Men In Suits: Can We Bring This Back?

Men in Suits

Back in the day, seeing men in suits was not something that was rare. You may see men wearing them for work or something professional but that is about it. Dress codes have become laxer which is ok, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more men in suits. It’s something about a man in a suit, right?

Of course, the lack of them wearing a suit could be the lack of having a place to wear one. Outside of work or professional settings, there may not be much of a need to wear one. With this in mind, there may mean that there need to be more establishments that require them. I am not trying to dictate how people dress, but a man in a suit does present a certain vibe. Back in the day, even blue-collar jobs would sometimes require suits.

Be that as it may, I really do not care about a man wearing a suit to work really. I more so am concerned about after-work activities. For example, for a date, wouldn’t it be nice for your date to show up in a suit and you go to a nice 5-star restaurant. Is that being bougie? I don’t think so. I get the urban look is in or maybe a more relaxed look, but can we switch it up. You see Jay-Z is wearing more suits and even Young Jeezy and T.I.

All in all, a little diversity in a man’s wardrobe doesn’t hurt. I look at photos from back in the day and get a little envious of their style of dressing back then. It was kind of distinguished. Men had a certain swag back then it seems and I want this decade of men to get some of it. Wearing a suit can be fun given the right event you wearing it. A lot of designers are now coming out with more diverse suits. I have seen many at this years NYFW. Wanna see? I have shared some previously here. Check out below the suits that I saw this year that I would love to see some fine men wearing!

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