What Clothes Do You Need For Fall?

Seasons changing can go one of two ways, good or bad. You have full control of which way it goes if you stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

It has been a fashion myth that all your Summer clothes need to be packed away in the Fall and you need to start anew with your Fall jeuge.

But that is not the way to do it, ladies. Do not put away all your Summer clothes in the Fall. You can infuse some of your Summer pieces into your Fall lewks.

However, there is some clothing that is essential that you need to pull out or add to your wardrobe for Fall. Fall is about layering. So you can keep out some of your Summer pieces and just add a layer on top of it. 

Before you prepare your lewks for your Fall wardrobe, I advise you do some pre-gaming before you go out and spend a bag on clothing…

  1. Do inventory on your wardrobe

2. Shop for what fits best

3. Make a mood board

4. Window shop

Once you do these steps, you are ready to shop to fill in any gaps and add some Fall essentials to your wardrobe. What are some of the key pieces of clothing that you need in the Fall you ask? 

There are several that I believe are staples you need in your wardrobe…


The weather gets a little cooler in the Fall, so switching out some of your tee’s for sweaters is not a bad idea. What I love now about sweaters is the array of colors that they come in. Back in the day, they came in very limited muted colors. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cardigan or a pullover sweater, they all work in the Fall.


You can wear boots year-round these days, but Fall is when you get to kick wearing them into overdrive. I like the knee-high or thigh-high boots most, but ankle boots will do as well. Combat boots which we used to call Jodeci boots back in the day are very trendy in the Fall now as well.

You can keep wearing your miniskirts in the Fall and add a thigh-high or knee-high boot to replace your stiletto sandals. For all you legging lovers, you can also wear knee-high or thigh boots with them to replace your open-toe heels and stilettos. So when building your Fall wardrobe, do not forget to add some cute boots. PS, you can wear white boots in the Fall.


Blazers are great to layer within the Fall. They are also a good way to dress up a more casual look. But you can also wear blazers casually, so they are very versatile. I advise when first build your collection of blazers, start with neutral colors so you can wear them with multiple looks. As your collection grows, you can add more colorful colors.

Trench Coats

Everybody needs a good trench coat in their wardrobe, especially professionals. Fall is pretty much trench coat season. Trench coats can be dressed up and or down for a day or nighttime activities. I also advise you to keep it neutral when you first start building your trench coat collection and you can start adding more colorful options. You can go to a blog post I wrote here for some ideas on how to style a trench coat.


Bring out all the leather jackets, vests, hats, etc… in the Fall. Leather is great to layer with and adds an edge to any look. Also, leather can easily be dressed up or down and transitions well from day to night.

Dark Denim

You can honestly wear dark denim year around if you choose to, but I think they shine best in the Fall. Especially if your wardrobe is very neutral-heavy in the Fall. All your light/bleach-washed jeans from the Summer months can be switched out in the Fall with your darker denim. Another plus about darker denim is that you can dress them up to wear out for nighttime activities. 


Turtlenecks always are a good idea in the Fall. They are perfect to wear under sweaters, blazers, vests, etc… You could actually get turtleneck sweaters to wear in the Fall. Your color options are endless with turtlenecks, so do not feel you need to stick with neutrals just because it’s Fall. 

I wouldn’t be a friend if I did not show you some lewks to get some ideas and inspiration from.

Happy Hour With Girlfriends

What clothes do you need for fall?
Vest: Ganni, Shirt: Marine Serre, Jeans: Khaite, Boots: Dsquared, Earrings: Ambush, Bag: Stella McCartney

For those of you that are earth-tone heavy in the Fall, this lewk is for you. High-waisted jeans are the new skinny jean so you need to add some to your closet ASAP. Leather is also another Fall staple as mentioned earlier and this look, adds edge with a feminine touch.

Mixing prints is a-ok when you mix them like this. Animal print works in any season, but in the Fall, a cute animal print boot adds personality to the dullest of wardrobes.

Lewk For The Office

What clothes do you need for fall?
Top: Rejina Pyo, Shorts: Maison Margiela, Blazer: Totême, Bag: Bottega Veneta, Earrings: Jil Sander, Boots: Gianvito Rossi

Corporate hottie in the building. Now I know this may not work in certain professional positions. However, if you are able to dress a little more stylish at your place of work or if you are a public speaker, this may work. Knee-high boots are a Fall staple as mentioned already. You can never go wrong with a black pair.

Now I know Yellow has not always been a Fall color, but it is now. Don’t believe me, take a look at the Pantone Fall/Winter fashion color trend report here. Feel free to wear it with oranges and patterns like this blouse here. Add the shorts which are ok in the Fall, especially the Bermuda style and blazer and I call it a lewk.

Casual Lunch Meeting

What clothes do you need for fall?
Dress: Pinko, Earring: Isabel Marant, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Bracelet: Saint Laurent, Bag: Khaite

If you are going to show up to a casual lunch meeting, why not show up looking cute. The patchwork detailing on this dress is very trendy as are the colors of this dress. It’s not as formal, but this is why I say wear it to something more casual.

Adding the shoes and the bag gives this look is a professional touch. The bag is the perfect size to carry your laptop in the most stylish of ways. Werk that lunch meeting gurl!!!

Date Night

What clothes do you need for fall?
Top: Chloe, Shoes: Le Silla, Pant: M Missoni, Earrings: Marni, Bag: Jil Sander

If you are going on a date with a man, then you should already know they are visual, so give them something good to look at. This outfit achieves just that. The pants show off your figure in a classy way, so you not doing the most. They also are visually appealing in color with a touch of sparkle, they are certainly going to be a conversation piece.

The shirt is simple in color but intricate in detail. If you are a rectangle shape body type, this lewk is perfect for you. The top and pants both provide shape to balance out your body type. I always say dress how you want to be remembered, and with this lewk, you will be remembered indeed.

Sunday Brunch

What clothes do you need for fall?
Dress: Karen Millen, Blazer: Balmain, Boots: High, Earrings: Balenciaga, Bag: Bottega Veneta

I know this lewk is doing the most for a brunch, but I think doing the most is necessary sometimes. The dress could be worn in the Summer as well, but to make it Fall appropriate, you add the tweed blazer. White boots and bags are both approved for Fall now as well, so let nobody tell you anything different.

Also, if you are single and ready to mingle, this red will be the perfect touch to pull you a BAE for cuffing season. So you kill two birds with one stone, you slay, and also on a mission to pull you a BAE, okay!!!


What clothes do you need for fall?
Top: Isabel Marant Étoile, Bag: Balenciaga, Pant: Chopova Lowena, Earrings: Fendi, Boots: Paris Texas

If you want to be a showstopper at your next Fall event, wear something like this. I love the play with colors here, it has some earth tones but contrasts of bright colors to balance that.

Green and the teal-ish blue colors have been hot in the Fall for the past couple of years. They are the superstars of this lewk. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors in the Fall ladies, the dull colors are no longer dominant in the Fall like this used to be.

Speaking Engagement

What clothes do you need for fall?
Dress: Bottega Venetta, Bracelet: Petite Grand, Boots: Moshino, Earrings: Versace, Bag: Balmain

This is how I style speakers when they have a gig. Yes, it’s a lot but it’s effective to showcase the proper style messaging for my clients. It’s all about looking like Rich Auntie for me and this look indeed achieves that.

Knits are it in the Fall and in this bright Yellow, you would think it’s not in season but think again. The Moschino boots are the superstar of this look and could be worn in the Summer but with the brown, they give me Fall vibes. The bag is the perfect size to fit your laptop in the most stylish way. Leave them with something more than your speech to talk about when you get off the stage.

Running Errands

What clothes do you need for fall?
Blazer: Off-White, T-Shirt: Moschino, Pant: Patrizia Pepe, Earrings: Maria Black, Bag: Miu Miu, Boots: Balmain

You do not need to look a mess when you are running errands. You never know who you will see when you are out. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. This blazer is going to get a lot of attention when you go out for sure. Definitely the superstar of the lewk.

To keep fun and girly, I added the pink t-shirt and olive pants which complement the colors in the blazer. This is the type of look that you can be out in all day to replace the athleisure uniforms yall keep rocking these days.

Hostest With the Mostest

What clothes do you need for fall?
Skirt: Intermix, Cardigan: Missoni, Bag: Bottega Veneta, Top: Express, Earrings: 18k, Boots: Paris Texas

If you are hosting a classy event and want to look good, where this. This look is giving AKA realness but that is not the intent, lol. The skirt is knit which is definitely trendy with the cardigan being knit as well. The earrings are the true superstar of this look if you ask me. Add the knee-high crocodile boots with the cassette bag and you have a photo-worthy lewk.

Dinner And A Movie

What clothes do you need for fall?
Shirt: Balenciaga, Boots: Casadei, Pant: Saint Laurent, Earrings: MM6 Maison Margiela, Bag: Valentino Garavani

Ladies, if you are in an LTR or married, you have to keep things spicy in your relationship, even with your wardrobe. If your man says he wants to take you to dinner and a movie, leave that athleisure uniform in the closet and put on something like this. The red will drive him wild.

The boots are the superstar of this look and because you are sitting down for most of the date, your dogs should not bark too bad, lol. Skinny jeans are supposedly no longer in style but wear what works for you and if your boo says he likes you in skinny jeans, WEAR SKINNY JEANS, lol. I am sure he will thank you later on for doing so.

You should now be ready to get into formation ladies with your Fall wardrobe. If your wardrobe is full of earth-tone colors, please go and purchase to color or bring some of your colorful pieces over from Summer. Dull-colored wardrobes in the Fall are against the law as far as I am concerned, lol.

It’s my hope that all in all, however, you decide to curate your Fall lewks that you have fun in the process of doing so. That is all that matters at the end of the day.

That’s All Folks!!!

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What clothes do you need in your closet to sustain the Fall season? I can tell you and show you with 10 outfit ideas to help you out.
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