What Should A Guy Bring To The Beach? 5 Must-Haves

What should a guy bring to the Beach?? Not much actually but there are some essentials I think that is necessary. In this post, my focus is on the items you need to play in the sun.

Now you Fellas may think you have it easy and only need a pair of swim trunks and that is it. In reality, that is all you need to get in the water. However, for a complete day out in the sun, you need more than just some swim trunks.

What more is it that I need you may ponder? If you looking for some ideas for streetwear trends, you can check out my post here. In this post, I am sharing things you need to hang out by the water. I find that I have very little items myself to wear to a beach/pool party.

Being from Detroit, beach/pool parties are far in-between for the most part. So now that I am in Austin, Texas, I get lots of opportunities to play by some water. I only am open to getting in pools however, no lakes or oceans for me.

Anywho, you may also need to up your swim/sun gear game up. Below I share 5 essentials you need to get now to be Summer Ready! All these items are available for purchase at Saks 5th Avenue and some at ASOS.


How you gonna play in the sun and not protect your eyes from all those sun rays. You need some sexy shades to add to your look and keep your eyes from being damaged.

What Should A Guy Bring To The Beach
What Should A Guy Bring To The Beach


I personally do not wear hats, but I think it’s sexy to see Men in them! It’s also an alternative to sunglasses as well if you are not one to wear them.

What Should A Guy Bring To The Beach
What Should A Guy Bring To The Beach
Ralph Lauren
What Should A Guy Bring To The Beach
Block Headwear


Summer is the season for foot freedom. On the beach or by the pool however you may want to protect them for elements like rocks, dirt, etc. So having a cute slide for your feet can help you do just that!

Men's Summer Fashion Trends
Men's Summer Fashion Trends
Bottega Veneta


One of the main Men’s Summer Fashion Trends you need is some cute swimwear. I personally like Men in the cute swim sets that ASOS sells a lot of. Swim trunks by themselves are cool too I guess, lol!

What Should A Guy Bring To The Beach
Oriebar Brown


You will need something to carry all these essentials around in. Men carrying bags are no longer so Taboo. If you are going to carry one, why not carry something cute!


With these 5 essentials fellows, you are all set for a perfect day at the beach! What should a guy bring to the beach? All of the above! You can thank me later, lol!

That’s all folks!

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Besides a banging body, what should a guy bring to the beach? There are 5 must-have essentials needed for the perfect beach day! #beachaccessoriesmusthave #beachaccessoriesmen #beachaccessoriesfashion
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