How To Style Polka Dots: 7 Outfit Ideas

Polka Dots are everywhere! You look in any fashion magazine or glance at some fashion influencers’ social media pages or blogs and I am sure you will find some polka-dot. I love polka-dot! It’s a pattern that is fun but can be sexy at the same time! Wanna know how to style polka dots, I got you covered! If you want to see some other hot trends, check out a post I wrote on Fall trends here.

Polka-dots is a pattern that can be played up or played down. What I mean is, you can wear it running errands every day or you can wear it out for a night on the town. It just depends on what your wearing and how it’s styled. Its a pattern that always grabs the attention of others or at least for me it does, lol. The color selection for polka-dots is kinda limited, for adults anyway. I tend to find it in a lot of black, red and white. Those are my colors, however, for someone who likes more of a variety in color, it could be an issue. I managed to find some variety with the looks I curated below that may work for you.

In the end, polka dots are fun! Don’t be afraid to add some to your closet. It works for all body types. Looks like they are already predicting that polka dots will be trending for a while. So if you do add some to your closet this year, that same piece may be able to be worn next year. Without further ado, let me share with you all how to style polka dots with 7 looks I have curated as inspiration. Enjoy!

How To Style Polka-Dots For Err-day Thangs

How to Style Polka-Dot
Earrings: Clear, Bodysuit:, Jacket: Moschino, Jeans: E.LV. Denim, Bag: dsquared2, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

How cute is this! This is the perfect look to wear in the Winter/Spring-like March/April depending on where you live and the weather is breaking. The Polka-dot jacket can be worn with many of different looks and not just this one outfit.

You can get a good cost per wear with the jacket and to be honest everything else paired with this look. I love a good bleach stained pair of jeans. I know you could make these style jeans on your own with a $3 dollar bottle of bleach.

But, ain’t nobody got time for that so I prefer to buy mines, lol. The simple white bodysuit pairs well with the look. The sneakers I want for myself and wish these make these for men. Add the purse and earrings and you have a bomb ass outfit!

How To Style Polka-Dots For A Date

How To Style Polka Dots
Earrings: Clips, Shoes: Gianvito Rossi, Dress: Samantha Sung, Bracelet: 18k, Bag: Michael Kors

Polka-Dot in black and white is the best! This dress would be perfect for a date with BAE for a night on the town. You can go dancing, fine dining, or go to a bar that plays live music. The options are limitless with this dress.

The dress is body-type neutral, meaning it can be worn by them all. The shoe and bag pair so perfectly together. The patent-leather on the shoe adds some flavor to your lower half to give you the perfect head to toe look.

Add the earrings and the bracelet and you have a hot and ready date night look. Don’t hurt them with this one ladies!

How To Style Polka-Dots For The Club

How To Style Polka Dot
Jacket: grlfrnd, Bracelet: Boucheron, Earrings: Henderson, Boots: Casadei

This dress is doing the most in the best of ways! Pink and black Polka-Dot is rare. Especially in sequin! If you want everybody to know your in the building at the club, WEAR THIS!

The motorcycle styled jacket elevates this look from cute to fierce. I would not wear this in the club, but if they have a coat check, I am certainly wearing this. You need to be cute and warm walking in and out of the club right, lol. The simple accessories and the booties and you are turn-up ready ladies!

How To Style Polka-Dots For Work

Bag: Chanel, Shoe: Dolce & Gabbana, Sweater: Chiara Ferragni, Skirt: Norma Kamali, Earrings: Petit Moments, Bracelet: Erth

This look reminds me of my 5th-grade math teacher Ms. Sherman. She was one of the classiest teachers I ever had, lol. Anywho, this Polka-Dot skirt is the perfect little go-to work skirt. Not too revealing but still sexy and makes this work look not boring.

What really makes this look teacher-ish is this sweater but with this skirt, you do not look like a grandma, no shade to grandmas. Yall know what I mean. The shoes pair well with this look. They are what would be called “classic” but not old ladies, lol. Add the accessories to this and you are the teacher of the year, fashion-wise anyway, lol.

How To Style Polka-Dots For A Party

Earrings: Farfetch, Boots: Boohoo, Dress: Boohoo, Bracelet: Alinka, Bag: H&M

Isn’t this a look fun ladies! Maybe something that the younger ladies would appreciate, but if you are vintage in age you can wear this too. Another black and white beauty, this dress is a conversation piece, a head-turner if you will.

If you don’t live under a rock, you should know combat boots are trending heavy. Most fashionistas wear them with dresses and I like that. I think about Daria when I look at this look, Millenials and above should know who that is, lol.

The tote patent leather bag is big but I think it would be ok to wear to a party, a house gathering maybe. Add the accessories with special attention to the earrings and you stuntin on them, ladies!

How To Style Polka-Dots For Weddings

Bracelet: Ted Baker, Boots: Paris Texas, Bodysuit: Alexandre Vauthier, Skirt: Christopher Kane, Earrings: Moda Operandi, Bag: Marc Jacobs

Now you may be thinking I am crazy for saying this can be worn to a wedding but “I SAID WHAT I SAID”. This is the perfect look to wear to a wedding and I would wear this in the late Summer/early Fall. This pink and black Polka-Dot is so classy and chic!

The skirt is cute, but these boots are FIRE!!! Paris Texas knows they have a winner with these and they have them in multiple colors. Mixing the snakeskin with the Polka-Dot print works so well and I am not the biggest fan of mixing prints.

Since I mixed prints with this look, I kept it simple with the accessories. Still in pink, but there is something about all pink in these shades. This look is a fav for me!

How To Style Polka-Dots For An Concert/Play

Bracelet: Set, Boots: Miu Miu, Dress: Isa Belle, Belt: Maison Vaincourt, Earrings: Farfetch, Bag: Msgm

If I were going to a concert to see my girl Toni Braxton in concert, I would were this. This dress is super cute and breathable to wear if you do decide to get up at a concert, you will not get too hot. For a play, this would be perfect!

This is another look that the boots is the real star of the look! I almost would be scared to wear these because if someone stepped on them, they getting cussed out! The bag is doing the most but I love it! The earrings and bracelet seal the deal with this look!

That’s that on that! You have 7 examples and fly examples if I must say so myself showing you how to style Polka-Dots. Polka-Dots will never go out of style, so do not be afraid to make an investment to add some to your wardrobe. Whichever way you decide to style Polka-Dots, don’t forget to have fun while you’re doing it!

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Polka Dots are everywhere! It's a pattern that is fun but can be sexy at the same time! Wanna know how to style polka dots, I got you covered! #polkadotoutfit #polkadotoutfitsforwomen #polkadotoutfitideas #polkadotoutfitsummer

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