Must Have Designer Bags: What’s ​Hot!?!

What are some must have designer bags you should have in your closet? I am sure there are various answers to this question. There is not a right or wrong answer. Everybody taste is different so what I say may differ from your taste or maybe not. Anywho, I wear bags every day and I am adding to my collection kinda on a regular basis. I find without even thinking about it I categorize my bags by the event I go to.

So what does that mean? Well, I am not going to wear a bag I wear to the grocery store to the club. I’m not going to wear a bag I wear on a date as an everyday bag and so forth and so forth. So what does that look like in terms of bags? Well again, it can look like a lot of things. As a mental illustration, you may not want to carry a big ass tote to a club. In the same fashion, you may not wear a rhinestone clutch to a doctors appointment. To summarize, there are different handbags for different occasions and I am going to share some examples of some staples I feel like you may consider having in your closet.

Turn-Up must have Bag

These bags here are some bags I would consider when going to the club or to a concert etc… These bags are smaller and allow you to move and twerk and not feel weighed down. That is important to me because having to worry about a bag all night is not the business for me. I need to be able to throw this thang (or my imagination, lol) in a circle. All these bags would allow me to do that!

Everyday Bag

The good-ole everyday bag is essential in your closet if you ask me. An everyday handbag is certainly a staple handbag. If you notice, I used neutral colors and different sizes for these bags. Some people on a day-day have a lot of shit to carry around, lol. At the same time, some may want something smaller as they may be about that minimalist life. I personally carry a mid-size bag around on a daily basis because I have quite a bit of shit I need on a day to day basis. Either way, any of these bags are good to carry on a daily basis.

Date-night Bag

Who does not want to be cute on a date! Date night bags can varies based on personal style and preference etc.. It’s all about making a good impression on a date, right? At least I think you would want to. This is a time I think that you can have some fun and get creative. Your date might not necessarily be into your bag but I know I carry myself a certain way with a cute bag. So when it comes to date-night bags, don’t be afraid to take a walk on the wild side! Maybe that energy will carry over to the date, EEOOWW!!!!

The Dime Bag

When you really want to “stunt” on these 304’s, you need a bad ass bag! A dime bag is certainly one of the most important must have designer bags on some many levels. A dime bag is simply a statement bag to show success, wealth or your access to wealth if you will, lol. The Hermes bag price tag alone is over $131,000. The dime bag may not be essential to all, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one in your closet?

The Animal Bag

Lastly, one must-have designer bag in your closet animal is print. It’s an easy way to turn a look from basic to fierce if your assemble permits. You can actually wear an animal print bag within all the categories I mentioned today. It’s a very versatile pattern that way. To sum up, there are different bags to be worn on different occasions. How you choose to switch up yours is up to you in the end. These are my choices for must-have designer bags. All I say is make sure you having fun when choosing and wearing these bags and kill these girls (not literally) while doing it!

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