Summer Trends 2019: Take It Off-The-Shoulder!!!

Summer is here and you may be wanting to know some of the Summer Trends 2019! I have already spoken of a HUGE one which is Neon on this post here. There are a few other’s that I will blog about as well. This post is all about pieces you can wear off of the shoulder or exposing one of your shoulders altogether.

I was recently watching Mama’s Family the TV show and for those of you that are old enough to remember, Naomi always wore tops off of the shoulder. The off of the shoulder look was very popular in the 70s/80s. It made minor comebacks in the later years but now is back in full effect. Specifically, just one shoulder, not both. Showing off just one shoulder is a different way of showing a little skin and maybe not being too risque if you will. This is a trend that is not really that difficult to follow.

I want to be clear however that I am not big in following trends. I more want to educate on how to style pieces that you may purchase with this trend. It’s important that you stay true to your style and wear things that speak to your personality.

With that being said, if you do decide to pick up some pieces in this trend, I want you to do it right! I am sharing looks you can wear hanging out with girlfriends to looks you can wear out on date-night. Check them out and get inspired!

Girls-Night Out

These looks all scream going hanging with the girls on a night out on the town. You could easily wear all these looks to the club/bar as well. No matter where you wear these looks, you will be sure to turn heads and be current within Summer Trends 2019

Date Night

While out on girls-night, you may meet someone who wants to take you out on a date! Whether that be somewhere formal or a night out dancing, any of these looks will do you just fine!

Wanna save this for later? Add this to Off-the-shoulder trend to your fav Pinterest Board!

Off-the-Shoulder looks are very on-trend this Spring/Summer season. Learn different ways to style this trend from 7 looks I have virtually styled. #offtheshouldertop #offtheshoulderdress #offtheshouldertopoutfit
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