How Do You Dress Feminine At Work?

How women dress in the workplace has always been a touchy subject. Should you dress more masculine to get respect? Is it inappropriate to wear more fitting clothing in the work place?

I am not a woman so I want to be sure to not be offensive to any ladies who are reading this. However, I am just gonna say a lot of the “rules” that are set for the workplace are BULLSHIT! At least in this century anyway.

I am not saying that you should go to work dressed like Mercedes from P-Valley but I am also saying you do not have to look like somebody daddy. I have read about plenty of women sharing how they dress feminine at work and still get the respect if not more that they deserve.

Contrary to that, I also read here at the Business Insider that women and men who dressed more masculine for a job interview were more likely to get the job than a woman dressed feminine. Rather they are being interviewed by a woman or a man.

I do not know about you, but I like to show up as me EVERYWHERE I go. There is no exception for that at work. I work for home but when I did work in the corporate settings, I dressed like me always. If I didn’t it almost seemed like it made my day worse than it already was working with people, lol.

I read in an article here from the Wall Street Journal that Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran she wore pantsuits on the set of Shark Tank, she did not perform as well. Why? She stated she did not feel as comfortable and went back to wearing dresses or what they call “Power Dresses”.

For all the Sex and The City fans, remember when Miranda’s co-worker tried to hook her up with a WOMAN at the baseball game. He states he never saw her with a man, so he assumed she was a lesbian. But I think also the masculine workwear she wore to work probably added to that as well.

You are what you wear, PERIODT! When you dress in a way that is more masculine outside of your style personality, that is not necessarily telling people that you are more powerful. You can actually assert power with colors that you wear.

Don’t get me wrong, menswear is on-trend a lot more often these days than not. But even in menswear, you can dress feminine and not look you are trying to join the office boys club. But on the flip side, that does mean you have to wear pink to be more feminine.

All women do not like pink and just because your a woman does not mean you have to wear that. You can wear different styles of blouses, skirts, blazers, pants, and accessories to express your femininity. Well, that is if your dress code allows it.

I would not work anywhere personally that did not allow me to express my style personality in a way that I feel comfortable. I would hope you would not either. But you do not want to overdo it with your dressing either.

When you go to work its not the red carpet, so I would advise if you want to dress well and feminine at work, dress within the dress culture of the office but you can go like one level above if everyone dresses in a way that you feel is boring and beige.

I am not one to want to talk about fashion for too long. I rather show you in cases like this how you can dress more feminine at work. That’s the best part so lets get to it.

Let The Purple Reign At Work

Shirt: Kenzo, Shoe: Manolo Blahnik, Pant: P.A.R.O.S.H, Earrings: Chloé, Bag: Senreve

I am royal and purple is the color that expresses that so everybody at work needs to bow down, lol. One way to dress feminine at work is with color and also with different details in your garments.

Here the puffy sleeves add a feminine touch to this button-down blouse. The pattern also adds some femininity to this look. Accessories are the easiest way to add femininity to any look. The earrings are classic, stylish, and safe for work.

Polka Dots Always Wins

Bracelet: Goossens, Boots: Balenciaga, Dress: FITS, Earrings: Off-White, Bag: Balenciaga

Polka Dots are can be VERY feminine and fun at the same time! Neutrals do not have to be boring in the workplace. The added ruffle detailed collar also is another touch of feminity that is safe for work.

The boots are the cherry on top for this look here. You will be a powerhouse in work and fashion wearing this look. Perfect work to night look. You never know when BAE is going to ask you on that spontaneous after-work date.

Sailor Moon Realness At The Workplace

Blazer: Halogen, Shoe: Calvin Klein, Jumpsuit: Harper Rose, Earrings: Lele Sadoughi, Bag: Mansur Gavriel

A woman who means business wears a look like this. Navy is considered to be a power color, but I played white off of it to add some flavor to it. The scarf detail adds a girly touch to this jumpsuit.

My favorite part of this look here is the earrings. They are fun but subtle enough not to be distracting at work. All eyes may be on you when wearing this, but not for the wrong reasons. This is the epitome of a corporate hottie right here.

Black Cat It Out

How Do You Dress Feminine At Work?
Shirt: Be Blumarine, Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana, Skirt: Saint Laurent, Earrings: Vince Camuto, Bag: Longchamp

Animal print can be worn in the board room, if you ask me, lol. This material is more a sheer material but your covered up and not showing any goodies (I looked at it on the model). The skirt is going to fall above your knees so you may want to wear stockings with this.

The shoe has a sheer like material as well with the straps which makes them sexy and chic. I did not add a blazer to this, but if you added one, it would not hurt. If you worked at Vogue, this look would make Anna Wintour do a double-take, I think lol.

Say What You Mean In Green

How Do You Dress Feminine At Work?
Pant: High, Shirt: State: Boots: Steve Madden, Earrings: Lele Sadoughi, Bag: Saint Laurent

Some shy away from florals in the workplace. I think it’s all in the way that you wear them. This look here works perfectly in the workplace. You can run a company wearing this and be taken seriously. I also love the pearl earrings which are classic but yet still add some flavor to this look.

You do not wear your bag around the office, but I just might if I had this bag here. It just screams I am stylish, important, and powerful, don’t fuck with me, lol.

Hello At Yellow

How Do You Dress Feminine At Work?
Shirt: Vince, Shoe: Casadei, Skirt: Line, Earrings: 1stDIBS, Bracelet: Cartier, Bag: Bottega Veneta

Accessories are the supastars of this look here. I am not biggest fan of gold but with this look, I can dig it. This a-line skirt is very feminine and fun but still professional.

The shoes are the eye candy of this look and the pop of flavor needed for this what could be a dull look. These Bottega bags are everything and I would also wear this around the office. Team too much? Nope, lol!!

I Think You Can Work It In Pink

How Do You Dress Feminine At Work?
Skirt: Halogen, Shirt: Debbiecastle, Shoe: Miu Miu, Earrings: Versace, Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

Pink is the most clichè color to represent feminity and I was not going to use it, but I cannot help it. Ladies feel pretty in pink and why should they be denied that in the workplace. I did avoid red however because supposedly that color can send off the wrong vibes to men in the workplace.

Anyway, a pencil skirt is certainly a go-to when dressing for the office with the ladies. This tweed skirt is full of colors which makes it very versatile to wear with other colors. I kind of went pink crazy with the accessories but I think it works for this look. Live a little with some pink at work, its fun.

Gone are the days that you have to dress like the boys to make power moves. Women can dress like ladies in the workplace and make shit happen, PERIODT! I do advise you read the room when doing so. That way you will know the level of slay that would be appropriate for your office environment.

Doing the most could cause some problems and I do not want none of yall coming to me talmbout listening to me got you FIRED! I do not offer unemployment, lol. Just remember however you show up to your workplace, have fun doing so!

That’s All Folks!!!

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