What Is Fast Fashion And Why Is It Bad?

With all the access we have to purchase clothes, you would think no one could have any issues with building a wardrobe. That’s a negative! I myself am currently having some fast fashion problems, lol! If you are not sure exactly what fast fashion is, its inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

If you are on any social media platform, I am sure you have seen advertisements for an online fashion brand or even someone you follow rep one of these companies. Fashion Nova being the most popular right now is the most searched fast fashion brand on Google. While these companies are popular, shopping them can have their issues. I talk about some with Fashion Nova here.

My personal issue with these fast fashion companies is they are too trendy for me. I am not finding many articles of clothing at some of my fav’s that I like. I do believe in mixing and matching current trends with my style. However, I feel like I am being forced to follow some of these trends just because that is all they have to offer.

With that being said, now I see why higher-end fashion labels matter! Fashion labels are who the fast-fashion labels copy when it comes to trends. On the other hand, they stay true to a certain aesthetic to their brand.

So you can always get a particular vibe or cohesiveness with these labels. I find myself looking more into the higher-end fashion labels now. They offer clothing that fits my style personality! They come with a pretty price tag but you know your getting quality.

Quantity VS Quality

This leads me to talk about quantity VS quality. Is it better to have a closet full of less expensive clothing or less clothing that will last a lot longer? I think it’s cool to have a little of both. Accessories are always good to spend some money on!

For example, purses, wallets, watches, jewelry, etc. They last forever and you can mix and match all these options with many different things depending on color, season, etc. It doesn’t hurt to have some more expensive clothing items either. Fast fashion is convenient but those items wear a lot quicker and do not stand the test of time normally.

When I virtually style looks, I use both high and low-end fashions. I think it’s important to have knowledge of both. People have given feedback and said the looks I create are too expensive. Personally, I think the looks are an inspiration and should be looked at as a guide.

Anywho my point of all of this is, fast fashion problems are real! There are other factors that I did not mention. Those issues are a little to complex for me. My personal issue is I am not finding clothes I like at the fast fashion stores and I am starting to look more into high-end pieces. I think you have more options when considering both. Are you having these issues? Let me know Royals what yall think!

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