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Jeremy Scott

Wanna see some hot runway fashion? Jeremy Scott’s Fashion Show takes the cakes and he has got my full attention this season! For this to be a Fall collection, the colors are very bright! In the Fall, most would say this is against the law when it comes to colors. I personally am happy about how fashion is changing that old standard of color blocking. I say let Mother Nature handle the season colors and I wear whatever color I feel like.

Most colors in the Fall are dark and dull in my opinion. Fall already depresses me when I am up North, so wearing the colors of the season does not make me feel any better.

This collection sometimes looks like something you would see 20 decades from now. It looks like an episode of Futurama but I am not saying that in a bad way.  The Moon Boots, the shiny coloring and not so normal garment construction is very intriguing. Where do you wear pieces like this? I do not know but I am sure it would be fun! I actually am very monochromatic when it comes to fashion. Jeremy Scotts collection, however, makes me wanna add some color to my wardrobe.

Some may not think this collection is very unpractical. He does actually have some pieces in the collection that you can wear on a more day-to-day basis if you wanted. Nonetheless, Fashion practicality is really based on the eye of the beholder. If are a person who likes to take risks and is not afraid of being the center of attention, this collection may be for you. This runway fashion show is eye candy if you ask me. So with that being said, this may not be your particular style but I think its fun and colorful! Enjoy Royals!

Wanna see some hot runway fashion? Jeremy Scott's Fashion Show takes the cakes and he has got my full attention this season! #jeremyscott #runwayfashion #runwayfashion2019trends
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