NYFW: Why it is one of my favorites!!


NYFW is one of my favorite times of year!  I follow a lot of the designers shows outside of New York Fashion week, meaning like Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, etc.. . However the designers does not show the same pieces at the different shows. Each show is like a new show even if it is within the same season. I will be sharing standout pieces from different shows in different posts. I think each collection should have its own shoutout and that is the same formula I follow on my social media pages, so lets get started!

Tom Ford’s Fall 2018 Ready to wear collection has been the talk of the town. I have seen a lot of the Fashion magazines speaking about and I can see why!  To be a Fall collection, it is very bright which I personally like. I hate that Fall colors as far as Fashion goes. They can be so dull. That is certainly not the case with this collection.

Looks like also that leggings are making a come back, not to sure how I personally feel about that, however it looks high fashion the way he is pairing the leggings with other pieces, like fur coats and jackets that sparkle. This collection also has that bling element which I personally love. Its looking like for Fall a lot of designers are getting their bling on and I am all the way here for it! Another element that he shows a lot of is fur. I’m sorry but not sorry PETA, it does add to the fabulousness of his collection. However I do not condone the mistreatment of animals. It looks good but animals should not have to suffer or die for fashion.  Check out below all the pieces that I think are standouts from this collection Tom Ford showed at NYFW below!

Photo credit: Vogue Runway

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NYFW is one of my favorite times of the year! It is a chance to discover many local designers you do not see in the fashion shows overseas.#NYFW #NYFWRUNWAY #NYFW2018
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