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I do not know about you, but I wear what would be considered cheap sunglasses. Of course I like the designer ones and will in the future invest in many. However right now, my money is being used to invest in my future. So that means I have to be “cost efficient” when purchasing my Stunners ( sunglasses).

When purchasing sunglasses, it’s not really a science to it. You get what you like. However, all the places you can purchase sunglasses are not created equal. What I mean by that is sometimes you can get some quality when purchasing less expensive sunglasses. Then there are other times when I may purchase a pair of sunnies and wear them one time and they break. I understand you get what you pay for. On the other hand, I should be able to get more than one wear from a pair of sunglasses.

I personally purchase most if not all of my sunglasses online. You may be able to find some in-stores that are less expensive but I do not have such luck. Actually, it looks like a lot of the discount stores like Target, Walmart etc.. are cutting down on their selections of sunglasses. In the selection that they do have is bleak, to say the least. I find when you look online, you find so many more options that may fit your personal style. Me personally, I love mirrored sunglasses! They do not sell this style really in the stores that I have looked in. Online shopping is where it’s at, but you ain’t heard that from me, lol!

To sum up my point here, you do not have to spend a band to get a nice pair of sunnies. Cheap quality sunglasses are not as hard to find as you may think. I will share 4 online retailers that I shop at below that you can check out to get you some nice shades that will not break your pockets!

Cheap Sunglasses Sites


Sunglass Wearhouse

Cosmic Eyewear

Privé Revaux

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