Cute Teacher Outfits: How to Look Good While You Teach!!!

Who said Teacher outfits cannot be cute? I understand looking professional but that does not mean you have to be plain Jane. This week is Teachers Appreciation Week and I thought I would show a little love to Teachers my own way. I wanted to do this because Teachers jobs are hard to do! Having to go to any place dealing with kids that are not yours is a job in itself. Not to mention being underpaid and lack of resources for many of them, it definitely does not make it any easier.

I have shared work friendly looks here on my blog, but I wanted to do something a little different this time. This time I wanted to share affordable looks that would not break Teachers pockets. So today’s virtual shopping pulls is coming from New York and Company. Not only is this retailer affordable but it is also chic. I will share 37 different pieces to choose from that can be switched up to create some stunning looks for work. I want Teachers to have fun with Fashion and not dress so blah and boring.

Key Fashion Tips for Teachers

  • Don’t be afraid of colors and patterns
  • Play with different types of pants and tops, like Culottes and Peasant tops.
  • Add accessories to your look
  • Find comfortable shoes that are cute but also chic, you can save your stilettos and sandals for after work activities, like Happy Hour
  • Have fun with your looks, don’t be afraid to take some tasteful fashion risks.

Bold colors are your friend! All these looks are teacher friendly but also have some flavor!

Pretty in Pink is never a bad idea. Pink is a very versatile color, it can be played with in many ways. Patterns, peasant tops, stripes, etc. these all work while in different hues of Pink.

More color more fun! Blues, greens, yellows in different hues outside of boring navy, dark greens and muted yellows just works. Visual interest while standing at the chalkboard is not a crime.

Monochromatic is always one of my personal favorites. There are so many different ways you can work black and white to switch it up.

Earth tones and animal print are always in fashion! In addition, they work well in many different prints and garment types for teacher outfits.

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Are you a teacher that wants to look cute at work? If you are, your in for a treat as I share some looks you can wear to work to be your best self teaching and looking cute while doing it! #teacheroutfitselementary #teacheroutfits #teacheroutfitsonabudget
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