Are Fanny Packs Still Popular? Hell Yeah!!

Are fanny packs still popular? Yes!! The fanny pack trend has been a thing for a few years. It doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon! Since 2014 Google Trends data shows there has been an increase in fanny pack searches. Some may say it is because of Dwayne Johnson BKA The Rock. I think it is because of my girl Diana Ross when she lost hers back in 2017, but what do I know lol! In like manner, I wore fanny packs back when I was in elementary school. I would go to the Disney Store and my Mom would buy me the Mickey Mouse ones. They were cute, not to mention anything close to me having a purse worked for me!

At the present time, I have some fanny packs but I am late to jump on this trend. Fashion designers for the past few years have been showing them on models in fashion shows. As a matter of fact, there are some really cute ones that they are making. However, if you are anything like me, you are not trying to spend a band on a fanny pack. They are cute and all but not that damn cute. Even so, I will not say I will not ever purchase an expensive one. Nonetheless, right now it’s just not a priority.

To sum up, where is it that we go and find some that are cute and cost-efficient? Quite a few places actually! Now when I say cute ones I’m talking about ones that you can wear out on a night on the town or brunch on Sunday. Different from the ones you would wear to the gym. I’m not saying that you can not own that kind or they are not useful. I just do not think those kinds are comparable to the ones on the runway. If you are going to get a dupe, get the right kind of dupe dammit! I will share with you some online retailers (that’s the only places I shop) to get you a cute fanny pack. If belt bags or fanny packs are not your thing, check out my designer bag post to see which designer bags you should be adding to your arsenal.


Fanny Pack Trend
Women’s Belt Bag $29.95
Fanny Pack Trend
Zara Men’s Belt Bag $49.90


Fanny Pack Trend
Men’s Logo Belt Bag $39.00
Are Fanny Packs Still Popular?
Women’s Quilted Belt Bag $58.00


Are Fanny Packs Still Popular?
Knaust Women’s Belt Bag $30.98
Are Fanny Packs Still Popular?
Men’s Belt Bag $45.00

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