How Do You Style Plaid? 8 Outfit Ideas and Tips

Plaid is one of those patterns that will NEVER go out of style! It seems like out of all the seasons, at least one of them the fashion magazines are showing off the latest plaid fashion trends. You can go to this link here to see the plaid skirt looks I put together this past summer. I personally love plaid or checker print.

At one point in my life, all I wore was plaid shirts. Like every day, nothing but plaid shirts. Luckily I have grown out of that and know about the importance of diversity in your wardrobe. Plaid has a place in a wardrobe and should be styled appropriately.

But how do you style plaid in a way that doesn’t make you look like a lumberjack? If you are not sure how I can help you with that! Keep reading.

Plaid can be worn in so many ways with so many different fashion pieces. You can wear plaid purses, shoes, hats, shirts, etc.. You can wear plaid in all seasons and it comes in thinner and thicker fabrics.

I personally love plaid prints in pants. I cannot find them when I want them though EVER! So Ladies, I say this all the time that when it comes to fashion, yall are soooo lucky!

Plaid is notoriously known to be a pattern made very popular in the 90s movie Clueless which is one of my personal favorites. That iconic yellow plaid blazer and mini skirt Cher Horwitz wore will always be a classic!

I am not a fan of however the lumberjack plaid. I mean it’s cute maybe if you are at a cabin or in the woods, but would not be a go-to for me. To each his own, but don’t expect any lumberjack looks on this post, lol.

All in all, checker prints are a fun and popular trend to wear. For it to be a classic pattern, it’s pretty versatile when it comes to styling it. I would say you have to be careful when it comes to mixing patterns with plaid.

Too many patterns mixed together can be too much for the eye to process and it can hurt to look at you, lol! So keeping it somewhat simple in this case is good. I am not saying you cannot mix patterns with plaid, I just say the simpler the better.

Of course, I am not going to bring up this plaid fashion without showing some examples for inspiration. I have curated 8 ideas you can bounce some ideas off of to add some plaid to your closet. Enjoy!

Girls Night Out

Earrings: Evans, Booties: Saint Laurent, Shirt: Nanushka, Skirt: Veronica Beard, Bracelet: Evans, Bags: Jimmy Choo

Where my girls at? This is the perfect way to wear plaid in a way that doesn’t make you look like a lumberjack, lol! Very Cher Horowitz realness, a real classic and chic look. I chose a bootie with this look, but this look would be hot with knee-high boots as well. You can wear this on a girl’s night out or a date-night with BAE.

Everyday Look

Bag: Marc Jacobs, Boots: Kendall + Kylie, Shirt: dsquared2, Jeans: Brandon Maxwell, Hat: Clyde, Earrings: Tory Burch

Plaid can be stylish and not so beige. With this plaid shirt, with all the different plaid patterns, it adds an extra touch of visual interest and a touch of high fashion. With that being said, you can still wear this as an everyday look. Or you could wear this to a festival, concert or amusement park. It’s versatile that way. All in all, this look is chill and chic!

Day To Night Perfection

How Do You Style Plaid
Earrings: Macy’s, Boots: Boohoo, Sweater: Givenchy, Skirt: Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Bracelet: Neiman Marcus, Bag: Valentino

This look is the perfect look to wear to work on Casual Friday and then wearing after to Happy Hour. What I like about the skirt is that it has the chain on it to add some edge. The lace detail on the sweater with the plaid is perfect. You can wear different patterns and fabrics with plaid if styled properly.

9-5 Girl

How Do You Style Plaid
Necklace: Wwake, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Shirt: Jacquemus, Pants: Boohoo, Earrings: Isabel Marant, Bag: Prada

Perfect look to wear to the office. These pants are safe enough for work but also adds some life to your work look. You could always wear this on a date as well. So basically another day to night look.

Rocker Chic

How Do You Style Plaid
Jacket: Junya Watanabe, Boot: Aquazzura, Shirt: Helmut Lang, Pant: Unravel Project, Earrings Vince Camuto, Bag: Paula Cademartori

Plaid looks hot even when on a shoe! I love this look because of all the different patterns and materials. Of course, a hot rocker-chic needs to have some leather and this chic has on both leather pants and jacket. Add the plaid booties, and you got a full-on rockstar. Plaid shoes and/or accessories are the perfect cherry on top to any look.

Cutie Patootie

How Do You Style Plaid
Earrings: Nordstrom, Boots: Amazon, Sweater: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Burberry, Bracelet: joolz by Martha Calvo, Bag: Burberry

Isn’t this look just so cute! I see this as a look you can wear just hanging with friends. Another plaid skirt, but this one is pleated which kinda gives it a school girl vibe. In a grown-up way though! By the way, the Polo Bear is a VIBE, lol!

Glam Girl

How Do You Style Plaid
Earrings: Carolina, Boots: Balmain, Shirt: Intermix, Skirt: Ashish, Bracelet: Amazon, Bag: Fendi

What’s better than a plaid skirt that sparkles! You wear this when you are stepping out to be seen! This look also has an edge to it but like a glam girl edge.

Plaid on Plaid

How Do You Style Plaid
Top: Hatch, Boots: Senso, Pant: current/elliot, earrings: Guess, Bag: Saint Laurent

Yes, you can wear plaid on plaid. But you have to be careful about how to do it. Here the colors from the shirt and pant play off of each other and are not overbearing or one standing out more than the other. Both plaids are complimentary. Perfect look for casual Friday at work.

Now you have some ideas on what to wear with plaid and how to style it. I hope you have fun with adding some plaid pieces to your own wardrobe.

That’s All Folks!!

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Plaid never goes out of style! I have 8 outfits to teach you how to style plaid into your own wardrobe and do it without looking like a lumberjack! #howtostyleplaid #plaidoutfitsforwomen #plaidoutfitideas #plaidoutfits #fashion
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