How Should You Dress For Cuffing Season? 7 Outfit Ideas

I do not know about you, but September is a month I am not the biggest fan of. I am from Michigan and that is the month I associate with weather changing to from hot to cold. When I was younger, it meant school was about to start.

As an adult now that is out of school and now live in Austin, Texas, I think I can let go of the whole school and weather thing. What I think about now in September is Cuffing Season! This time of year is what we would consider Holiday Season and the time you see family normally.

After a certain age, you are “expected” to be boo’d up with somebody to bring around your friends and family and for pictures during the Holiday Season. If you do not have a “boo” or “bae” this time of year is when you might think about it the most. After your “Hot Girl Summer” you may not have any real “potentials” you are wanting to lock you down, but you may have some candidates that you can keep around temporarily to get you through the holidays, which is where Cuffing Season comes in.

If you are not sure what cuffin season is, by definition from the urban dictionary, it’s the cold season when everyone’s coupling up, so you settle for a new bf/gf way below your standards. This person may not so much be beneath your standards because you may like to “spend time” with them, but you for sure know they are not marriage material.

So this person could be a good candidate to have as arm candy as your party hopping during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because we all dread showing up single and getting all the “why are you single” questions or “when you are you going to get married”. To avoid that one thing alone, a cuffing season bae does not sound bad at all.

But may have had a dry Hot Girl Summer and you are currently living in “no-man’s-land” or it feels like you do at least. You may want to recruit you a temporary bae to get you through to the end of the year.

You can get recruited for cuffing season anywhere. At the grocery store, bank, gym, etc… recruiters are everywhere, lol! With this being said, you need to be “Rich Auntie” ready for drafting season.

You do not want to get caught slipping! The looks I have curated covers all bases location wise for recruitment. Below you can see all the dates for Cuffing Season so you will be knowledgeable of the timeline, lol. I encourage you to save this to your favorite Pinterest Board for future reference.

If you wanna get cuffed during work hours…

Earrings: Carolina, Boots: Alexandre Birman, Sweater: Brandon Maxwell, Skirt: Alexander Mcqueen, Bracelet: Macy’s, Bag: Aesther Ekme

Just because you at work does not mean you can’t get drafted, lol. This look is work safe and also is sexy at the same time. Even if you do not get drafted at work, if you and your co-workers go out for drinks after work, you’re still recruit ready.

The heart earrings are overkill, but it’s nothing wrong with showing the world you are ready for love in a symbolic way. Even if its only for the holidays, lol.

If you wanna get cuffed while running errands…

Earrings: Anita Ko, Boots: Prada, Shirt: Farfetch, Pant: Laneus, Bracelet: Express, Bag: Bottega Veneta

Do not be out in these streets during cuffing season looking a mess running errands. I know for women, men will show interest even when you wear a moo-moo, but its a particular type of man who does that.

That type may not be somebody, you are trying to take around your family, I’m just saying. I like this look because it has a girly feel but still is comfortable enough to wear during the day.

Another thing I like about a look like this is, if you happen to be out all day and your girls call you to meet up for some drinks, this outfit will suffice. Ain’t nobody got time to be going home to change clothes.

If you wanna get cuffed Sunday Funday…

Earrings: Ofira, Bag: Gu_de, Shirt: Intermix, Jeans: Emporio Armani, Bracelet: Nordstrom, Boots: Boohoo

I think I like Sunday Funday more than I like going out on Saturdays. I meet more people during Sunday Funday and it seems like all the fine men come out that day, lol. So you do not want to be caught slipping looking a mess on this day.

Black and White are my favorite colors to wear and will have all eyes on you. I also love Polka-dots. It’s a very cute and flirty pattern and with this outfit, it’s the superstar. Try not to get to turned up like me on Sunday Funday, it may stop recruiters from drafting you, lol.

If you wanna get cuffed at Happy Hour…

Earrings: Dune, Boots: Malone Soulers, Skirt: Wolf & Badger, Bracelet: Karl Lagerfield, Bag: Marc Ellis

Happy Hours are always fun too! Its normally the beginning of a turned night for me. If that is the case for you, you need to show up ready for drafting.

I like this dress in particular because of the pattern and the little touch of red. Men love red ladies, so wearing it gives you a one up to other possible recruits during Cuffing Season.

The boots are the real superstars of this look though. These should be fine to wear for a whole night out. I would avoid clubs that are “messy” however with nasty floors. They will ruin these type of boots.

If you wanna get cuffed on a girl’s night out…

Earrings: Michael Kors, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Bodysuit: Fuzzi, Skirt: J.O.A, Bag: Yuzefi

For a girls night, you may just go out to eat or go to the movies, etc.. Even though the movies are dark, there is light in the lobby and you never know who you may see or will see you.

This look in particular is great for the Fall which when the majority of cuffing season takes place. If you have been drafted and you are in the “try out” portion of cuffing season, this look works as well to stand out with your recruiter, lol.

So rather you out with your girls or on a date with a recruiter, this look is a great choice.

If you wanna get cuffed at a function…

Jacket: Giambattista Valli, Boots: Dsquared2, Skirt: Versace, Earrings: Isabel Marant, Bag: Christian Dior

If you are going to a red carpet situation, maybe a concert or a fashion event, this look is an excellent choice. This look is very sexy farmer girl realness!

I love the boots and how the buckles match the buckles on the dress. The other recruits will be very threatened by you wearing this look, lol!

If you wanna get cuffed at the club…

Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane, Bag: L’afshar, Dress: Intermix, Bracelet: Messika, Boots: Balmain

I’m just chilling at the Fontainebleau, B%&$#!! When I look at this out, that is what I think about. If you’re going to an upscale club and you will be in the VIP, WEAR THIS!!!

There are always recruiters for Cuffing Season at the club. I normally frown at the though of meeting men at the club. But for Cuffing Season, I think it’s perfectly fine.

You will be flicking the recruiters off of you like ant’s wearing this, so make sure you have the bandwidth to be able to handle this attention.

I hope that these looks help give you some ideas of how your going to dress for Cuffing Season. The goal is to always be looking as cute as possible no matter wear you go, especially during drafts.

If you end up wanting to get serious with your cuffing boo, then you need to be looking your best from September to February to get that ring, so you may want to plan out your looks ahead of time to make sure your running all the best plays, lol.

In the end, just remember to have fun as that is the most important part!!!

That’s All Folks!!!

Wanna save this for later? Save this post this Cuffin Season post to your favorite Pinterest board!

Cuffin season is among us! I put together 7 looks that you can wear for different occasions to lock you down a new friend for Fall/Winter! #cuffingseason #cuffingseasonfashion #cuffingseasonrelationships
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