Carrie Bradshaw Outfits: Get the Look!

Carrie Bradshaw Outfits

Carrie Bradshaw outfits will go down in history in the fashion books. I love Sex and The City and to this day it’s my favorite show! All the ladies on the show were an inspiration and I think everybody compares to at least one of the characters. I have put together a look that I know Carrie would love!  I like to do high-low looks sometimes when I put together outfits. Carrie Bradshaw was infamous for buying expensive shoes and then going to thrift shops to look for a matching outfit. Beyonce wore a dress similar not too long after her pregnancy with her twins but her dress was in red. I love the color of this dress. Also, I love how the colors from the clutch are not exact but it compliments the color of the dress and shoe. It kinda is like a color blocking look and visually appealing when paired together I think. If you are looking for some inspiration to put to together your own one of a kind Carrie Bradshaw outfits, this is it! Below I will share the what brand the pieces are and associated costs:

Dress: BooHoo Cost: $23.00

Clutch: Jeffrey Levinson Cost: $1,250

Shoes: Alaia Cost: $1,370

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