How Should You Dress For A Nightclub (For Women)

How Should I Dress To A Nightclub

Am I the only one who likes to partake in a bit of turn-up sometimes? I like to have a good time and look good while doing it. Everybody’s version of a “turn-up” may be different, but a lot of my turn-ups are at the club.

Looking good at the club is the goal for most, but I know that some of your ladies may be clueless about what exactly you should wear when club-hopping. Should you wear a dress, pants, shorts, romper, etc… Is the club indoor or outdoor? Will I be dancing the entire night, mixing and mingling, or both?

So many questions before you even had your first cocktail, lol. But the pregame to a night out at the club should be fun. Dressing to the nines should be second nature for you. Getting dressed should be an event by itself.

To help make this your reality, I am going to share with you some things to mark off your pregame checklist when getting ready for the club.

Make sure that you are comfortable

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable at the club. Yes, you want to be cute and sexy, but if you have to tug and pull and squeeze yourself the entire night to do so in your outfit, you pick, put it back in the closet. And I mean put back the whole outfit Sis, including shoes.

Unless you know for sure that you are sitting down the whole night and not moving at all, I would advise you to wear a cute, sexy, comfortable shoe.

Show stopping is encouraged

When getting dressed for the club, don’t shy away from wearing pieces that make a statement that also shows a little of your personality. For example, I LOVE BLING, so when I go to the club I use bling as my statement one of my statement pieces that reflects my personality.

The easiest way to make a statement is by wearing accessories. They do not have to be blinged out like mine. Accessories of all styles, types, and sizes can make a statement. Remember that going to a nightclub should be fun, so let your hair down and live a little with your outfit and accessories.


Now this one here might get some panties in a bunch, but hear me out. If you plan on turning up and dancing your ass off at the club, you can not be wearing clothes that will easily rip and shoes that can easily break.

I was at the club when I was younger and was twerking like it was about to go out of style and my jeans ripped, lol. Luckily, I had another pair in the car, but don’t let this be you.

When picking clothes for the club, pick pieces that have some stretch with good quality fabrics that will not rip, tear or break easily so you will not have to run out of the club like me from a wardrobe malfunction.

PS: This doesn’t mean you cannot wear fast fashion, you just need to be mindful of the fabrics and materials used.

Research the club

Nightclubs may enforce dress codes depending on where you are, so I advise doing the research beforehand to be sure your outfit will make the cut. Honestly, in my experience, women do not have that many issues with dress codes at clubs, but it doesn’t hurt to check it.

You do not want to show up underdressed to the club as you will stick out like a sore thumb and that is not any fun if you look a mess. I would say see if you can find the club on IG and see what other ladies have worn to the club and then you can base what you wear off of that. They were inside the club, so you know for sure that they are within the dress code. If you want to see all the different definitions of dress codes for nightclubs, you can check out this article on

So now that we got all the technical stuff out the way, it’s time to get to my favorite part of my blogs, the visuals. I would not be a good friend or personal stylist if I did not show you any outfit ideas you can use as inspiration to get done up for your night painting the town red, so let’s get to it.

Golden Denim Hottie

Skirt: Alberto Ferretti, Bracelet: Anderson’s, Shoes: Steve Madden, Earrings: Universal Thread, Bag: by far

If you are going to dress up a denim dress, do it like this. This is a cute dress to wear to a club when you are not trying to do the most but you still want to look good. The accessories are what is really going to make this look pop. Accessories are how you can add some personality to a look as mentioned earlier in the blog.

I will say that this may be something you would want to wear in the Spring or maybe early fall if it’s cooler where you live just because your feet will sweat in those heels if it’s super hot. All in all, you will turn heads in this look with very little effort.

Slay The Night In Black and White

Boots: Balmain, Romper: Prada, Earrings: Prada, Bracelet: Le Gramme, Clutch: Nina

Black and White are always great colors in my opinion to make a statement if styled right. Of course, black and white can be considered “dull” but with this outfit here, it’s everything but dull. The boots are the superstars of this look and they certainly make a statement.

I can see Zendaya rocking the hell out of this outfit. For a body type like her’s this is perfect. I am sure the club will be “Prada you” for putting together such a chic and sexy look to party the night away in.

Shine in Earthtones

Necklace: Amber Sceats, Shoes: Good American, Dress: Dion Lee, Earrings: Isabel Marant, Bag: Versace

If you want to really make a statement with accessories, wear something like this. The dress is pretty simple which makes it great to jeuge up with accessories. In my opinion, the bag is the superstar of this look, but the shoes are coming in a close second.

You more than likely will not be wearing the bag around the club, which is why the accessories needed to pop for this look to work for a nightclub look. You might need to wear some tape on your ta-ta’s to keep them in place but overall this look is very club-friendly.

Hot Tamale

Jumpsuit: Eva, Bracelet: All Blues, Boots: Christian Louboutin, Earring: Saks Fifth Avenue, Bag: Valentino Garavani

Single and ready to mingle, wear this. Red is a color that men love, so consider this outfit a mating call, lol. No seriously, you will definitely be noticed by the fellas. The boots are the superstar in this look to me and I would advise wearing these with caution depending on the club you are going to. If you are VIP, then you should be ok with these.

If somebody steps on these if I was wearing them, I’m going to jail, lol. You could get sweaty in this if you wear it when dancing. I say this is a good look for the Fall when we are getting that perfect weather when it’s not too hot or cold. An hourglass body type would body this look. If you are looking to catch a BAE, this look would be ideal.


Shoes: Casadei, Dress: Prettylittlething, Earrings: 18k, Bag: Balenciaga

Now if I were an outfit, this would be me, lol. It’s all the same color I know, but I am ok with a look that is all one color especially when it’s a metallic color. This dress is everything and only $50 at Prettylittlething. The earrings give me life and would really pop in the right light. If your birthday and you want to make sure you stand out on your day, wear this.

Color Girl

How Should You Dress For A Nightclub
Shirts: Styleland, Shoes: Aldo, Shirt: Faimilory, Earrings: Gold and Honey, Bag: Givenchy

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Color Girl! This outfit is so fun and cheerful. When I go to the club, I like to feel happy and joyful and this outfit certainly makes me feel that. This shirt is too cute and only $16 on Amazon. I am a huge fan of high-low looks. Another thing I like about this look is how breathable it looks.

The top is actually a sheer-like material. The earrings and shoes are the perfect matches and they are not the same brand. This look is giving me Generation Z, but I think a Millenial or maybe even a Generation X’er can pull this off.

Denim Rocks

How Should You Dress For A Nightclub
Top: Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, Shoes: Casadei, Jeans: Mach & Mach, Earrings: Saks Fifth Avenue, Clutch: Fendi

Jeans can get the job done. You do not always have to wear a dress to the club to slay the gurls. With a look like this, you still look very stylish and definitely can make a statement. This clutch is perfect to wear to the club because it’s mesh and you can easily see everything in it.

The top really makes a statement since it’s asymmetrical. You will need to know how to walk in heels for sure. The jeans add jeuge to the basic jeans with the leopard print. This is the perfect look to club hop in.

The Perfect Print

How Should You Dress For A Nightclub
Dress: Dolce and Gabbana, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Earrings: Isabel Marant, Bag: Philipp Plein

Prints can make the perfect statement. I personally love prints like on this Dolce and Gabbana dress. You do not need to add much to jeuge up this look. The shoes however are also showstoppers.

Gladiator heels are life! I kept it simple with the earrings to not outshine the dress. The bag definitely has some personality as well to add the cherry on top. Be ready to be drenched in compliments with a look like this.

Blazer it Up

How Should You Dress For A Nightclub
Blazer: Polo Ralph Lauren, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Top: PrettyLittleThing, Shorts: Dsquared, Earrings: Gas Bijoux, Bracelet: Annie, Bag: Tory Burch

Blazers are club-approved for the ladies too. This looks good with the blazer on and off. These cross-over styled tops are very on-trend at the time of this post. These seem to always go in and out of the style, so having one in your arsenal is a good investment. This top is only $30 so it’s very cost-efficient.

The pops of Yellow are the perfect way to make a statement. I also like all the gold elements in this look. This is what I call a complete head-to-toe look that is not too dressy and not too casual, it’s right in the middle and perfect for a night on the town.

Freakum Dress

How Should You Dress For A Nightclub
Necklace: Beautlace, Shoes: Betsey Johnson, Dress: Area, Earrings: Elequeen, Clutch: Benedetta Bruzziches

I love a good jewel tone outfit. This dress makes such a huge statement with the colors being two-toned and in at night would be gorgeous. The jewels look like they were made for this dress exclusively. Both the earrings and necklace can be purchased from Amazon for less than $30 a piece.

I kept the shoes simple in color but they still make a statement being that they are metallic. This is another look that would be a good birthday outfit especially for my Aquarius sisters out there.

You are now officially ready to slay your nightclub outfit. I hope that with one or maybe more than one of these looks you can curate the perfect one for yourself. I love seeing women looking cute and sexy outside. The energy you exude when you are dressed your best is palpable. If you are in Austin, I have another post you can check out specifically for Austinites at this link here.

Just remember the goal is to have fun during this whole process, do not let it stress you out, it kills the whole vibe.

That’s All Folks!!!

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Going out tonight? Are you wondering what do females wear to the clubs? I have curated 10 looks to show you that answer that question.
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