Miu Miu, Shoe: Vivienne Westwood, Bracelet: J Crew, Dress: Miss Selfridge, Earrings: Lele Sadoughi, Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

Black and White the romantic woman way. You can see the difference from the classic style personality with all the details in all the pieces. Romantic style personality appreciates intricate details in EVERYTHING. As long as it is feminine and soft. Even with all the ruffles, florals, and patterns, it’s still dainty just like a romantic girl likes.

The Dramatic Woman

You are probably a dramatic style personality if…

  • In your head, everyday you dress to walk a red carpet
  • The Oscars and Met Gala are your Super Bowl
  • Shopping is your hobby
  • You live in all the major fashion houses comments on Instagram
  • You like to add a touch of sex appeal to all of your looks
Shoes: Pollini, Dress: Michelle Mason, Earrings:, Clutch: Cult

I am all about the drama!! The dramatic woman is actually a pretty fun chic. In this look here, the dramatic style personality wants all the smoke when it comes to attention. The bright orange, metallics, sparkle, and diamonds is everyday fashions for the dramatic woman.

Top: MSGM, Shoes: Gianvito Rossi, Pant: Alexandre Vauthier, Earrings: Simone Rocha, Bag: MSGM

This look might make your spectators a little green! This play on green and yellow is definitely something that stands out which the dramatic woman loves. She is ready to be in front of somebody’s camera with this look. The snake print or any animal print that can be worn in a sexy way entices this style personality. Showstopping is the goal here with this look.

There you have it! If you ever were confused about how your style and personality are aligned, I hope you have some clarity now. Nailing down what your style personality helps you to identify better stores you can shop at and also garments in these stores to align with who you really are.

There is nothing worse than you having a closet full of clothes that speaks nothing to who you are or who you are trying to become. I hope now you can have a little more fun with fashion, because that is what its all about at the end of the day.

That’s All Folks!!!

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You are what you wear PERIODT!! I know some may have a hard time excepting this as gospel, but this is a fact!!!  Let me explain and also show you the ways to align your wardrobe to your personality. #stylepersonalitytypes #stylepersonality
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