What Do You Wear With A Faux Fur Coat?

The days of wearing real furs are numbered! Or at least real furs anyway. Back in the day, my sissy, Lil’Kim put me up on the fur game. She has them in all kinds of different animals, colors and styles.

I was not sure if I wanted one of my own at that time, I think she is fly in them! It was hip hop culture in the 90s to own a fur. Before then, I thought only pimps wore them, lol.

Nowadays, major fashion labels more and more have become anti-fur. Certainly they are doing this for ethical reasons and some may be tired of PETA showing up to their fashion shows attacking models on the runway.

Back in September 2018, the British Fashion Council released a press release stating that they are banning animal fur from London Fashion week.

Also last year, San Francisco banned the selling of fur in the city. Slowly but surely, access to real fur is becoming slimmer. Which sucks because I was considering buy me one, lol

But I am not here for killing or harming animals. So even though the real fur coats looks good and I would look good in them, the ends does not justify the means.

Ethical fashion is a thing and I do not judge if you support or do not support. If you are with ethical fashion and the fashion industries views and/or beliefs, faux fur is the way to go!

You can luxe up a look instantly with faux fur. I would advise to be careful in your selection of the faux fur, though. There are some faux furs that look super cheap.

Faux fur can sometimes stank too, so be care with that. I mean, if you see a coat and its super shedding, stank and looks like untamed dog hair, don’t buy it, lol.

Other than that, have fun with it and wear it freely. You should not have any issues with any anti-fur organizations attacking you while you are out and about wearing it. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

Now I would like to share how to style a look with a faux fur coat. I am all about looking opulent and I did not short change any of these looks of that.

Don’t be afraid to add these looks to your Pinterest board. Also, check out my recent post showing you how to style trench coats and boots here if you want more ideas on how to style outfits with coats.

Emerald Diva

Coat: Michael Kors, Boots: Christian Louboutin, Bodysuit: Alexandre Vauthier, Shorts: Saint Laurent, Earrings: 18k, Bag: Oscar de la Renta

Rich Auntie is in the building!! Of course if its colder outside you would wear this look with some sorta of stocking but it totally works in the Fall/Winter.

Especially if you are in the South where it does not turn into the North Pole during the winter months. I would actually wear this to a Christmas party. Its very festive, sparkly and dressy enough to sleigh and slay into your next holiday function, lol.

Fuchsia Playa

Coat: Rta, Shoes: Miu Miu, Dress: Attico, Earrings: 18k, Bracelet: 18k, Bag: Serpui Marie

This looks like something you would wear to the Playas Ball, lol. Don’t get me wrong though, she cute but that is just what I see. The coat is very thick looking which in the winter is more ideal.

So you could get away with wearing such a barely there dress like this one in the colder months and stay warm. In case you do not have a Playas Ball to attend anytime soon, this look certainly works for a cocktail party at a fancy hotel or restuarant.

Girls Night Out

Coat: Stand Studio, Shoes: Aquazzura, Shirt: Prada, Skirt: Dolce & Gabbana, Earrings: Andrea Fahrman, Bracelet: Cynthia Desser, Bag: Michael Kors

First thing I think about with this look is Happy Hour with girlfriends. The mini skirt is EVERYTHING! Its pretty much the supastar of the look. But the coat is the cherry on top.

My favorite style fur coat of any kind are the bomber styled ones. Floor length is cute, but the bomber style just seems to me easier to wear.

Candy Girl

Coat: Topshop, Boots: Casadei, Dress: Retrofete, Earrings: Marni, Bag: Jimmy Choo

Ain’t nothing better than Candy Red! Another bomber styled coat, that looks so opulent and sexy at the same time. The wrap dress I paired with this looks very comfy and chic. I would want to dance in it.

So with that being said, I would wear this outfit to a fancy night club. The boots would be easy to cut a rug in if you can walk in them. Check beforehand to see if they have a coat check because all night spots don’t which should be against the law.

Ice Princess

Coat: Simonetta Ravizza, Boots: Prada, Dress: Chanel, Earrings: Gucci, Bag: Saint Laurent

This look is so me!!! I have a coat that is similar to this in material and its holding up pretty good. They have a little weight on them though and can get hot. Do not be like me and try to dance it, lol.

I also like the combat Prada boots paired with this look. It adds some edge to it. But the real supastar for me is the YSL bag or at least its the cherry on top.

Thanksgiving Outfit

Vest: Farfetch, Boots: Rupert Sanderson, Shirt: Fendi, Jeans: Liu Jo, Earrings: Pacharee, Bracelet: Glassing

This is certainly something I would wear to the living room on Thanksgiving or even if you are going to visit family, this works! What I like is that the Fendi emblem is all over and with the vest it would add some contrast.

Who doesnt love a suede knee high brown boot and with the cream pant (which can be worn in Fall/Winter) it makes the boot stand out. Add the accessories and BOOM, your ready to slay thanksgiving!

Lady Slays The Blues

Coat: Simonetta Ravizza, Shoes: Tory Burch, Dress: Co, Earrings: Chopard, Bag: Alexander McQueen

I saved the best for last! This is what you were when BAE is taking you to that 5 star restaurant you deserve to go too! The coat is a moment all by itself and very opulent and sexy. The dress screams all eyes on me all night! Hopefully by BAE mostly.

The shoes, earrings and bag looks like they came all together in a set. They all compliment each other so well. Be careful wearing this, BAE might not be able to behave themselves seeing you in this look for too long, lol.

So now you see what I meant when I said I am all about opulence. All of these looks could be worn somewhere upscale and luxurious. You could also wear these to Target for all I care.

I went the extra mile to make them rich and classy looking because faux fur can look cheap, so if you faux fur looks a little cheap and your outfit is below average looking, it just ruins the whole look.

Rather your fur is real or faux, you can use any of my curated looks as inspiration for the next time you pull out your fur! Just remember however you decide to wear yours, have fun and remember to feel sexy and opulent, ALWAYS!

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Nowadays, major fashion labels more and more become anti-fur. So today I wanna show you 7 different ways to wear a faux fur coat. #fauxfuroutfitidea #fauxfuroutfitwinterchic #fauxfurcoatoutfitbaddie #fauxfurcoatoutfitparty
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